ValveKing 112 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (132 votes)
Peavey: ValveKing 112

Price paid: £ 349

Purchased from: PSS Music

Sound — 9
I use it with my "holy duo" Strat and Tele, both Mexican made Fenders with stock pickups and it complements them both well, especially my Telecaster. At home, I generally play rock and blues, occasionally bridging off into some Avenged Sevenfold or Metallica, to keep my speed chops up, and it suits these styles fine. I have recently been experimenting with the amp and have found many suitable tones for almost any genre of music. My band plays a mix of hardcore metal and screamo (not my choice, but hey... ) and I find that if the gain and volume are too high, it hisses slightly, but during breaks between songs, I switch to the clean channel to avoid this.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, this is an extremely versatile amp, small enough for bedroom practice, band rehearsals and small to medium size gigs. I have been using SS amps for around six years and it took about half an hour in my local music shop to become hooked on the intoxicating, can't-quite-put-you're-finger-on-it sound of a true valve amp. The one fault I have with this amp is that the single speaker sometimes gets drowned out by my guitarist, Who uses an amp with two, and is looking to upgrade to a valve half stack, and my bassist, Who's rig is huge. But this is due to their greed for wattage, rather than anything they actually need, and if my guitarist does upgrade, I may consider part-trading my combo in for the Valveking 100 head and buying the cabinet seperately, or selling the amp and upgrading to the 100 watt 212 version. But for what it is, it does very well. Perfect for an intermediate guitarist, or one perhaps looking for their first valve amp. A very worthy purchase!

Reliability & Durability — 10
I have used it in over 20 gigs since getting it early this year and it has done very well, keeping up with my bassists 400 watt amp and my other guitarists 120 watt SS amp. I have never taken a backup to a gig, and it has never failed me yet. I can't fault it.

Features — 9
This hugely versatile valve amp is the newest addition to my worrying growth of musical gear, and possibly, one of the best investments in my short career in the world of gigging. It features two independant channels (clean and lead, with their own passive equilisation, switchable by the seperate footswitch. the clean channel features a bright Switch, which increases the treble frequencies, perfectly suited to Indie music, while the lead chanel boasts a gain and volume boost, which are able to be toggled by the footswitch. As well as this, it also features spring reverb and the impressive, patent-pending texture control, allowing the user to control the power sensitivity, allowing a Marshall-like roar from the class A/B side to a true high gain class A amp, or anywhere in between.

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    TheBax wrote: The Wisemanator wrote: guys when i turn my texture knob onto full power, the volume of the amp goes sooo quiet you can hardly it, whats up do you recon? xum... electric guitar forum?
    hes talking about the amp it has nothing to do with a guitar...the texture knob is a special dial in the back of the amp to go from class A to class A/B.....if u read the reviews at all ud know that
    Does it really really have a nice clean channel?? I would hate it if it had some noise or hum at all, and I heard some hum on a VK 112 test, so I don't know... Really noisy on the dirty channel??
    Have had mine for 6 months now,It still surprises me with new tones.when I started looking for an all valve amp I expected to pay over $1000.00 to get the sound I wanted.When i plugged into it, I walked out of the store 1/2 hour later with it.The sales person wasn't happy,he sell's on comission and saw a big comission go out the door.(was sold on a Fender Deville)Great amp reguardless of the price and would recomend it to anyone looking for an all round amp.
    The Wisemanator wrote: guys when i turn my texture knob onto full power, the volume of the amp goes sooo quiet you can hardly it, whats up do you recon? x
    i had that problem with distortion channel. i went to the store i bought it from and they got it fixed. i think they had to replace some part, dont remember what
    I just got a vavleking 112 and was wondering if you can replace the 6L6 with KT66, or 5881 power tubes thanks.