Vypyr VIP 1 review by Peavey

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  • Features: 10
  • Sound: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.8 (8 votes)
Peavey: Vypyr VIP 1

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features — 10
This review is of a 2013 Peavey Vypyr VIP 1, Made in China. This is one of Peavey's new modelling amps, it simulates 20 stomp boxes, 2 instruments (acoustic guitar, & bass guitar) as well as being an electric guitar amp. It also models 8 electric guitar amps, 3 different channels; Clean, Overdriven, & Distorted, as well as 2 Acoustic Amps, 3 channels as well, and 2 Bass amps, 3 channels as well. Totaling 39 Amp Models. The electric amps are marked as "Twin," "Budda," "6505," "6534," "XXX," "Classic," "Butcher," & "British." The 2 acoustic are "Trace" & "Ecous." The 2 bass are "Trace" & "Peavey." Again each having a Green (Clean), Orange (Overdriven), & Red (Distorted) channel. 

On top of this you have 2 control settings for each of the 20 stomp boxes, a built in Delay, & Reverb, as well as Tap Tempo. The amp also, of course, offers the usual, Pre-Gain, Low, Mid, High, Post-Gain, & Master Volume. An added bonus, it includes a built in tuner, Simply press, & hold the "Amplifies" knob to activate. The amp also features 4 "Instrument Types" allowing you to create a Red, Orange, Yellow, & Green channel for each type of instrument. 2 Electric Guitar channels, 1 acoustic, and 1 bass amp. Yeah, this amp does it all, it's an electric amp, an acoustic amp, and a bass amp. Can't get any better than this!

Sound — 10
With thousands of settings, this amp literally can make any sound, from "suck the air from the room" Metallica tone, to "bluesy" David Gilmour solo cleans. This amp packs it all, and then some! Best practice amp I've ever had, specially with the built in effects & amp models. It can also make your electric guitar sound like a bass guitar, an acoustic guitar, AND a synthesizer! This is a GREAT amp to get the tone and sound you want, I wouldn't recommend it for live shows, but it definitely let's you get the right sound, and effect for whatever you want!

Reliability & Durability — 10
This amp feels extremely tough, I'm sure I could toss this thing and knock down a crowd and it still scream like a banshee. The speaker is incredibly loud for a 20-Watt amp, I've never had to put it past 3, and this one... It goes to 13. That's 3 louder than 10. Why not make 10 louder? Because this one is THREE louder than 10. It also includes an Aux Line In, a Headphones Jack, and a USB 2.0 Printer output jack. I can't think of anything this amp doesn't have that I wished it did. Other than I wished it CAME with the pedal, instead of it being sold separately.

Overall Impression — 10
This amp perfectly suites all types of styles, and music, specially with 20 stomp boxes and 12 amp models with 3 channels each. PERFECT to get your tone right. Perfect to get those crazy effects without having to buy thousands of dollars of pedals! It even includes a "Reverse" effect, similar to the Boss SG-1 (rare, discontinued pedal).

I only have 2 regrets with this amp, 1) it does not include the pedal needed for looping, and 2) It doesn't come as a bigger model, such as a Head, with cabs.

This is EASILY the best practice/show off amp I've ever owned. You will NOT be disappointed by this amp! I can promise that! The amount of control is unbelievable, and endless. Millions of sounds from a single amp. Simply amazing.

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    No it doesnt have a mic jack. I bought mine for a christmas gift to me, an i am only a beginner. It is very loud, i play it on "1" most of the time. The thing goes to 13, which defeats the "turn it up to 11!" Quote. The headphone jack as 3.5mm is great, no more using adaptors. The software included is only a 30 day trial too, which i found odd. I bought a small 5 chanel mixer for microphone input, and my kids to plug in and play with me.
    I just picked up a vyper vip 1 used. The above reviews don't lie, this thing is: 1 LOUD, I never have it above 2 for practice. 2. Versatile, Just changing to the different "amp" settings is great, not to mention at each amp setting I can do clean and dirty to get the right sound for the song. 3. Built in tuner, excellent! 4. My guitar can sound like instruments that it isn't, kind of cool to just switch a button and play Breakin the Law as a synth or acoustic just for S&G's! So yeah, liking this amp, it's making practicing more fun and that's a great thing.
    Best settings for blues tones ?! Anyone ? Anyone at all lol Still curious bout the butcher setting lol
    For Blues, generally you want one of the less heavy models, I usually use the Twn (Fender Twin) or Classic (Peavey Classic 50). I use either the Yellow settings on medium gain or Red on low-medium gain. Tone is up to you.. As for Butcher, I don't use it myself, I prefer the British for classic British tone, but the manual says: "Butcher: Modern take on a classic British stack. This very versatile amplifier can go from nice ‘n clean to modern hot rodded tones."
    Hey Shiv_singhal, Sorry, been distracted with stuff and didn't see the post. I picked up a cheap ($80) 5 channel mixer from my local store to accept the extra inputs. It runs on power, so I have it in a power board with my AMP for convenience. Really rough diagram of how it works. Basically, each "input" comes into the mixer, then the output to the amp. There is NO effects being used in this manner, especially for the microphone. That would sound pretty nuts on XXX with distortion! 1 - Mic -| 2 - My Guitar -| 3 - Kid 1 Axe -|-----6.5mm cable to Peavey Amp 4 - Kid 2 Axe -| 5 - spare -|