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manufacturer: Randall date: 01/07/2010 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Randall: RG100SC
This guitar amp stands alone at this price with 100 watts pushing two 12" Celestions to deliver full, powerful tone. A master reverb and built in stereo chorus will make your range of metal rage endless.
 Sound: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 8.9
 Reliability & Durability: 9.3
 Features: 9.4
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overall: 10
RG100SC Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 24, 2005
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Price paid: $ 454.25

Purchased from: tom lees music

Features: This amp is from the G2 series. It was either made in 2004 or 2005 but I'm not sure wich. This amp is great for any style of music, I mostly play thrash/power metal on it but I've also played tons of classical, blues, and classic rock on it. It comes with a clean channel wich also has a clean boost, and a distortion channel which has a gain 1 and gain 2 (gain 1 being classic gain 2 being modern) It comes with a foot switch which controls the channels the distortions the chorus mode ect. I'm happy with the features this amp has, all you need is the basics. The amps that have all the built in effects never get used. I hooked this amp up to a cabinet and it gives me all the power I will ever need (even though the amp alone can fill most venues). I play on stage quite regularily and its never had any problems. // 10

Sound: I use this amp with a bc rich NJ mocking bird wich has had emg 81/85 pickups or my Dave Mustaine DV8. It fits my style perfectly thrash metal. The amp gets a bit of fuzz when on high gain but thats to be expected. The amp goes from extreme clean to extreme distortion and everything in the middle. It can get difficult semi clean classic rock distortions quite easily. The clean settings never become distorted even when the distortion channel is on full. This distortion can go to insane levels it almost sounds as good as some Mesas. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've used this amp many times without a backup, and its never broken down. // 10

Overall Impression: This is a great amp for any style of music. I've been playing for about 3-4 years the only other amps I own are a 50 watt Marshall and a 15 watt Fender. If the amp were stolen I wouldn't buy another one because I now have a cabinet I would just by a amp head, but if I didn't have a cabinet I would definately buy it again. I love everything about this amp the only downside is that it's quite heavy compared to most other 100 watts. I compared a lot of different amps before I bought it, I looked at models from Marshall, Line 6, Peavey and many others and this was the amp that fit my needs best. // 10

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overall: 10
RG100SC Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 02, 2004
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Price paid: $ 592.5

Purchased from: Second Encore Music

Features: I am sure that this amp is a 2003 model. I got this amp just before the G2 series came out. This amp has the most solidest distortion i've ever heard on the Gain 2 channel, and the nicest classic distortion on the Gain 1 channel. The clean tone is so full bodied, and very nice sounding, and if set right can sound as beautiful as even the best amps. This amp is perfect for metal, whether it be classic or new age stuff like Machine Head. This amp has a 2x8ohm speaker jack out and a 2x4ohm speaker jack out. It has an effects send and return. It also has 2 foot switch jacks. One jack is used for turning on and off the reverb and chorus, and the other is used for the clean and gain channel switching. This is stupid because it should have come with a 4 button foot switch for all these things. I wish thsi amp were the G2 series with independent reverb controls, but when you play live this doesn't matter. it is 100 watts and features 2 twelve inch celestion "seventy-80" speakers. Just a tad heavy weight wise. It also features independent volume level controls for the clean and gain channels as well as a master volume. Gain channel 2 features an extra "contour" control, and both clean and gain channels have a 3 band "Bass mid treb" equalizer. // 10

Sound: I am using this amplifier with 2003 BC rich warlock. This is the deadliest metal combination i've ever heard. This amp is so loud and I've never had problems with it. Its perfect for playing live. I have the gain channel and master both at half and thats all the volume I need to make ears bleed. The chorus is also still noticeable at high volumes, so it isn't useless. The clean channel is fine at high volumes and has no noise. IF the bass is too high on the gain channel and heavy palm muting is being used at loud volumes, the speaker made a "fart" before. I quickly fixed the EQ and the sounds has been better ever since. The distortion on thsi amp is so heavy, and also can be molded whichever way you like it to. Its a totally awesome hi-gain amp. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I would take this amp into a gig without any backup, and I have done so in the past. This amp is indestructible. The Marshall MG100DFX is in the same category and I've known this amp to fall apart when put at loud volumes, but this amp doesn't take any crap and has no rattling, and is just the perfect amp. The leather type skin on the outside body does tear when banged, but looks don't effect sound. // 10

Overall Impression: I wish this amp had independant reverbs for the clean and and gain channels, and I wish it had a stupid 4 button foot switch, indstead of having to buy a second for 75 dollars canadian. If this amp were stolen I would probably buy a Randall RG200 stack. I think randalls are the best metal amp ever made, and will probably take Marshall to school in the future. The prices are extremely reasonable as well, and even stacks don't even go over 900 before taxes. I think as long as you use your brain, this amp will last you as long as you will be playing music. // 10

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overall: 10
RG100SC Reviewed by: bite_the_bullet, on december 08, 2006
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Price paid: $ 279.99

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: I believe it is the '02 model that I bought Used, though I do not know for sure. I, personally, love this amp. It has all the distortion I could ever want, and the cleans are beautiful (with a lil bit of verb that is). It has two channels, clean and hi-gain. The hi-gain channel has two subchannels called gain 1 and gain 2. Gain 1 is a classic distortion great for classic rock and blues. Gain 2 is a modern gain great for hard rock to metal and everything in between. And I mean everything. This amp is so loud I can barely turn it past 2 for the master volume before the neighbors start calling the cops and I start drowning out my drummer. Needless to say, this amp has more then enough power for me. It came with a two button footswitch, and built in stereo chorus and reverb. I only really use the reverb and I only use that on the clean channel to give it that ringy sound I like so much. // 10

Sound: I use an Ibanez Rg something that is now broken, a Washburn Maverick with stock pickups, and a Gibson Sg and Lp (both standards). It sounds amazing with all of them, the Maverick and Lp sounds being my favorite. They're both really chunky but retain clarity. I play mostly metal and some lighter screamo stuff. It suits me great. It does get a little bit noisey at higher volumes, but I never have to use it at max or even above half so it's not a problem really. This amp can cover Pantera and As I Lay Dying sounds to The Early November, so a very wide range. And simply put, The Distortion is brutal. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've had it for about two years now and I have never had a single problem with it. I would and have used it in a gig with no backup. And I do service it regularly so that's probably why I've never had problems with it. It's not letting me post this because it says that I didn't write in this box so I'm writing more to see if it helps. I've had it for about two years now and I have never had a single problem with it. I would and have used it in a gig with no backup. And I do service it regularly so that's probably why I've never had problems with it. // 10

Overall Impression: I play metal and screamo so this is a good match for me, it has great cleans and brutal distortion. I've been playing about two years so I'm not exactly the greatest player, but I'm a real snob when it comes to how my gear sounds. I own a Washburn Maverick, an Ibanez Rg, a Gibson LP and a Vox 15 watt. The only thing I would have bought over this would have been about 50 times more expensive. I would have bought a Framus Cobra or a Soldano of some sort, but they both have less than spectacular cleans so I'm glad I got this instead. If it were stolen I would hunt the slimey down Who took it and gut him. I love the distortion and the cleans and basicly everything else about this amp. I compared it to a Crate stack, a Framus Cobra (wouldn't have gotten it anyways) and a B-52 SS half stack. I chose this originally for the low price but I quickly found that it was a great product, even if it did smell like ciggarettes from the previous owner. // 10

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overall: 10
RG100SC Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 17, 2005
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Price paid: $ 553

Purchased from: music city,nl

Features: I believe the amp was made in 2004, it was the G2 series. The RG100SC is perfect for my style of music which is mostly hard rock or metal. The amp has two channels, clean and overdrive. The amp comes with a five button foot switch, channel select, gain, clean boost, reverb and stereo chorus. The amp also has effect loops, a head phone jack and has dual celestion seventy eighty speakers. This amp is perfect for me and is packed with anything I need. I usually use my amp at home or on stage and the amp is perfect. I believe now, after buying this amp I believe now that Randall has taken the lead over Marshall. // 10

Sound: With my amp I am using a Washburn X-12 with two Washburn humbuckers which have pretty good tone, and fairly good sound which I have had for a few years, and also surprisingly good for the money paid. The amp suits my style of playing perfect which is mostly metal or hard rock. The amp gives off a tiny bit of feedback at high volumes distortion but that is mostly due to the cheap pickups on the guitar. The amp has something there for just about everyone. It has an awesome clean channel with clean boost, The dirtiest distortion with gain two, and a classic high gain on gain one. The clean channel is perfect once setup right and is never distorted at times, and there is no words to describe the destructive power and tone of the distortion channels, both gain one and two are awesome. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I would trust this amp with my life. There is nothing else in my gear that I would trust more than my amp it is built tough and on gigs I would never need to bring a backup. // 10

Overall Impression: I play mostly metal and hard rock and this amp is the ultimate metal and hard rock amp. I have been playing about two years now and if my amp was stolen now I would buy it again and kill the person who stole it. I love this amp because it is loud and has the greatest tone I have ever heard. My favorite feature on this amp is the chorus because now there is no need for me to get a chorus pedal. When I was shopping around my eye was first caught by a Crate amp but once I compared them the Randall dominated in all aspects because of 90% closed back which is good for those deadly palm mutes. // 10

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overall: 9.3
RG100SC Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 25, 2006
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Price paid: $ 355.5

Purchased from: Avenue Guitar

Features: This is a simple and user friendly amp, despite alot of features. It boasts 2 channels (clean, distortion) two gain levels, 3 band eq on each channel, separate spring reverb controls for each channel, voicing switch and contour on the distorted channel and a clean boost. This along with the master volume, Twin level controls and stereo chorus make for a very versitile amp. There is a 5 button footswitch supplied with the amp that controls the channel, gain, reverg, clean boost and chorus. There is also the option of a series or parallel fx loop with a level control. // 9

Sound: I play this amp with everything. A Godin SD with a Gibson Burstbucker pickup, an Epiphone with EMG Zakk Wylde pickups and sometimes a vintage Tele. The clean channel is a real clean channel. It can be a little too clean sometimes resulting in a somewhat sterile sound. With hotter pickups though, it sounds good. The reverb can be used very slightly to create an ambience to the sound. The distortion is where this amp is. It is killer. The amps higain is really articulate and there are lots of usable sounds for punk, rock, metal, thrash and even agressive blues. The voicing control is useless, is makes the distortion mushy and over warm sounding. The contour is good because it lets you taylor the character of the sound much better than EQ alone. The chorus is actually really nice sounding, it is fairly sweet but it is definately louder than needed. Unfortunately, this amp does not cover the "overdrive" sound range, therefore, blues players shood look to get a boss BD-2 or an Ibanez tubescreamer which will give you lower gain blues. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This amp will last for ever. It has fallen down stairs, been kicked by a drummer (repeatedly) and shows no sighns of wear. The vinyl on the cab is thich, you could not cut through it by accident. You do not need a backup amp! // 10

Overall Impression: This is a good amp for somebody who is gigging (it is loud) and needs a tonefull higain amp. I play almost anything through it and with the use of 1 pedal, I get every sound I need. This amp is really good live but also for recording or home practice. You get the same sound no matter what volume you play at. If somebody stole this, I would definately buy a new one (or steal it back). // 9

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overall: 8.3
RG100SC Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 20, 2009
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Features: I'm not sure what year my amp is. I play mostly semi-hard rock to metal. I don't play much clean but every once and a while I Switch to it. Mine has the same features as all the rest of the reviews so I won't list them. I usually don't use the stereo chorus but I have at times turned it on and had all the settings at 0 just to give it a little push. I use this amp for jamming in the basement with a drummer, in full band practice and on stage at shows. It definitely has enough volume for anything you'll need. I usually have the channel volume cranked and have the master between 3 - 3.5. As request from a comment this amp is Solid State and not Tube. I actually like that it is not tube because most tube amps I've played have an underlying "fuzz" that I don't really like. The solid states have the crunch I like. // 8

Sound: The first time I plugged this amp in I fell in love. I had most recently been playing a Peavey EFX 112. The addition of another speaker greatly improved the overall tone and clarity of the sound. I play an Ibanex dtx 120 with the stock pickups. As I said I play heavy rock and metal and that is what this amp is best at. When I originally tuned it in I had gain2:7.5 contour: 3.5 bass:6 mid:3.5 high:7.5. Basically I thought that was the cat's pajamas. It had a tone that you would hear from a full band. BUT when I started playing with a full band I realized something had to change. With the current settings the amp didn't come through everyone else as well as I wanted so I ended up doing a full 180. Gain2:6.5 contour: 7.5 bass:6 mid:7.5 high:4. This allowed the amp to Shine through without being overbearing and muddy. Although I love the tone to death there is just something missing. Not a huge hole... Just a little nitch of something missing. It has booming lows, ear piercing highs, but the mid is a little lacking. The distortion is just a little dry at lower volumes. I could use a tad more saturation but I will probably be able to get that with a pre-amp, sonic maximizer, or different pickups. One last thing to mention: When I play shows I usually crank up the volume to 4 or a little above. In doing so the sound of the amp changes. The highs come out more, the lows drop off a little, and the mids show up and say hello. So just remember (as with any amp) dial it in at the level you will be playing shows. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I've had this amp for a little over 3 years now and it has been in the fixing shop 3 times. I paid 300 for it, and ended up spending another 150 but I think everything is in perfect working order now. This is a solid amp, I just think that I had some bad luck... With the amp tech. But even though I had to spend more I'm still satisfied. I would've paid 450 for this amp anyways. // 7

Overall Impression: I really really enjoy this amp. If you play metal or some sort of hard rock you will definitely enjoy the sound it produces. I'm very picky when it comes to the sound of a distortion and I really enjoy getting a great sound from just an amp. Sure there could be a little more saturation but that's just me being picky. It has great deal of tone and volume and I wouldn't trade it as it's the closest I've come to what I want! // 9

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overall: 6
RG100SC Reviewed by: krehzeekid, on january 07, 2010
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Price paid: C$ 650

Features: This was Randall's standard issue combo amp 5 years ago when I bought it, having since been replaced with the much touted G3 series. This amp was made in China, has 100 watts through two Celestion 12" speakers (since upgraded to ceramic JBL's). There are 2 channels (it is advertised as having 3, but this is simply not the case) with 2 separate gain levels and voicings for the Drive channel. The clean channel has standard 3-band eq, along with its own reverb control, level and a foot-switchable boost function (fixed amount of gain). The Drive channel features separate controls for Drive 1 and 2, a voicing control (presence really), a mid-scoop button, 3-band eq, level control and a reverb control. I say this is a 2 channel not 3 channel amp because though the two gains are somewhat different, they operate on the same channel and render one and other useless (more on that later) The reverb is a short tank spring reverb of unknown origin. The amp also features a stereo chorus (not channel asignable)with controls for depth and rate. There is also a master volume. The amp comes with a 5 button footswitch controling Channel, Gain, Reverb on/off, Chorus on/off and clean boost. There is also both a parallel and series effects loop, a ground lift and a 4 ohm speaker out. The features are overall pretty good for the price and for the intended usage of the amp. Though it would have been very nice to have channel specific chorus control to minimize the need to tap-dance. // 9

Sound: This is where the amp falls apart. The clean channel is decent, but nothing special. It has the clinical clean feel that is commonly associated with solid-state amplifiers. This is, however, a very good base for effects and the rest of the amp is solid enough to handle whatever is put into the front end of the amp. The controls work well to help control the tone, but there really isnt much tone to control, its more balancing volumes. The reverb works well and is a major bright spot on the amp. The chorus is pleasant enough and has a good range of abilities. The distortion channel is, suprisingly given Randalls reputation, where this amp dies. With the gain all the way down, the amp can make a Fender-esque sound, but there is no warmth at all. Turn the gain up and you get a fizzy sounding cruch that just sounds far too fake. Up the gain again and you start to get enough saturation for the distortion to begin to smooth out, but the distortion seems like a weak sibling of the more powerfull (and tube driven) Randall stacks. There is simply no body to the tone and the distortion itself is rather unpleasant and harsh regardless of the guitar used. Once the amp reaches modern, scooped metal gain levels, it has a decent sound, as these tones do not rely on warmth whatsoever. However, a hum begins when the Gain 2 knob is pushed beyond the 1 o'clock position and become a full on scream after the 3 o'clock. This is completely unmanagable and happens regardless of the guitar and I've had it happen on other amps. This noise goes away once you start playing, but for all pratical purposes it renders the amp useless. // 3

Reliability & Durability: The amp is sturdy, not much else to say. The cab is well built and can take a solid beating with no difficulty at all. The amp itself is cooled quite effectively and therefore I have never had any issues with the electronics. My only issue durability wise is the vinyl covering. Its garbage and peels very quickly, but this is eassy to fix. // 8

Overall Impression: I play in a professional functions band and I will not bring this amp on gigs. The tone is so poor with both my main guitars (Epi Les Paul with EMG's and a Gretsch Electromatic) that the amp has been relegated to being my kid brothers practice amp. I bought this amp as a first gig-worthy rig, and I have been dissapointed with it ever since. I am not buying another one, ever. I would recomend anybody looking at this amp to reconsider and try ANYTHING else. I've replaced it at rock gigs with a Vintage Traynor and even that has far more usalbe gain. // 4

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