ValveKing 212 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (107 votes)
Peavey: ValveKing 212

Price paid: $ 600

Purchased from: Music Depot Jacksonville, Fl

Sound — 10
I am playing this through a PRS SE Singlecut, an Ibanez SZ, and Jackson custom. All three sound excellent and have differen't tonal qualities that bring out great sounds in this amp. One thing that really makes this amp Shine(or any amp for that matter)is putting a BBE Sonic Stomp in the effects loop. If you think the amp sounds good before, it is amazing with the BBE, thundering lows, and just more of everything. It's like taking a blanket off your amp. I highly recommend this as you will be amazed! Also, you will need a noise reduction pedal (I run the MXR smart gate) but whatever you choose, as you will get the usual hum/buzz from the high gain channel (typical tube amp problem). The distortion is great (not Peavey XXX overkill) but just right for most rock and metal (and the BBE really helps with that). The clean channel sparkles with crystal chimes, or can get that country spank if desired. Put a chorus pedal in the effects loop and it just shimmers.

Overall Impression — 10
I have been playing for over 30 years and this is the second tube amp I have owned (the other being a Marshall JCM 800) and this amp is far more versatile than the Marshall. I think that this amp works very well for what I play and I would definitely replace it if it got stolen or something else happened to it. As I said earlier, the master volume feature, and having the a/b texture control on the front and effect's loop on the back would be nice, but for what you get for the money it's hard to beat!

Reliability & Durability — 10
So far I have had no problems and it seems to be built to last. I have not gigged out yet, but I would probably get some sort of back up for both myself and our other guitarist as you never know what can happen and it's always better to be prepared. Seems to be very reliable and durable.

Features — 10
I bought this amp several months ago and have been extremely pleased with everything about it. It was a stroke of luck, as I had intended on purchasing a differen't amp, but that fell through and ended up playing through this one. I was impressed right away with the tones that came soaring out. This amp is LOUD for a combo and works well in my band practice's (we have not gigged out yet) and holds it's own next to my other guitarist's Peavey JSX. Granted it only has two channels, but with the gain boost it's almost like three. A master volume would be the only other feature that would be useful, and I would have liked the texture control on the front and the effects loop on the back, but these are very minor complaints to an overall excellent tube amp for the money. I play mostly metal/hard rock to whatever else sparks my interest. It seems to cover all the bases nicely.

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    this amp is awesome i bought it yesterday. it takes alot of tweaking though.
    amazing amp...ive had it for a year...and the best sound for the price...especially if u put groove tubes in read my review on the 112 version
    Helpy Helperton
    tom_martin_123 wrote: this or the vox ad100vt? i was leaning towords the vox but im not too sure can you help me please.
    My mate has the ad30vt (practice/very small gigs), I played it and immediately ordered one. So without playing the valve king, I can just say that the vox is awesome, so whichever you pick I don't think you'll be disappointed. The vox is really versatile that's why I got it.
    The Wisemanator wrote: htm how much would this cost to make, and is it easy enough? just got a peavey valve king 212 combo and it doesn't have a line out socket.... would this work, so i can plug it straight to my mac to record in logic/garageband? any help greatly appreciated ant
    It would work but it wouldn't sound as good as a mic'ed amp. The speaker colours the sound and you're missing that with a direct box. A Shure SM57 is a good instrument mic and could go nicely into your computer. It's capture the speakers affect on your sound as well. The shure sound be well under $100.00 and will work if you play live and want to mic your amp as well.
    i was happy with mine the first two weeks i got it, then after really pushing it, it sounded like crap. it has a horrible 1 dimensional tone, and thats it. the footswitch didnt work right seeing as the boost ended up being hte swtich to distortion. if you get one, really really test it out and make sure you love it before you jump in. one of my biggest disappointments in a long time.
    sloppykingfish wrote: What does this sound like through effects pedals?
    it sounds pedal board consist of a dunlop wah, nobel OD, Boss Fuzz, Boss compressor, Boss Chorus, and Boss Digital Delay 6..i get some noise from it but i think thats from my OD pedal cuz its crap. I bought the separate foot switch and it sounds gret for everything cept new age metal because its too wet sounding.
    AllOpenStrings wrote: and jeowy, dime also used krank
    Not really in Pantera. Maybe at the very very end of their run, but most of his Krank use was in Damage Plan.
    I have had this amp for almost a year, and it is amazing. The clean channel is crystal clear, and still warm. The lead channel can hang w/just about anything out there, especially when boosted w/an OD pedal. I played side by side with a Marshall DSL 2000 2x12 combo, and my VK blew it away in all aspects. Loud amp! It comes from the factory with EH preamp tubes, and Ruby power tubes. It took some tweaking to get the tone I like on the lead channel, and for my high gain set up (bright sounding guitar and high output pickups) I ended up backing down the presence to 3 and high down to 4. Mid on 5.5, Low on 8, Resonance on 7. This is with the OD pedal engaged.
    HLrocker wrote: mxh wrote: Why in the hell would someone need a 100w tube combo? For small/mid sized shows maybe? Why in the hell would you ask a question like that?
    And to rattle the windows in your house. Why in the hell would anyone who plays rock or metal not want to do that?
    -Rock-N'-Roll- wrote: Wow $650 bucks for this amp while my full size Marshall was 250. Bought in 2001 or 2002.
    A Marshall for $250? LIAR! And Marshall lost their mojo way back in the 80's.