Vypyr 30 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (144 votes)
Peavey: Vypyr 30

Price paid: C$ 249

Purchased from: Axe Music

Sound — 8
I mostly play guitars with humbuckers, and mahogany body/neck combos. My style is fairly heavy, but not entirely so versatility in amps and instruments is important. The amp is not very noisy, but that is expected of solid state amps. The fact that it is not a tube amp, however, has it's drawbacks at volume. I am old school and still prefer the crunch and feel of tube distortion, especially live, so the Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 is a better choice for regular gigging. Having said that, the sheer variety of sounds this amp can produce is staggering. I am big fan of the delay/reverb on this unit, as I use these effects a lot and Peavey has done a marvelous job on them. Effects and stompbox sounds are all very good, if not hugely flexible. If you rely on a lot of effects or subtle nuances with them, you would go the route of an effects board with individual pedals anyway, I would guess. Speaker is a 12" Peavey that keeps up pretty good at volume, but again, analog distortion at higher volume is best. Clean models are good, and so are the lower gain classic amp types. All in all, better than any other modelling amp I could find at twice the price.

Overall Impression — 8
I have been playing for decades, and I have a dozen guitars. I have always been a rocker, but the last few years have broadened my horizons. Now I do prog rock, hard rock/metal, some classic rock, and a fair amount of blues. Because of this, I needed an amp with a wide range of models that were fairly true to original, and a bank of effects that would replace a bunch of specialized pedals or a multi-effects pedal. Not only that, I wanted it to sound as good as possible loud and be usable gigging. I asked much, but I found it in this Vypyr 30 and a Sanpera pedal to control the functions. I love the huge variety AND quality of models and effects. Not much to hate about it. My favorite thing abou this amp is the QUALITY of models and effects.I checked into Line 6, Marshall and Fender modelling amps, but for the price, I got the best I could with the most versatilty. If I start gigging regularly again, I will upgrade to the Vypyr Tube 60 and a Sanpera II pedal, to be fully functional for stage work, but I would not hesitate to take this rig on the road.

Reliability & Durability — 8
My Vypyr has been rock solid so far. Apparently some have not been so lucky and have had issues, but the percentage must be fairly low, as this continues to be a fairly popular combo amplifier line. I have used this one for practice, recording, jamming and small gigs without incident. I use a Sanpera pedal with it, as well. This is a must have for this amplifier, as the looper does not work without it, and the pedal for wah/pitch shifting is essential. For regular gigging, I would again upgrade to a Vypyr Tube 60 and a Sanpera II pedal.

Features — 8
I play mostly heavier rock, prog rock and blues, but delve into many styles. The versatiliy of the Peavey Vypyr series of modelling amp is what attracted it to me at first. When I tried a 30 watt model for the first time, I was very impressed. The actual amp models are very good compared to most modelling amps I was trying at the time. The range of effects are quite good and the actual sounds are very good indeed. It has a headphone/line out and line in jacks. The power is good at 30 watts, enough to practice, Jam and even gig in a small venue.

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    ilikekfc wrote: i had one of these with the sanpera 2 pedal and at first i thought it was brilliant that i could play any kind of music and all those effects and differant amp settings but as the months went by in the end i ended up absolutly hating it it is to confusing the instructions you get with it are confusing and it makes some of the most annoying feedback in the world on the overdrive channels so i would not recommend anyone to get it but that is just my opinion.
    ... And a sound one! In fact, SS amps with digital modelling are just killing someone's musical hearing. Using it constantly, you get used to "emulated" sounds, not real stuff. Assuming someone is gifted enough to switch from amateur to semi-pro or pro level (and many of our fellows posting here trully are), he'll have huge problems to fix his new valve amp and to get used to play in a natural environment. Because toys like Vypyrs cannot be used for gigging or recording. As for the speakers, as most of Peavey's speakers, they are just terrible. And it doesn't worth the effort to replace them in a cheap amp like this one. Why do they make such amps? Because they are cheap and also because they are simple to produce in Far East, since they don't require for qualified personnel. Hence, companies' profit is considerably higher. That's the world we are living in.
    i can get really good Djent tone with my rg7621 and the rec amp TS and some minor setup love this amp
    not worth it to replace? LARGELY misinformed...they use Blue star series speakers, which are good speakers that are ultra durable. The expensive part is the processor, as all vypyrs have a 64 bit, SHARC processor which handles the sounds, effects and conversions. What im trying to make a point of is that the expensive part is the effects and processor. it would be very worth it to throw in a 12" celestion speaker because of the wide variety of sounds it can produce...or rather, re-produce. Does it sounds like Peaveys Analog distortion units? No it does not in a sense...but does it costs 500$? NO, its a 200$ modelling amp and if you're thinking of doing gigs and venues with it while expecting amazing sound...You're plain stupid.
    Omg A Bug
    I dont Understand Why people are having problems with noice, turn the pre and post gain down and it fixes the problem nicely
    Just a heads up, the tap tempo light is not actually a metronome, but a tool for the delay. When you have delay and echo on, you press it twice, maybe like tap tap, or tap.....tap, and up to a certain length of time, it will echo in the same pattern that you pressed it. It's not really useful, but it's a fun little toy to play with.
    Question: On the VYPYR 30 Head... It has no U.S.B, so does the modeling sound nice through the headphone jack for recording or direct to P.A. applications?