ValveKing 112 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 4
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 6.5 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.7 (132 votes)
Peavey: ValveKing 112

Sound — 4
As I said before, the sound is the only thing it lacks. Ironically, it's the only thing that really matters. It doesn't sound bad, but mediocre, meaning that there are several less expensive SS amps that sound just as good or better. I've heard that with new tubes, speakers and other mods you can make it sound pretty good, but if you're anything like me you only consider improving something that was good to begin with, not something mediocre in order to make it just good. With a humbucker PRS guitar it sounded somewhat sterile and brittle. You have the flexibility to squeeze multiple tones from it, but on a decent SS amp you can do that too.

Overall Impression — 4
In the 21st century, with all the electronic advances around, and given the reliability problems and high maintenance of tube amps, if you're gonna buy a premium retro piece of equipment like a guitar amplifier based on obsolete tube technology, the only reason to do so is because the sound quality of it has to exceed that of a solid state amp, and this is nowhere near achieving that. Yes you can improve it with mods. But why? It isn't worth it. Just buy a good SS amp or bite the bullet and pay a ton of cash for an expensive pro-quality tube amp from Fender, Marshal or one of the top grade brands. Otherwise you are fooling yourself. I've been playing about 15 years and have owned many amps, good and bad, tube and SS. This one is just a marketing gimmick. There is no such thing as a good discount tube amp.

Reliability & Durability — 9
For a tube amp seems reliable enough. I can't really speak to the reliability of this particular unit as I took it home for a week on trial and returned it after coming to the conclusion I didn't like it. But as for tube amps in general, they are more or less fragile and high maintenance. They are also really really heavy.

Features — 9
This is not a good tube amp. It is very versatile, has 2 channels, effects loop, headphone jacks. A knob that twitches from A/AB, you name it, it has it. It has everthing you need except one thing: good tone. That is if you judge it as a tube amp. I say this because there are several solid state amps that cost half as much that sound just as good. It doesn't sound bad at all, it just doesn't beat a solid state. A 9 just for features.

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    I'm getting one on Monday, can't wait...I have two Marshalls and a Legend, but none of them touch this amp!!
    Protip for the (future) owners of this amp: Put a dummy jack in the high-gain input, and plug your guitar into the low-gain. It takes out some of the hum and makes the sound just that little bit better. Putting a patch cable through the effects loop (if you're not using any effect pedals in there) also seems to help brighten the tone. Those two things may make you able to put off buying a new speaker for it. It sounds that much better.
    so does anyone here agree with unregistered that gave it a 6.5. no such thing as a cheap tube amp? aka mr. "solid state"??