RH50T review by Randall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (21 votes)
Randall: RH50T

Price paid: $ 641.34

Purchased from: Thomann cyberstore

Sound — 10
I use this baby with a Jackson RR24 loaded with a single bridge pickup... the EMG 81. I plug the Randall head into a Behringer Ultrastack BG412V(another good bang for the buck) and the sound is simply huge and powerful. You will need to tweak a bit to find your sound and put the sound to about 2-3 To find a sweet spot but the sweet spot keeps going sweeter the louder the amp is cranked. it's not very noisy at all, it's virtually noiseless there's a bit hum that I'd maybe like to eliminate but it doesnt't bother me at all. I can't tell how clean the clean channel is since I play a EMG 81 in bridge and that pickup naturally distorts almost anythin but I got decent cleans that were pretty clean when I tried it. I had bass about 8 treble about 3 and mid about 3. This is the moment you the reader has been waiting for. Exactly how brutal is the distortion? Well let me give you a hint. Put someone to sit in front of your amp and cut the mids to 3 and treble to 3 and bass on 8 or 10 and volume to over 3-4. The one sitting in front of it will start to feel sick of the damn powerful bass Vibrations and Brutal low end punch. Even if we take that fact to notice that it's a very bassy amp if you let it be(you can get thin sounds aswell) the bass doesn't wash up the clarity of it. It is truly a joy to Chug away with this in drop C. Whoever said that this amp aint for a metalhead or a gainfreak is pretty wrong. there's plenty of gain and metal voicing in this. I can play anythin from death metal to metalcore and it will give me the sound. Allright a gain freak woud be maybe pushed to buy a overdrive pedal but with gainfreak I mean insane amounts of gain that makes ur playing sound pretty bad. The Green and Red gains differences are rather insignifficant but it is still there. The red one is Thicker and bassier suited for chuggin riffs or rhythm playing and the red gain is more for some lead work and it's generally a bit lighter. This amp is also very pedalfriendly. Even to shit pedals like the Boss MT-2.

Overall Impression — 10
I play death/trash/melodic death/metalcore and it's a good match for my amp. It has brutal distortion without a pedal wich I this time insisted on not needing since I wanna keep my stuff simple. I've owned in the past a Alesis wildfire and Peavey studiopro wich are both solid states and I can't really compare them to this one fairly since it beats the crap out of them so easily. I wish this had come with a proper users-manual though. The so called manual is only f--kin 2 pages of info. It's a really bad joke in my opinion! It woud help equally much if it said "You now own a Randall, congratulations!". I just think it's a huge shame that such a nice product came with such a poor manual. I love the huge distortion and the easy of use. My favorite feature is the Gain 2 (also known as red gain)its too brutal to be true. I compared this to Peavey Valveking but I didn't afford pedal and it's not that "metal" voiced as the Randall I guess so I choose this one but I love this amp very much! I wish it had a gainboost for some soloing on the dirty channel too, that'd be cool but that's not really a big deal.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Seems solid. Built in china but has some good craftsmanship. I woud gig without backup but I'd rather have one in spare if I had the cash now still. No due to the short time of owning it hasn't had the chance to break down but not that short still, I've had plenty of time to twist n' turn the knobs on this and find out what it can do. I doubt it breaks down. It did smell hot/burning solder the first days and created some heat in my computer room that made me sweat but it cooled down now. I use my amp with care (always warm up/cool down when putting and off) and I don't tihnk it needs more. Just the tube change but thatll be a time away. For the short time of owning I can't give it more than 9.

Features — 9
I wish it had a 16 ohm external speaker output too and a chance to play it in stereo. I think it was made in 2005 or 04 but I'm not sure at all. Has 2 gain channels green and red.

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