RH150G3 review by Randall

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (53 votes)
Randall: RH150G3

Price paid: $ 474

Purchased from: Mean Axe

Sound — 9
This head sounds sick I use it with the Randall 412CXM Cab with a ESP LTD M-400 (EMG 81s) it suits my music style and it has great tone. The amp is pretty noisy especially if you crank er up (which I do) and sometimes I noticed that it squeals a bit (not a dimebag squeal), but I bought a matching cab so it can handle the power. The clean is pretty clear and it comes with a boost to make it louder (they should done that with the gain too). I like to shred and solo a lot and I noticed that there isnt a lot of reverb and the Modern gain upsets it so I have to switch to classic. Now I have to buy pedals for effects. But overall the sound is deep heavy and warm although the lack of effects sucks.

Overall Impression — 10
This head is perfect for what I play which is Slayer, Kreator, Lamb Of god, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament etc. I have been playing for 7 years now and this is my first stack so it's working solid. If it was lost/stolen I would hunt down that who stole it and light him on fire. Although it has no effects and shitty reverb the gain is the best I have ever heard and the deep tone can shake any metalheads testicles.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I have gigged with it and it hasn't failed me yet, it is a solid state/tube head so it is reliable. The amp has never broken down and it is a tank. The amp also has a sexy metal grill. I can depend on it for now, although in the future I might upgrade to a 300w and get a second cab to complete the monster.

Features — 9
I believe it is a 2006 model, this amp is pretty versatile in what I play (metal, hard rock) It has 3 channels: classic gain (Metallica/old school), modern gain (Slayer/Lamb Of God), clean is not that bad but this amp is built like an OX for metal. The amp dosent have effects aside from reverb which I hate because when I solo I like lots of reverb. I use this amp for practicing/band/gigging and it seems to work alirghty. Randall made a interesting Valve Dynamic where the amp has the all tube sound and it's solid state. The only thing I would change with the features is more effects if you are a shredder, the reverb sucks.

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    u guys said theres two models, one with 16 effects and one without. does the one without have a better sounds and or distortion?
    thanx lad yer im thinkin of buyin a noise gate for the beast and yer the bass up high does crack the roof lol it blows our eardrums off your head lol thanx man great for future refrence
    hey i have just bought a RH200G2 with a matching 4x12" cab with celestion speakers i was wondering if someone could please review one for me or give me some feedback on the head it is my first stack so i would like to know how it would be on a scale of 1-10 for future refrences i play metal-metalcore- hardocre anything like killswitch, as i lay dying and the odd metallica and i find it great for my use it has great distotion like any randall and the clean seems very loud and clear. i also have a pedal but i have seen no real need for it with this amp. but hey im a newbie to stacks so it might be not very good compared to others im not sure please help with feedback
    can anyone help me? im getting a new amp in a few days, and im stuck between this and the peavey windsor. i play nearly any type of music you can think of, and im worried the windsor won't get enough distortion for lamb of god and pantera stuff. on the other hand, im worried that this wont be smooth enough for hendrix, and chili peppers. any suggestions?
    I got the RH300G3 for 3 weeks now, and I must say: what a hell of an amp!! the only thing I want to say is that there is a little bit to little treble on it, and the gain might be a little bit more, and it would be handy if there was for each overdrive mode a level button....
    I heard that the head only may be 80% of the Watts of the cab... so I will need a cab of 375 Watts for this head, but whatever, I won't put the master up to the max
    life 4 a life
    im getting this head in 3 weeks. cant bloody wait. im glad ur only complanits seem to be that there arent good effects coz im a pure distortion fan. i hate using effect pedals other than distortion pedals. i guess ill be selling that pedal in a few weeks.
    This is a really good head, I tried it in a store with an identical guitar to the one I own. I'm definitely buying the 300w head and I have the Cab on lay by. I dunno about the 16 effects, I doubt its on the 300 watt, I didn't see any mention on the Randall website. 75 watts x 4 = 300 watts so the 300 watt version of this head should be just right, as far as I know.
    hey peeps,I've been looking for a head for I don't know, maybe 3 months... for as far as I've read I see the amp got a good distortion, but a cheap clean (mean, not a crystal clean clean :p ) but whatever, I play metal so it isn't a real prob to me... now my question: does anyone know if there is a 300w head version with the 16 build in effects? and: can I link a cabinet with 4 12" celestion vintage 30 speakers (75Watts) to the 300w head, or is the head to heavy for the cab?
    Ive had a Marshall JCM900 and it sucked so for all of you out there who think Marshalls are the answer your wrong
    losing battle
    I only got to play on the 200 watt combo version of this and it kicked the ass of every amp in the store,(note this was the only G3 model in store) it has no on board effects besides reverb, i didn't turn it on so i didn't really care. I don't like on board effects because they are not fully adjustable and also sound kinda cheap. Seriously are you going to care about not having a on board chorus effect if for the same amount of money you can buy a petal for a far superior effect (think electro harmonics, visual sound or voodoo labs)
    can u play this amp also at a neighbour-friedly level? this would be very interesting to me. cheers
    Weybl Himself
    Randall are one of the very few amp manufacturers that have really gotten the hang of simulationg a tube drive sound on a solid state amp, I'm yet to play a Randall Head that I didn't like.
    ^theres 2 different models, one has 16 effects the other just has regular reverb
    Robin Watkins
    Bloomin' heck Suicidalmoose, cerveza, \m/metallica\m/ and Weybl Himself. This is a Hybrid amp similar to the Marshall Valvestate 2000 series. It has a single 12AT7 tube which acts as a pilot light for a Mosfet power stage. It's neither All valve or solid state. The general concencus among metal players is that these are the best gigging amps there are as you get the sound and warmth of a valve amp but without the weight and reliability issues. SOLID STATE, HYBRID and TUBE are all different things!!!
    It is considered a solid-state amp, but like the marshall valve-state there is a tube in the pre-amp, though the overall classification would be a solid-state.
    cerveza wrote: ***not a solid state*** sorry for the double post
    WRONG! fooled by the fact that it has a preamp valve it is indeed a solid state (or hybrid) amplifier. doesn't make it bad though.
    Weybl Himself wrote: Randall are one of the very few amp manufacturers that have really gotten the hang of simulationg a tube drive sound on a solid state amp, I'm yet to play a Randall Head that I didn't like.
    just to let ya know, this is a tube amp, so a solid state
    i thought randall was pretty poor quality but this seems to be a nice amp, i'll tip a friend looking for a new amplifiler
    @ fire_deuce: it is a good amp, with a lot of distortion. both channels have got a lot of gain, yeah even the clean, you can hear it when you put the clean boost on. errmm unfourtunately the boost is only on the clean, not on the distortion channel but whatever. The distortion has got a very big amount of gain, and when u use gain mod 2 and put the gain almost to the max it really sounds chaotic to me..... there is just 1 thing to say, its a little bit stupid that they didn't put a level button for each gain mod coz now, if u switch the mod, there is a very big difference in volume... and also the volume of the clean and the distortion channel is very contradictionary. erm... just put the bass to high, coz then the roof can crach in :p the pedal thingy I didn't need any pedal yet, but don't worry if you need them just plug em in, and experimnt!!!