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manufacturer: Randall date: 12/22/2010 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Randall: RG100G3
The RG100G3 features 100 watts of power, 2x12" Celestion Seventy '80s, voicing and contour controls, clean channel with boost option, dual 3-band EQ's and more.
 Sound: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 9.8
 Reliability & Durability: 9.8
 Features: 9.3
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overall: 9.8
RG100G3 Reviewed by: spoonfulofshred, on june 21, 2006
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Purchased from: Tom Lee Music

Features: This amp features Randall's Valve-Dynamic hybrid technology. 100 watts are going into 2 12" celestion speakers. This amp is loud. I've never had to go higher than 5 or 6 and even with the volume at 1, the walls shake. This amp was really bassy at first so it was really muddy when playing low and fast but I guess it just needed to be "broken in" because now it's got an amazing metal tone. It took me a while to find my favourite tone so that speaks to how versatile it can be. It's got 2 gain and 1 clean channel with a boost. It does have an effects loop with separate knobs for input and output levels but I'm not big into effects so I've never used it (I'll add a comment if it's worth mentioning). It's also got built-in reverb but it's not the greatest. // 9

Sound: I've got an ESP LTD EX-400 with EMG 60/81 pups and this setup is awesome. It's got a great chunky distortion but can do the classic crunch too. I've never been impressed by a clean channel before and this one did it. It fooled me at first into thinking it was all-tube. Even with my bridge 81 cranked, it doesn't distort. And the gain channels are really mean sounding. Perfect for Metallica/Pantera type stuff. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've only had it for 4 months or so but there's never been a problem. I'd trust it in a gig. The only issue is the clean boost Switch on the footswitch sometimes doesn't want to work but it sounds great without it. As long as the channel switch works, I'm happy. It's probably just a crack in the wire anyway which would be easy to fix. // 10

Overall Impression: Love this amp. I like to play the metal and this amp is perfect. The low end is really full sounding and the high notes don't get whiny at all. The more I play on this amp, the more I like it. The reverb is pretty useless but I'd never use it anyway. If this amp was lost or stolen, I'd definately look into another Randall. I looked at a Vox Valvetronix 212 but, like I said, I'm not big into effects. If you're looking for straight up face-melting rock, this is the amp. // 10

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overall: 9.5
RG100G3 Reviewed by: Stratmanpaul, on march 15, 2007
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Price paid: $ 677.1

Purchased from: Bairds Sound Systems

Features: Before I start I got this amp in the 2nd week of January, since I got it there was always a major vibration within it, I ignored it thinking it was natural for an amp this powerful, it's not. I've read a lot of peoples reviews Who had/have the same problem. Me and my band are to start giggin soon so I thought I'll take it down to Bairds to see if it's just maybe something needs tightened, no, it turned out the top panel was not glued down properly (to test this grab the panel (just above the control knobs) and pull at it, don't be afraid to use force, you'll hear the creak if it's the same as mine was). Bairds replaced it there and then, free, no extra cash. Now the amp I thought was great (but sometimes annoying) is 20 times better. I think it's a 2005/6 not too sure. I play Heavy metal mainly, but this amp does it all, I often play blues, funk and all sorts of crazy sh*t while jamming, It can suit all styles. One thing though, if you're Indie, Don't touch this amp, you'll ruin it, you've already ruined Fender, go away. 2 channels; overdrive and clean, free footswitch, 2 gain modes; hi-gain and Vintage overdrive, clean boost and effects loops, a ground/lift Switch no headfone jack though, Who cares, this thing would blow your head apart if you enclosed at your ears. It has a mid scoop Switch, I suppose that'd be pretty handy if it were on the footswitch, but you'd rarely scoop mid song anyway. "Are there features you never use?" put it this way, I have barely scraped the surface on the amount of tones this thing can achieve. I use this in my living room and my mates living room for band Practise, but have used it in my garage and it copes well anywhere, our first gig is next week, so I'll comment back on tht later but it has more than enough power for anything from bar gigs to medium sized concerts I'd say as I've never had to crank it past 5(to play over my loud drummer). It's got spring reverb which can be switched by foot and is a valvestate. // 10

Sound: Right now I'm using a Cort X-6 with Mightymite pickups, mostly bridge for me but you can get a nice muddy tone from middle and neck. Distortion can go from mellow to pure evil, but not "all over the place" evil, controlled evil, which is pretty much me put inside an amp. There is a lot of feedback at high levels especially right next to the amp, but you just need to learn to control it, as I've said there's a lot of variety to be had with this beast, a real nice clean tone which really can be adjusted to your liking and isn't a one trick pony, have heard no distortion what'soever of the clean at high levels Distortion can go from mellow to pure evil, but not "all over the place" evil, controlled evil used to it's full potential, which is pretty much me put inside an amp. I'm giving this a 9 because I don't how the feedback will be at gigs and if it'll disturb the playing, but I'll comment back on that soon. // 9

Reliability & Durability: As I said I had the first replaced, but besides the top panel of even the defected one, it seemed pretty indestuctable otherwise, and the new really remains true to that, it gets transported about twice a week by car, and has been banged into door frames, not even a dent. I quite cautious now though about top panels on amps and always lift it with two hands from the bottom, it's real heavy, but what'd you expect from such a monstrosity. I could definately gig this without a backup. Don't know Who's fault the first amps top panel was, just make sure you get everything checked in store before buying something like this. I've given a 9 because the fact that they would leave something like that panel the way it was is quite a shame, if I got it perfect first time however it'd be 10. // 9

Overall Impression: I play heavy metal, mostly thrash, but this nails every form of metal, I've been playin for 5 years now and own a Cort X-6 and Squier Strat, I'll be gettin a two-tone Dean Razorback this summer though God-willing. I don't really regret the amp not being perfect first time as I learned a lesson from it sort of. If it were stolen/lost I'd get the Randall V2, only after failing to hunt down and mutalate the f*ckhead that was responsible. But I'd definately get Randall again, I'd only get the V2 if this were about 2008/9 as it would just be progression, if now however I'd get this again. I love everything about it, the sound, look and the power compared to other 2x12s. I don't dislike anything about it except maybe the feedback, that's like getting gas without the pollution it's efficient but you don't notice the bad thing too much. I compared this to the Marshall AVT range and Peavey Valveking, I chose this as It has the best power and style that I need although still excels in other genres. // 10

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overall: 10
RG100G3 Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 06, 2008
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Price paid: $ 450

Purchased from: Friend

Features: The first time I played through this amp, I promised myself that I would never play through another amp again. It has one classic, and one modern gain channel. The reverb is pretty nice. I wish it had just a tiny bit more though. With the 100 Watts of power, and two 12" celestions, this amp blows away any other amp that comes into it's path! This amp is a tube amp (not full tube) and sounds excellent! // 10

Sound: I cannot tell the difference between this amp and a full tube amp. I play a lot of Rush, and I used an American Fender Stratocaster with Dimarzio HS-2's. The distortion is excellent on both gain channels. The clean channel sounds awesome also. It doesn't break up at all at high levels. The highest I ever turned this amp up was at 6, with the level only at 3. It is loud! // 10

Reliability & Durability: I would trust this amp on a gig without a backup. The amp is very well put together, and I belive can take whatever you throw at it. The amp is a beast! The tubes I think only cost about $20 for this amp, so it would probably be good to change them every 2 years or so. // 10

Overall Impression: I've been playing for about 30 years now, and I'm forty right now. I've played my Les Paul and other guitars through this amp, and they all sound great. I thing the best sounding guitar with this amp is my Strat though. If this amp fell out of my window 20 ft to the ground, I would definately buy the same exact one. It sounds, looks, and holds up great! // 10

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overall: 9
RG100G3 Reviewed by: dan ramP, on december 22, 2010
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Price paid: £ 390

Purchased from: GAK

Features: This amp has 2 12" Celestion speakers with 100 watts going to them, making this amp nice and loud. I'm yet to turn the master volume past 3 because I was causing stuff to fall of my desk. The amp is a tube hybrid, using both a tube and solid state. The amp has 2 channels, overdrive and clean. The overdrive has two separate channels so you can have two different levels of gain to use. The overdrive channels has the basic bass, mids and treble; along with that there is a sweep knob and a mids voicing button. The sweep makes the sound dark or bright depending of it is high or low. The mids voicing basically scoops the mids, not particularly keen on that but its there to use. The clean channel has bass, mids and treble as well; also there is a clean boost which increases the volume of the clean channel. Both channels have spring reverb, which could possibly sound a bit better. At the back theres external speak jacks and an effects loop. A footswitch came with the amp which allows me to change from clean to overdrive, change the gain channel and to Switch on the clean boost and reverb. // 8

Sound: The amp sounds really good, as soon I'd got it plugged in it was very easy to get the sound I was after. I'm using an Epiphone Les Paul Custom and a Jackson RR3 through the amp and I can hear the differences between these instruments a lot clearer than with my old amp. Theres enough gain there for me to use, I mainly play death metal but also anything in between. This is where the two gain channels is especially useful; I can have a high gain channel for the metal and then get a classic rock sound with the other. I've messed around with the settings and I've been able to get a lot of different sounds with the amp. The clean channel is very clear, I've had no problem with it at high volumes and again I was able to get different sounds with it, from really bright to a smooth warm sound. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I've had the amp for about 4 months now, not had a single problem with it. Its build solidly and so is the footswitch. I am just a bedroom player so I can't really comment on its gig worthiness; but I'm sure it would hold up well. Its definately loud enough for any band practice. // 10

Overall Impression: Before I got this amp I had a 30 watt Roland cube, not a bad amp by any means, its a good starter amp, but I decided I really needed to get a proper amp so I looked into getting a Randall. Originally I was going to get the head version of this model along with a Randall 150 watt cab, but they're discontinued and I couldn't find one. I'm kind of glad of this because the cab didn't have Celestion speakers, which the combo does have. This amp is also discontinued, but I'd highly recommend getting one if you see it second hand somewhere, its a really good amp fo its price. The only gripe I have with it is the reverb, it is good but could possibly be stronger at higher levels. Mind you I'm comparing this to my mates little Orange amp which has a stupendous amount of reverb. Anyway this amps great, I definately recommend it to someone looking for a cheap amp that can play metal through. // 9

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