ValveKing Head review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (107 votes)
Peavey: ValveKing Head

Price paid: $ 250

Purchased from: Moeller Music

Sound — 9
I use 3 different guitar with this particular amp, I use an Ibanez ART-300 with Ibanez's signature Lo-Z bridge and neck pick ups, a 1985 Epiphone Explorer with Seymour Duncan blackouts, and a les paul standard, all 3 guitars sound pretty awesome through this amp. This amp suits my style because of how versatile it is and all the different ways I can change my tone from when I play metal, to rock, and even blues. Like I said I've never even turned this amp up past 2 so I can't really say if it's noisy or not, but I never hear any static out of it. Like I said, my dad and I both think this amp is pretty sick and he plays funk, R&B, and jazz, and I play blues, rock and metal, that should give you an idea on how much different sounds and tones you can get out of this baby. On my ART-300 it gets a little dirty on the clean channel but that's mostly just the pick ups, so I just pick a little lighter and that solves that problem, however, the clean channel sounded awesome on my fathers 59 Strat, and on my les paul. And I also read from a lot of people that this guitar can't do metal distortion, I have my gain at about 3 o'clock and it's brual enough for us to cover Static-X, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, and dethklok idk, maybe it's because I'm using guitars made for that =D, but in my opinion there is PLEEEENTY of distortion packed in this baby.

Overall Impression — 10
This amp was perfect for me, once again I play mostly metal and obviously the distortion isn't as brutal as a 5150, but I personally think this amp is the best sounding tube amp in it's price range, I paid 550 for the valveking head and 412 slanted cab. I've been playing for a few years now, I own a Roland cube-60, and a Peavey Vypyr 30, and I shouldn't have to say this but the valveking would blow those amps right off the stage. I knew everything about this amp before I bought it so no unasked questions really. If it were ever stolen first of all I'd knock the crap out of the guy so hard his own mama wouldn't recognize him, second of all, if he were able to get rid of it before I found him, after going through like 7 boxes of tissues grieving over my loss I would definitely buy this amp again, not a doubt in my mind. I just love the fact that it's not loaded with a quadrillion effects but loaded with several different knobs for tone variation. Only thing I don't really like about the amp is that the head feels like it weighs more than my car haha. My favorite feature is definitely the texture knob on the back of the head. I tried out the Peavey windsor half stack, the 5150, the Fender FM100 half stack, and the Marshall MG100 half stack, and not only was this half stack the cheapest, but other than the 5150, it sounded the best for what I do. Only thing I can think of I wish it had was a master volume, and maayyyybe a headphone jack, but that would just to be to say I have one, I'd probably never use it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This amp has never let me down before, if I didn't have another amp with me, I wouldn't sweat this being my only one, and this thing is built like a tank so I doubt it would ever break down on me because of neglect (not that I neglect my equipment, my girlfriend claims I take better care of my gear than I take care of her! Haha).

Features — 9
This amp was made in I believe around 2005-2006 area, this amp is INCREDIBLY versatile, it can really do it all, this is coming from me, who plays rock, blues and metal, and my dad who plays funk, R&B, jazz. 2 channels I believe. It doesn't have a headphone jack, which would be nice, but you can make this amp so quiet you don't really need one any way, and about the only thing I really wish it had was a master volume, it does have a master reverb though. This amp isn't loaded with tons of crazy effects, which is fine with me, because in place of those, it has a whooollle slew of knobs for changing your tone, like a SICK texture knob on the back, it has presence, resonance, and all sorts of things, also on the clean channel there's a bright switch which really makes it feels almost like a 3rd channel, this amp is perfect for tone freaks. I use it at band practice mostly in our drummers basement, and I haven't ever turned it up past 2, so yeah it's definitely powerful enough for that, I'm sure it would gig fine as well. The tubes that come with it are kinda weak, but eh. Also I guess I may just be the exception to the rule but I read a lot of people's didn't come with a footswitch, well, mine did, works great too, no delay in the switch at all.

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    metal_church101 wrote: gautierm wrote: I need some help! I play on Les Paul suprem, and looking for a head. i found the bugera 333XL, and the peavey vk100 very intrestring. i would love to have a blink182 sound knowing i have a small budjet. what should it do? thanks!!! I am not too familiar with the bugera 333XL other than it is an exact copy of the Peavey XXX. I have been told that it is less reliable, but having said that, I haven't owned either. I do know that you can easily get any tone out of the VK100, but it just takes time to dial it in and a re-tube of the pre-amp might be needed, depending on what stock tubes come in it and their health.
    Your gonna have to the test both amps out to find the tones you want.
    I'm lost on what to do with this amp. I've owned it for a year now and I'm unhappy with myself for not returning it, and just settling. I thought I could dress up the tone with pedals (MXR Fullbore, Sonic stomp, MXR Chorus) it helped a little but the thing is, the tone sounds great for ten minutes then tubes get really hot FAST and the tone goes to mud, even when the ruby tubes were brand new it did this. Don't get me wrong, the VK is a fair amp for a GREAT price, but it does leave a lot to be desired. I've read that JJ's and Tungsols advance the tone in the VK greatly, My question is, is the head really worthy of the JJ/Tungsol tube change? And does the tone honestly come more alive when doing so with these tubes? My guess is that if I do change the tubes, it will still run the tubes to hot and not change a thing. I'm might just dump her off at the local pawn shop and get the 6505+. If theirs any help and wisdom from any of you, I would be greatly honored. Thank you, Krempa...
    This thing is capable of some really good metal tones. When i run it, i set it up like so: Gain - 4 (11 o'clock ish) Bass - 4 Mid - 4 Treble - 6.5 Resonance - 4.5 Presence - 7 Gain switch - ON!!! this gives you a nice crunchy distorted tone, but its EXTREMELY clear, not to mention very, VERY quiet!
    This thing is capable of some really good metal tones. When i run it, i set it up like so: Gain - 4 (11 o'clock ish) Bass - 4 Mid - 4 Treble - 6.5 Resonance - 4.5 Presence - 7 Gain switch - ON!!! this gives you a nice crunchy distorted tone, but its EXTREMELY clear, not to mention very, VERY quiet!
    The only flaw i found with this head would probably be it's a bit lacking mids. But an outboard EQ and you're alright