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manufacturer: Peavey date: 07/08/2013 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Peavey: Ultra 112
Ultra 112 is an all-tube combo amp, featuring true three-channel control for increased tonal flexibility. Designed for any rehearsal, studio or live application, the it's built for easy portability. It delivers 60 watts of all-tube power into selectable 4, 8 or 16 ohms, so it can handle stand-alone or any extension speaker combination.
 Sound: 8.8
 Overall Impression: 8.5
 Features: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 8.3
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overall: 8
Ultra 112 Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 30, 2005
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Features: Ultra 112 is an all-tube combo amp, featuring true three-channel control for increased tonal flexibility. Designed for any rehearsal, studio or live application, the Ultra 112 is built for easy portability. The Ultra 112 delivers 60 watts of all-tube power into selectable 4, 8 or 16 ohms, so it can handle stand-alone or any extension speaker combination. Additional features include an all-tube amp head; four 12AX7 preamp tubes and two 6L6GC power amp tubes; 60 watts at 4, 8 or 16 ohms (selectable impedance); three footswitchable channels (ultra, crunch and clean); 12" Sheffield speaker; footswitchable reverb; effects loop and master volume. The Clean channel features passive EQ, Crunch and Ultra channels feature active EQ, and a footswitch is included. The Ultra 112 offers exceptional flexibility and rugged all-tube design at an affordable price. // 8

Sound: I have a high output distortion humbucker on my guitar (which is the only real good thing about it apart from the bigsby talipiece) which distorts it at high volume only when the pickup volume is on full though. The clean sound is very much like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and very bright on the bridge and on the neck is very bassy when the tone is down and good for playing chords. On distortion the crunch is't really that good for rock and is better for very low gain stuff such as blues. The ultra gain is great for power chords but not enough sustain. I might get a compression sustainer to sort that out. The reverb is very good and sounds like a concert or somtheng. Overall, the sound really siuts my style of music (rock, metal blues). // 8

Overall Impression: I think this amp is good for my stlye of music (rock, metal blues). I like the footswitch and the warm tube sound. If, by some amazing thing, sombodey managed to steal this amp without stepping on somtheng and waking me up I probbably wouldn't get hold of another one so I'd have to get somtheng else but if I could then probbably not because of myself really. I like viriety and I'd probbably get a more modern amp, with onboard FX, but definetly somtheng with a good preamp aswell like a Fender, which would probbably have more gain aswell. // 8

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overall: 9
Ultra 112 Reviewed by: iya415.2365, on september 27, 2005
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Price paid: $ 1098

Purchased from: lokal music superstore

Features: This amp was made a few years ago and I've had it for about a year now. It's an all tube, 60w combo 3 footswitchable channels, switchable impendance and 2 speaker outputs for an extension cab (also availible in 2 or 4 speaker versions but I'm cheap so I got the 1 speaker version) a sheffield speaker (I like sheffield) and Fx loop for various effects. Oh yes and a thing that changes speaker damping. // 10

Sound: The sound on this is rather good, it's very versitile for different styles, from acoustic (although you really should buy an acoustic amp for that) to thrash/shred metal and a lot of the stuff inbetween. The clean channel is a lot like a vintage amp really so it does distort but this is the good, tube kind, and if you don't like it, turn it down and turn up the master volume! This is a pretty modern style amp so it's not very good for tweedtone stuff (although it is pretty bright when you want it to be). It does jazz pretty well, but it would probbably need a bit of Eq treatment for it to work best at it. Overall, I like it! // 9

Reliability & Durability: Despite having a pretty "hand made" feel, it is very solid and will easily do gigs no probs. It's also rather loud even without an extension cab. It hasn't broken down yet but that's because I regularly (well y'know what I mean) replace the valves or "tubes." I can stand on this thing without it breaking so that's good but on somedays it makes an unnerving crakling noise at random intervals, yes that's it. // 8

Overall Impression: This amp is very good for most styles of music and is great for the guitarist who prefers real tone and dynamics to digitally created crap. // 9

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overall: 9.3
Ultra 112 Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 18, 2008
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Price paid: $ 550

Features: Peavey Ultra 112, made sometime in the late 90's. 3 channels for your versatility goodness. Has a seperate passive EQ for the cleans and an active EQ, which the dirty channels share. Also has a "resonance" control button which has got to be one of my favourite things about this amp. I use it mainly for small/medium gigs and this thing's volume has never went past 6. It's an open cab - that's the only beef I have with the amp. Planning on using extensions. The stock Power amp tubes blow ass(they sound thin). I've retubed it with Tung-sols in the preamp and JJ's in the power amp and now this thing BITES! // 9

Sound: I always use very hot pickups due to being a thrashing head. Having said that - yes, this amp suits my music style. It has a rather unique sound to it's high-gain grind, though. Not the common Marshall tone, that you're used to hearing. The open cab can be a bit "loose" on the low end sometimes, but this is where my favourite feature kicks in - the "resonance control" Switch lets you Switch between 3 modes - loose, medium(which tightens the lows and voices the mids out a bit) and tight(which tightens lows and voices your highs for more attack). This Switch has saved me more than once at gigs, where something in the sound was "just missing". It's noise is in the norm, considering it's a tube amp. About the sounds - This hunk can cover A LOT with it's 3 channels. The cleans are not the best but you can definately make due with them. They don't break up and if your guitar is Humbucker equipped - there is a "bright" Switch on the amp, which brightens up the dark bucker sound. I used the channel with a piezo-equipped acoustic guitar on my last gig and it delivered an acceptible sound. The crunch is just that - great crunch for blues/rock/classic metal. Very responsive to gain adjustment and guitar volume. You can get it from slightly fuzzy to mean-sounding. I used to have a booster in front and use this channel as my main rhythm channel and it delivered the mids I needed to have my place in the mix(very Machine Head - Burn My Eyes sounding). The Ultra channel delivers more lows and more highs and slightly pulls the mids back. I used to use it for soloing only but have recently moved to it as my main blend. Normally, I would have the Resonance set to "tight" to voice out those biting highs and to keep the insane lows from spilling out. It delivers. Overally the distortion on both dirty channels is brutal enough. Lots of saturation on the Ultra channel, lots of crunch on the... um Crunch channel. Lots bite on both. Sometimes I wish that the gain knobs would go to 11, because I'm a gain freak and it's just never enough! Whenever I feel like that I just throw my booster in and I'm a-ok for the day. Overally, though, I play on the Ultra channel with no booster what'soever(just one in the loop for solo-volume-boosts). // 9

Reliability & Durability: I am having a bit of a problem with the "highs" pots on bot clean and dirty channels - that's how I bought it - I have no idea what the previous owner has been doing with them. The problem itself is that when I turn the knobs I can hear a screeching and at certain positions, the highs will just die out. I need to wobble the knob a bit 'till it makes contact and I get my sound. As far as durability goes - I sit on it and stand on it very often. I've had a cigarette fall on the tolex on a gig and it stayed there for quite a bit before I saw it - the tolex only melted a bit and it doesn't even show all that much unless you know what you're looking for. On another gig a guy from the audience went flying towards the amp, feet first. A few of the covering grill's threads got torn, but it stayed together - the threads are metal and I can bet my life that the tearing will not spread and will not grow to be a hole. The thing is a tank. // 10

Overall Impression: For thrashing sounds - it suits me quite well. What I really want is a 5150, but that's gonna wait 'till my bank acoount grows a bit. Otherwise, I can definately dial up some 5150 tones with the Ultra. Been playing for 7 years. This is my first all-tube amp - I've been using processors, pedals etc. through solid-state amps before. Ain't never going back(unless modelling gets really really good and really cheap one of these days). If it were stolen, I'd look for a 5150II/6505+ OR I would get an Ultra head, if a deal comes around. Dragging that combo around can get tiresome. I love it's versatility, it's over-the-top saturation and it's powerful sound. I hate it's weight. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Ultra 112 Reviewed by: eddiehimself, on july 08, 2013
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Price paid: £ 375

Purchased from: Fox Music (Now defunct)

Features: Not sure exactly when it was made but if I had to hazard a guess, I would say it was the late 1990s. The preamp contains four 12AX7 valves. There are two inputs: one for a low-output guitar and an attenuated one for higher-output guitars. These can be used together, at which point both inputs will be attenuated. This amp has 3 channels: "clean", "crunch" and "ultra." The clean channel has its own 3-band equaliser whilst the two distortion channels share one. The clean channel has a bright switch to increase the amount of treble, and the rhythm and lead channels both have gain boost buttons. There is a spring reverb tank contained within the bottom of the amp, whose volume can be controlled using the reverb controller. Rounding off the front panel is a master volume control and resonance switch. On the back is an effects loop, preamp out and two speaker outputs, with a switch to match the amp impedance to that of the speakers. In this case, the internal speaker impedance is 8 ohms. Two 6l6CG valves give it an output of 60 watts at 4 ohms. Finally, you've got a 3-button switch which allow you to switch between clean and distortion, switch the distortion between rhythm and lead (which can't be done without the footswitch) and finally, a switch to turn the reverb on and off. I personally don't use the reverb all that much, and if I am being really picky, it is possibly slightly heavy and cumbersome, but apart from that I think it is pretty good features-wise. // 9

Sound: Over the many years I have had this amp, I have used it with a lot of guitars, with varying shapes and styles, active and passive pickups. I've even used it with bass speakers for my bass on occasion. The clean sound is great, with very nice and sparkly highs. It's also nice and clean unless you want a bit of grit, which it will do with pleasure. The 2 distortion channels are slightly different in nature. The "crunch" channel I feel has slightly less presence than the "ultra" channel, as well as the fact that the gain is lower. Both distortion channels sound beautiful, with lots of dynamics. You can play surprisingly quietly even with the gain on full. You've also got very low noise. Assuming your power supplies and cables are all legit and you've got a noise gate at the front, you would hardly know it was on until you start playing. I think this is bound to be beneficial for those who like to roll back their volume to control the gain. I play a lot of modern metal style music such as Parkway Drive and 36 CrazyFists, as well as some of the more classic metal, and don't do a lot of soloing so for me the ultra channel is the one I use most of the time for some high-gain distortion, with the crunch being used for a "dirty-clean" sound and the clean used for a "clean-clean" sound. For this particular style, I find that the distortion may be slightly too dynamic for certain guitars, but with active pickups, the sustain is just fine. Also, the resonance switch should remain on tight so that the distortion doesn't sound loose and flabby. Having said that, the range of sounds you can get from this particular amp is really rather versatile. The user manual has a range of various settings you can dial in for various music styles. Of course, as mentioned, it will depend on what sort of guitar you've got, but I think with this amp, you have most of the bases covered in terms of basic amp sounds. Plus the reverb is great for soloing in certain music styles, as well as a nice beach-boys surf-style clean sound. All this, and not a single modelling processor in sight! // 9

Reliability & Durability: As I say, I have had this amp an exceedingly long time (since 2005 in fact), but over that time there have been a few reliability issues. The first was entirely my own fault for being a silly bugger and turning it up all the way against a ridiculously loud drummer, at which point the power tubes decided to call it a day. Then I had to have the power tubes replaced again a couple of years after that, which I suppose was not a massive deal. After that though, I'm not really sure about this one, but the tubes just stopped heating up. It was a pretty cheap fix though; the guy just cleaned up the tube heater contacts and that was that. However, a couple of months ago, the final straw came for me when after only having the tubes a few months, they stopped heating up again. It looks like a few parts need to be replaced this time which I'm hoping will solve the problem, but I have decided to call it a day with this amp and move on. As I say, it's a great amp, I just wish I hadn't had these issues. It's not as if I played it all the time or anything, and I always used the standby switch. I'm not sure if it's just getting old, it was a bit of a dud, or it's just what you have to expect from these things but there you go. In terms of durability though, no issues. It's built pretty much like a tank. In all the time I've had it, it's been to gigs and various places, but the only damage is a few bits of the nylon fabric at the front have come off. That's it. // 7

Overall Impression: As mentioned, I am mostly into modern and classic metal, but I have been known to mix it up with a bit of post-hardcore, as well as some softer stuff, and post-grunge was a favourite of mine a few years ago. There is not a lot of electric-guitar-based music this amp couldn't handle to be fair. Maybe death metal or something, but that's what distortion pedals are for. I have never personally found the need for it, but one of my guitar playing buddies loved using a Tubescreamer type pedal for adding a bit of boost to the distortion on his Peavey, just in case you found it lacking. I have been playing for nearly 10 years now, and this amp has been with me for most of that time, though many guitars have come and gone. I think the sound of this amp is great, and pretty versatile as well. Plus you have the preamp output as well as the ordinary effects loop, which is highly useful if you want a master/slave amp setup. As I say, what I don't like is moving it around, and the fact that I have had issues here and there with the electronics. As much as I love this amp, and appreciate everything it's done for me, it's time for me to move on and get something new. So the answer is no, I won't be replacing it if it goes missing. I can't say I wish it had much else. Another speaker may have been nice from time to time, but really it could usually hold its own against a loud band. All I wish for it now is that it goes to a good home, and that all the gremlins have been rooted out with its latest surgery. EH. // 8

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