ValveKing 212 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (107 votes)
Peavey: ValveKing 212

Price paid: $ 600

Sound — 9
I play heavy metal and rock, this amp with my DigiTech RP80 processor and Ibanez Distortion pedal sounds amazing. You don't need to turn the volume up much for practice, as a matter of fact I hardly ever get to #1 (it goes from 0-10). The clean channel is amazing I use it for a lot of chord changes and it's melt-in-your-pants goodness. But with the click of a Switch I can unleash all hell on my household lol.

Overall Impression — 9
This amp is one loud loud amp, all tube for a great price, I would get another one is this one ever messed up, either another valve king or a Marshall 100 watt combo. The only thing I would like more than this amp is another one just like it sittin on top of it to be loud enough for the whole town to hear it!

Reliability & Durability — 10
This amp weighs a ton and feels extremely sturdy, I would definately use it for a gig without a backup. I've hauled it around quite a bit and have had no problems to speak of. The only thing that I've noticed is you get a little scratchy sound when you first turn it on but that goes away in a minute because the tubes are warming up.

Features — 7
The clean channel on this amp is amazing, I've owned it for a while now and I'm still impressed when I hear it turned on. This is one loud amp, I turned it about 1/4th of the way up and it rattled my window fixture loose and rattled my clock off onto the floor. I haven't messed with the dirty channel I did and the music store but I don't really like it so I just use my pedals on the clean channel. I really don't use all the faetures on it just the clean channel which is really all you need if you got a few pedals.

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    The problem is solved! It was due to bad earthing on the power supply.
    this amp is great. i owned one for about a year and replaced it with a 74' Fender Twin Reverb. i would have kept it had it not been for this gem
    I'm buying a peavey valve king this christmas. I've been looking for a new amp for 6 months now and The peavey is absolutly the best choice! No marshall in that price range can compete with the 212!
    i got my peavey for christmas, ITS AS LOUD AS FUCK!A truly gigworthy amp. wouldnt want to take it over 2 for practising in my room though.
    hey guys, i must say ive had this amp since around late November 2007 and its amazing, its absolutely off the charts loud, i havnt put mine past 1 yet its so damn loud. and the tones that you can achieve from it are amazing, i used to be a marshall lover but without a doubt now i would totally choose Peavey over Marshall.....Marshall have totally declined in quality and rapidly rose in price, i guess all you pay for is all the gold trimming. anyways i would seriously recommend this amp, for value for money, loudness and tones! i havnt a bad word to say about this amp honestly. plus it can more than hold its own for gigs and events, i could easily see this amp being able to play the side stage at reading or download. ~Xx peace xX~
    Why in the hell would someone need a 100w tube combo?
    im looking at getting this amp, and i really love the peavey tones.. whats all this about a pedal being ordered seperatley??? alos- Saofan12 wrote: should i get the 212 or the valveking stack i really cant decide, im gonna need a new amp for practice and small shows well the only thing i would say about a stack is that, unless youve got a big car or van its a pain in the arse to lug around. I do music at college and local gigs (mainly) and when i do need to do gigs far enough away i get friends or parents to help me there. stacks look AWSOME but can really sometimes be inconvenient, you know.. my dad says i should get a combo for me to take it to college and gigs by myself and band practice, etc.. our form of transport is wheel barrows also lol.. BAD TIMES haha! x
    strat o master
    ive been thinking of getting a valveking 212 amp as a practice amp in my basement, i am convinced it is a great amp but my only concern is that it might be to loud of an amp to play in the house. Would this amp be to loud or am i mistaken
    "The only thing that I've noticed is you get a little scratchy sound when you first turn it on but that goes away in a minute because the tubes are warming up." Don;t just turn it on and start playing. It has a standy switch for a reason. let the tubes warm up before you start playing in it. I've never had the problem you encountered because i let my tubes warm up first. Turn the amp on, leave it on standby for a few minutes and away you go. Problem solved.
    100w all-tube is gonna be pretty loud if you crank it. I like this amp. Im getting the 112 version, and its only 50w. Didnt really get too fool around with it a whole lot, but the reviews on here and elswhere are extremely positive. And Jeowy, you can add Saosin to that list, as they use H&K amps. Even a young, somewhat uneperianced band like them doesnt use new Marshall all-tube amps. Coheed and Cambrai, for being as new as they are, use Bogners and Mesas as well. Its true, Marshall amps were amaaazing during the '60s and '70s, maybe some of the best amps in history. But, thanks to overseas cheapness, and business sense, Marshalls arent as good as they used to be. And the "70s JCM heads are very, very expensive and are.
    I have an importnat question to anyone who knows: Should I buy the 50 watt amp or the 100 watt amp? I was thinking of this cause I figure the louder you put the amp the more strain you put on the amp (specificly the valves). Anyone that can explain this to me in terms of watts, resistance (whatever). Will appreciate it.