RM100M review by Randall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (19 votes)
Randall: RM100M

Price paid: $ 1800

Purchased from: My work (Southtown Music)

Sound — 10
I play with a Zakk Wylde Les Paul with passive EMG-HZ pickups, An Ibanez RGT42DX with active Seymour Duncan blackouts, a Washburn J5TSk jazz box Stock and a Takamine EG530ASC stock. I can literaly play any style that I want. Blues, jazz, rock, metal, worship, reggae. Anything. High gain modules do have some noise but I never use a compressor.

Overall Impression — 10
Love the amp. First tube amp I've owned but have played on fenders and marshalls and this blows them away. Been playing music since I was 7 and am in college studying music. Sound is unrivaled and will keep this amp as long as God allows.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I trust this amp. Have only had it about a month so we'll see but I see it as a great construction.

Features — 10
I won't go into all of the specifics because other people did a good job with the basics. I'll just add my opinions from my experience. All tube, 100watts of amazing sound 3 independent channels. I use them for-Clean, Rhythm and Lead. I got my amp new but at an insane discount because I bought it from the music store I work at. =) The M2 Preloaded set i got came with a Blackface, Plexi, and XTC. The Fender Blackface is a great, versatile clean that I use for Acoustic rock, blues, any style of jazz: anything. You can even crank the gain to get slight crunch for more aggressive tones. The Marshall Plexi is good for Classic rock. You can still play full chords without it being too muddy and yet still have the Drive for sweet leads. I did however swap this module out. The Bogner XTC can do anything from 80s 90s modern rock to even some metal. It is super thick and you can still get great cut through leads. I use this as my rhythm channel. I got the Randall Ultra XL module for a lead channel and couldn't be more happy. This distortion screams. Hamonics wail, even when your strings are as dead as mine. For a hard rock or metal taste, this is the best in my opinion. The presence and density controls can boost tone in either direction. You can push almost any channel into a lead or rhythm channel or just perfect the sound you want. No experience with the effects loop and the master is self explanatory. If a tube goes out the amp kicks that tube out of the circuit to protect the rest of your head and a light will appear next to the bad tube so no more guessing. So far have not got this amp past 3 on volume.

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    robkf wrote: I play in a band that is more on the lines of a melodic metalcore band with more on the hardcore side and I've always really enjoyed the tone of a 5150. I bought a Rm100M with the 1086 module in it and I use a BBE Sonic Maximizer and it gives me a killer tone. But there is something not completely right about it. It doesn't have the same tone as a 5150. My question is, is that does the Ultra XL module have that type of 5150 sound I'm looking for? Or should I just sell the Randall and look for a 5150?
    I realize I don't check this very often, but if you're still rockin the Randall, get an Ultra XL. It sounds as nice or nicer than a 5150. Plus you can get a nice clean module to go with it and not have to worry about the shitty cleans. The 1086 is NOT made for ultra high gain, and actually it sounds best with low tunings.