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manufacturer: Randall date: 05/20/2008 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Randall: RG75G2
Successor to the original RG amplifiers, these amps deliver the bone-crushing Randall tone with improved flexibility. Equipped with updated front panel features and foot switching controls, this amp smokes with 75 watts pumped through a 1x12 Celestion speaker.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.8
 Features: 9.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9.3
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overall: 10
RG75G2 Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 30, 2005
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Features: Successor to the original RG amplifiers, these amps deliver the bone-crushing Randall tone with improved flexibility. The G2 Series continues the breakthrough of professional performance at a practical price now with an even cleaner clean and nastier overdrive. Equipped with updated front panel features and foot switching controls, this amp smokes with 75 watts pumped through a 1x12 Celestion speaker. - 75 watts RMS - 2 channels - 12" Celestion Custom 80 - Overdrive: gain 1 - classic hi-gain, - Gain 2 - modern hi-gain - Clean: 3-band EQ - 3-Band EQ - Voicing button - Contour control - Spring reverb - 4 button footswitch - Series loop with level controls - 4 an 8 Ohm external outs - Line out with level control - Ground Lift. // 10

Sound: I use this amp with a Fender Deluxe Fat Strat (HSS), great combination. I can get every style I want with this combination. Use the proper channels for the proper style you play. Distorted channel rocks. Clean channel is clean, and stays clean. Gain 2 is the Hi-gain distortion. You can make brutal solo's with this one. Gain 1 takes it a little slower, but you can get high distorted sounds with this one too. Just try it out in the store, you'll be impressed. I compared it to many different amps. First, I wanted to buy a Marshall MG100DFX, but it didn't impress me. I'm glad I tryed this amp too, it's much better (and cheaper too) And the Randall has a passive cooling. No irritating fan sounds. Why doesn't Marshall have this? I mainly play i my room, but sometimes I take it out for a little playing on the street, in school, don't worry, it's loud enough for small gigs. If you want to take it to a bigger gig, connect it with the outputs (4 and 8 ohms)You can easely switch between styles with the 4-button footswitch (included) Just try it out in the shop, nothing better to choose an amp than playing it yourself. // 10

Overall Impression: This amp is great for me. It does anything I want it to do. I tried many other amps, but decided to buy this one, eventough it was the cheapest it wasn't the worst (sorry Marshall) I've been away for a week and when I came home I gave it a really big hug :-) I haven't got anything to complain about. I tested it a lot in the store, so ther were no unpleasant surprises for me. Take your time to test an amp before you buy it. This one, I recommend to everyone. // 10

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overall: 8.8
RG75G2 Reviewed by: AthenasGhost, on august 17, 2007
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Price paid: $ 395

Purchased from: Second Encore Music

Features: I picked out this amp for my birthday after hearing someone play a demonstration on it, right then and there I knew it was what I wanted. The distortion channel is killer, it sounds so raw and professional, while the cleans sound fairly good too, they take a lot of fiddling with but when you get the right sound you won't be disappointed. But this amp is rock oriented, you most likely wont want it for jazz. This amplifier has two channels, comes with a peddle that includes the channel switching, channel boost and reverb, so it's a four button pedal but very easy to use. It doesn't have too many features so there aren't any that I don't use I will Switch it up from time to time, and every single Switch contributes to the sound of the amplifier. I've used this amp for a street party when I was invited to play with my dad and it held up very well, at not even half volume I was loud enough to be heard over drums and vocals. // 9

Sound: I'm using a Fender Stratocaster with single coil pickups with this amp, I'll be honest that my guitar aids a lot in the amazing sound of the amp as I had a 100$ pawn shop guitar before this one, but that's no biggy with a decent guitar you will get an amazing sound. It suits every style of music I play (rock, metal, blues etc.) but not jazz as much. But this amplifier is very versatile, there are just so many different sounds you can get out of the overdrive channel. Clean channel is good for chording, just keep the bass down or it might start to get distorted on you. As well on the overdrive channel, the distortion is very clean, nothing thrashing, it keeps it smooth and keeps the notes understandable. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I wouldn't bother bringing a back up, I have knocked this amplifier on it's side, spilled pepsi on it, and it's still going strong, it feels like a rock practically. It just feels tough, the wood on the oustide doesn't seem thin at all and the parts seem to be great, well I shouldn't say seem because this amplifier has lasted me a few years of hauling around now. // 8

Overall Impression: My first impression was "wow" and I'm still thinking the same thing. It's a good match to everything I play, and even after playing guitar for 7 years I couldn't ask for more. It suits my Fender, I'm happy with this amplifier (period) there isn't much more to explain really, I'm just glad I bought this one because it's really lasted me. // 10

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overall: 9.5
RG75G2 Reviewed by: ouchies, on january 04, 2007
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Purchased from: musiciansfriend.com

Features: I actually have the RG200G2, but it's pretty much the same exact thing, but 200 watts. I got it on sale for $300 on musiciansfriend, because the G3's just came out at the time. It's the best money I've ever spent. I've owned a Crate FXT120, but the tone of the Crate is nothing compared to this, cleanwise or with distortion. I've also played through various spiders and Marshall MG's, and they all can't compare. I play mostly metalcore music, but also play jazz and classical and some rock music. This amp can do it all, I think the modern gain channel is the best of them all though. But this amp has two other channels, classic hi-gain and clean. It has a clean boost option which boosts the volume in the clean channel. The EQ has treble, mids, lows, contour, channel volume, master volume and spring reverb. The reverb is pretty good, I use it for everything, including the modern gain. It was pretty much built to be a metal amp, it even has a voicing button to scoop the mids, if that's your thing. I like my mids though. I couldn't really ask for more features, because effects amps usually suck the big one, and this amp has excellent tone. I use this amp in my room, and outside in small gigs and it's loud enough. I barely use any volume, so the 75w should be fine for small gigs as well. Oh, and mine comes with a channel selector pedal. // 10

Sound: I've used a few guitars in it. I personally own an ESP F-50 and an Epiphone les-paul standard. Both have humbuckers and I mainly use the bridge pick up. The style I play is metalcore, post-hardcore, rock and some jazz and classical. The modern gain channel is perfect for metalcore and other types of heavy music. My pinch harmonics really squeel, and my chugging sounds pretty good. The amp can be a little noisy though, especially at higher volumes. The Vintage hi-gain channel isn't really "Vintage", like classic rock, I still think it has a good amount of gain to it. I use it for post-hardcore type music, like chiodos. The gain is significally less then the modern gain, as expected. The clean channel sounds alright, it doesnt't distort until you really turn it up, and the boost helps a lot, I always play with it. The problem I have with the clean channel is that the EQ'ing it doesnt't really seem to change it all that much. The amp sounds a hundred times better then any SS Crate amp or the Spiders. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This amp hasn't ever failed me. I've brought it out the house a million times, and I've hit it against walls and fallen over it a few times, it still works. It still sounds great after all the abuse. I've had it for about a year now. I would gig without a backup. // 10

Overall Impression: For the type of music I play, this amp is perfect, I've never had a complaint. I've been playing for about a year and some months. I bought this without playing it, and I'm so happy that I did. I got a great deal on it and don't regret it at all. If it were stolen, I probably wouldn't buy it again only because I would spend my money on a high end tube amp. I love the modern gain channel. I play with my treble at 8, mids at 7, bass at 6 and contour at 6 1/2ish. Oh, and my reverb is at 3. I find this setting is perfect for metalcore, it sounds similiar to Misery Signals on their newer album. I love it. The cleans are alright, I don't know how to EQ my cleans well though:(. I compared it to my old Crate FXT120, and it blows it out of the water. This amp is better in everyway. // 10

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overall: 9.5
RG75G2 Reviewed by: tomypg, on may 20, 2008
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Price paid: $ 532

Purchased from: Musicworks

Features: Small enough for practice, big enough for gigs. Dual 3-band EQ's, Series EFX loop w/Levels, Slave Output w/level, 4-button Footswitch included. This amp is a 75 Valvestate amp. You get that awesome tube sound without all the tubes. Solid state power amp and tube preamp makes awesome distortion and weeping cleans. The foot Switch is very easy to use with channel select from clean to overdrive channel. And overdrive setting switcher. Switch from classic gain to high gain setting and reverb Switch. Has effects loop with levels that I have never used. Nice to know it's there if I want it. I play mostly Death Metal and it suits me perfectly. But I also play other genres like soft rock etc, works very well for that. I use this amp at home for practicing or recording, band practice and gigs. It's very loud (Broken 4 windows and counting with it only at 5 on the volume control) And very reliable. Also has output for another 2 x 12 cabinet (Building that soon). No headphone jack though. that's the thing it needs the most. Can't really play at night without waking the parents. // 9

Sound: This amp is very bassy, and I like it. It's awesome for palm muting songs. I'm using an ESP Eclipse-II VTB with EMG 81/60 combo in it. I also use my custom guitar (strat-ish shape) with only a bridge humbucker. It is the best amp in my opinion for metal and blows all the Marshalls and Peavy's away! It's just no contest in sound. The distortion on the amp is simply amazing and I have no need for my distortion pedal no more. It's very noisy on the high gain setting with the gain at about 7 or 8 but you can use the foot Switch to Switch to clean in between songs. This amp is amde for Meal but has suitable cleans for Opeth etc. "How brutal is the distortion?"... Brutal!! // 10

Reliability & Durability: This amp has been very reliable! Gigged without a back-up countless times. Dropped it a couple of time still work perfectly! It will just last! The amp has never broken down at all on me, never had to take it back or email Randall. I can depend on this amp wherever I go! // 10

Overall Impression: This amp is a very good match for the music me and my band like to play. From hardcore to tech death it suits all of my needs. Even though I have only been playing for 5 years I have mastered a few techniques like pinch harmonics and getting into sweeping and this amp takes it, no sweat. If it was stolen I would buy this again. Possibly buy the bigger ones, like a 100 watt or 200 watt, or even a head. But 75 watt is plenty(trust me... remember the windows? ) I regularly jam with a mate Who has a Peavy Valveking and he complains about how mine is better in distortion and overall sound. Just wish it has a Headphone jack. // 9

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