Triple XXX Super 40 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.8 (45 votes)
Peavey: Triple XXX Super 40

Price paid: $ 650

Purchased from: Maken Music

Sound — 10
I am using this amp with a Schecter Gryphon with Duncan Designed pickups. I am also using a Fender Stratocaster with stock bridge and middle pickups, and a Duncan Hot Rail in the neck position. I can get a great Metallica tone out of it, as well as a good Ozzy, Sabbath, Maiden, Slayer tone out of it. It is a pretty versatile amp for metal. One problem I have with this amp is that it is so noisy on the ultra channel. Once I turn up the volume past the halfway mark, you get a lot of feedback. I think a noise gate is a must with this amp. On the crunch channel, I can get a decent classic and hard rock tone out of it, but I think that the head version of this amp had a better crunch channel, but that could be due to the fact that this has an open back, and the cab was closed. The Cleans on this thing are better than what people give them credit for. They are not the best, but they sound a lot better than my old Line 6. They can get a little distorted, but you would need the gain dimed, and the volume up past 3 o'clock. The Ultra channel is where this thing shines for me. It has a ton of gain, more than most people would need, and it sounds great. It has a very tight bass response, and it sounds awesome. The treble is very sharp, and sounds great. It also has a lot of mids, so I barely ever play it with them past the halfway mark. This amp sounds great at low volumes, which is cool because I was told it would only sound good at the volume at 6 or 7, which is way to loud for bedroom practice, and it also sounds amazing with the volume past halfway if you have a noise gate to stop the hiss and feedback.

Overall Impression — 10
I mainly play Thrash Metal and 80s heavy metal, and this amp is amazing for those tones. I've been playing for a little more than 2 years, and I have a Schecter Gryphon, a Fender Stratocaster, and a Line 6 spider II, which is the amp I am replacing with this one. This amp is covered under warranty, so if a tube ever goes out I get it replaced for free, so I'm not worried about that too much. I asked around and did research for months before buying this amp, and it was the best amp in it's price range for my playing. If it were stolen, I would definately try to get this amp again, but I don't know if I could get as good a deal as I did on it again. I compared this amp to Marshall AVT's, Peavey Valvekings and a couple Fender amps, all which didn't have the tone I was looking for. I also tried out a Mesa Dual Rectifier for comparison, and I think that this amp has a little more punch than the Mesa at low volumes. My favorite thing about this amp is the ultra channel, because it has a rediculous amount of gain. One thing I wish it had was a footswitch for the reverb, but it's not a huge deal. Overall, this is the best amp for metal you will find in it's price range.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I have only had this amp for about 2 weeks now, so I can't tell you what the reliability on it is, but so far, it has been great. Nothing seems to be wrong with the amp, and it looks like everything is dependable. I would probably not gig without a backup just as a precaution, but I don't think you would need one.

Features — 9
This is probably the best purchase I have made. My Peavey was made in 2006 I believe. The amp is mainly for high gain metal, but that's mainly what I play, so it's alright. There are 3 channels on this amp. The clean channel, crunch channel, and ultra channel. It has a 2 button footswitch to go from the clean to ultra, or rhythm to ultra, depending on whether you have the crunch channel turned on (the clean and crunch channels share an EQ), and it also has a volume boost, which is great for solos. I wish that it had a seperate EQ for clean and crunch, but I don't use the crunch a lot, so it's not a huge deal. I mainly use this amp in my bedroom, but I also use it for band practice, jamming with others, and it definitely has enough power. I can get just as loud as my friends 120 watt solid state amp, and sound 5 times better! This amp is 40 watts tube and has a 112 Sheffield speaker.

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    this amp looks awesome. do they all come with the chick in the bottom corner? thats hot lawl
    Weybl Himself
    I'm a big fan of Peavey amps. I've worked with a few bands both in the studio and live that use Peavey amps and they always pull the right tone for the job. The XXX series is awesome for anything heavy, and won't blow your bank like a 5150, nice review man.
    haha, man I knew it was you when I saw the Gryphon and the replaced Line 6 amp.....but how is it on clean? since you play a lot of metal shite I suppose you really wouldn't try out the clean but you should tell me if it's any good because I might buy one when new mexico has one to offer.
    Haha, whats up man? I knew the name sounded familiar, but I couldnt remember why. Anyway, I have some clips on my dmusic page. Cleans are pretty good on the amp, better than the spiders were. My dmusic page is at
    Yeah, normally their $850 on musicians friend and at guitar center, but for some reason a place in Frederick was selling it cheap for $650, so I didnt complain.
    damn anyone got suggestions for getting hold of this amp now its discontinued!?