Vypyr 75 review by Peavey

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 6.8 (118 votes)
Peavey: Vypyr 75

Price paid: $ 299.99

Purchased from: Sam Ash

Sound — 8
Here is where it gets interesting, considering the fact that it is an emulating/modeling amp there could be so much to be said about each amp setting or each effect. Many people say some of the effects are useless like the reverse, but I would disagree because I actually took the time to understand each effect and its possibilities. All you need is patience and you could find use for each effect unless you're just the player who isn't into experimenting sounds, if you are then I wouldn't recommend a modeling amp for you. This amp is for those who want to spread their tonal possibilities into something new. The Twn setting, as they call it, sound perfect for the cleans that just ring beautifully like little wing with the right tweekings of the EQ, and the Rec give you a screeching heavy metal tone that can do a nice Dimebag tone. And so much in between with the amps alone! Now lets talk about the effects, the MOG and Ring Modulator really are the only effects that lead me to question their usage, but some one might find great use in it. Despite these two, everything else is solid on this amp! Even the wah sounds great, I can do a nice Surfing with The alien on it, of course it shines when you use the Sanpera pedal with it. Also mixing with delay and clever usage of the volume pedal on your Sanpera pedal could create some great ambient sounds. Volume wise it can totally compete with a noisy drummer, enough so to fill a small garage or packed auditorium of about 500 people. Just don't expect to do much bigger on the amp alone. One thing I really dislike is the darn noise gate on this. I'm the king of person who likes to have fun with feedback like Hendrix or Satriani, but once it starts it just cuts off; of course some may like this and some may despise it. So since this amp is made to emulate don't expect exact replication, but since this amp may be more used as an aid to help you find "your tone" it is a great stepping stone to knowing what you want.

Overall Impression — 7
Overall I would recommend this amp to those who like to play various styles of music and would like to learn how certain effects are used and would like to experiment with many different tones without having to get so many effects spread out on the floor. This amp does beat the Line 6 in versatility no doubt. If this amp was gone somehow I think I would get the new Fender Mustang III though, since I wouldn't have to fear my amp suddenly turning off on me during a performance. But if they fix the noise gate and the annoying bug that plagues many others' Vypyr, then I wouldn't mind getting it again. But until then I would get another amp just so I can get more experimentations on another amp; I'm not talking bad about the amp but it's always good to try something new.

Reliability & Durability — 5
Here is where the problem comes up. Sometimes the amp likes to just turn off on you during playing, particularly during a transition between presets, it ruins your playing mood when you're really into what you're playing. I actually have done a gig on it though and it was perfect throughout and with the volume on eleven, but the fact that it may just turn off on me was on my mind during the whole time.

Features — 10
After having this amp for about more than a year I feel it was about time that I post a review. I'm unsure about the year it was made, but I got it in October 2010 with the Sanpera I pedal (highly recommend that you get it if you get the amp). There are 12 presets one could save on this, but you can go up to 100 with the Sanpera II pedal, but for the price it isn't really worth it. You can easily record through the high quality USB port connected to a computer. I've already done a few recording and the quality is phenomenal! Also there is a headphone jack and an AUX in aswell. If you are researching this amp then you already know the rest of the specs that would be interesting to your preference so no need to be repetitive. This amp is so versatile! I play many different genres from a Blues to Heavy Metal to even ambient. It can easily achieve a Pantera tone to a Red Hot Chili Peppers clean tone, but that will be discussed in the sound section. I don't think this amp has anything more I could want, although it isn't the most reliable... But in the considering all that it can do I'd have to give it a ten on this section despite any chastising I may receive.

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    Here's a metal setting on this amp for all you metal heads out there. This is a heavier and pure metal sound. No stmpbx or effect, amp is red rectifier/Rec. Lows, highs, pre and post gain all cranked all the way , then mids all the way down and there it is simple but beastly! ENJOY!!!!!
    I've owned a Vypyr 30 for a year or two now, and find two problems. 1) Usually the audio cuts off entirely after about two to five minutes. If I powercycle it, it might cut out again after a few minutes, but if ten minutes goes by without it going silent, it will "stay up and working" as long as needed. Major annoyance, but eventually it remains stable. 2) Even with all effects disabled I don't get a satisfactory "clean" sound. But I prefer lots of distortion so that's not a big deal. For those reasons I would not recommend it, however.