RX120DHS review by Randall

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (38 votes)
Randall: RX120DHS

Price paid: $ 710.992

Purchased from: Melody Music Center, Cornwall Ontario

Sound — 10
I'm running a Jackson JS30RR with EMG 81 in the bridge and stock neck pickup. it's sounds amazing. crisp, clean, everything you would want out of an amp. I get a little bit of noise at high volumes, but you can't hear it during a song or when you're playing. All you have to do is turn off the distortion between songs which is no problem at all and the noise dissapear. The only time I've had a noise problem was when I went to my friends house, the plugs are really old and it gave me a lot of noise, but everywhere else, it's great. Like I said before, a little tinkering with the eq and you can get many original tones, ranging from blues, to METAL \m/ or even some awesome clean sounds. The clean channel is nice, you can get a nice dirty clean out of it at high vol(or low) same with a nice clean sound. The head's distortion is great. lots of variety tone wise. produces a psycho Metallica tone to a more clean neo-classical tone if you like. what ever you want, it will give you.

Overall Impression — 10
I play metal, like COB, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, Death, Arch enemy, etc. it suits all styles and tones very well. I'm not exactly sure how long I've been playing, I think it's around 5 years now. I have a Jackson guitar, a Boss MT-2 and a Boss PW-10 wah pedal, and a borrowed DigiTech RP200 just for effects and whatnot. I wished I would have asked for a users manual when I got it because I never got one. if it were stolen I would cry, for a long time then get a job and buy it again. I love the tones and versatility of this amp, Randall knew what they were doing with this one. another awesome quality about this amp, is that is it about 2 1/2 inches (give or take) smaller on each side which makes it more lightweight and not so much of a beast to haul around. it's kinda like a "compact" half stack. I compared it to a Marshall half stack (not sure which one, can't remember) and the Line 6 Spider, and it stood out among them all. Great amp, I know I could hgave got it cheaper but I don't really care because it was worth the 900$ anyway. It looks great. Sounds amazing, great buy for any style of musician.

Reliability & Durability — 10
So far it's held up very well, I've had it for almost a year now and have had no problems. I wouldn't even think about a backup at a gig, it's strong, built well, has a couple dings in the vinyl. all damage is minor cosmetic stuff. the only thing I had to fix was the grill on the back of the head, it came a bit loose over time and I just needed to re-tighten it. I have had no other problems with it since.

Features — 10
The amp was made in 2005 according to the serial number, I play a lot of metal but I also play some blues and rock. It is versatile enough to produce anything I need it to. Right now I'm rocking a Megadeth UA tone, but I also have a Zakk Wylde type sound with chorus and reverb coming through the amp and delay with my pedal. sounds unbelievable. It has 2 channels, Clean and Overdrive. you can Switch the channels with a button on the head, or with the footswitch(Channel/Effects). I run my effects through the FX loop in the back of the head, and my Boss MT-2 and PW-10 from my guitar to the input jack. I wish it had a better delay setting. it's kinda like a reverse delay thing, cool sometimes, not cool othertimes. that's the only effect I don't use. My amp is most of the time beside my computer so I can jam to some tunes. It has so much power, and the EQ is so nice and easy to use. it's more than powerful enough for any club gig or something like that. It's a solid state amp that sounds great even at high volumes. my usual volume setting for jamming with a drummer and the whole thing is usually: Master 5, Level 5. which makes the total volume around 2.5 of 10. More than plenty.

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    ive got an rh150g3 n its the balls n ma friend has the rx100 n tbh solid state is the way forward depending if you wanta compressed distortion, itle blow old peoples hips into the next oldie next to them
    i own this amp ;D i play my B.C Rich NJ deluxe Jr v through it ( neck through, OFL, EMG 81 85) sounds awesome
    I am thinking of getting this amp and I have been looking at it for awhile. I want a awsome metal tone like dimebag metallica and bullet mainly dime. I have an epiphone dont know the model it has a emg/select pickup and the only thing giving me distortion right now is my zoom g1x pedal. I want a half stack amp that can give me an awsome distortion but a cleaner distortion than I have. I really like the vulgar owners display of this amp on youtube link
    I want that tone!!!!! So if you can give me your thoughts I love this amp from what I have heard.
    ldnovelo wrote: marshall sucks cock to everyone. they just get overpriced and have bad quality(like gibson) and randalls have mantained their great quality through the years, with small variations, and their metal tone is outstanding, i think only the mesa has the crown over randall, but its too expensive
    Alright dude, im not saying ur wrong, but marshalls and gibsons r really nice. i got a marshall and an sg and love them. but-yes- indeed overpriced. every1 refers 2 a good band 2 use marshalls and play a gibson les paul. theyre idiots. i mean, i still want an lp, but now, im going 4 this amp cuz randalls r badass- even at high volumes. my marshall has a crappy speaker thts blown out from gain after 1 year! messa boogies r amazing, but expensive. My advice. if u got money- go messa boogie. if not- go randall gibsons r overpriced, but deacent. but go for schecter. top tone, performance, and features. the new hellraisers are amazing!
    Tango616 wrote: mashalls=gibson...randals= jacksons and B.C. Rich...match made in heaven...
    hehe i just started playing about a year and a half ago and i have a bc rich acrylic warlock and im looking for a good half stack to get to match it. i was thinking about this one bc obviously there are great reviews and i was also thinking about getting a jackson rr24m lol what a coinkydink!
    i am in the process of buying this amp and to all those idiots saying randall are shit there probably gona give you a better sound than the crap your using
    I don't know why people are comparing Marshall and Randall. Each has its own distinct tone and use. However one should not compare the tonality of a solid state amp with an all tubes JCM-800. The latter, in my personal opinion, will kill any solid state amp. I own a JCM-900 (moded to sound 800) as I play a lot of priest style 80's metal and am buying KH-120 for a completely different purpose. I wanted something that sounds great even at low volumes and I played KH-120 and the only thing I do not understand is how come??? How come one can make such an amazing sounding amp that cheap... That makes me nervous as for last 30 years of playing I have preached never to touch anything besides a tube amp. Anyways it would help if somebody familiar with Randall's amps answers Venom77's question above. Thanks in advance.
    i would consider this amp, i have the new hd-100 spidervalve & when dialed in to my liking kicks serious tone ass , it all about preference.
    mashalls=gibson...randals= jacksons and B.C. Rich...match made in heaven...
    -l-Trendkiller- wrote: This amp kicks so much ass. I have the Dean Dime O Flame and you dont even need a distortion pedal. The natrual distortion is top notch. to be honest, I hate marshall. I am a dimebag fan, but just because i am doesnt mean i go with everything that he used. i just think that the randall is alot better then a marshall, plus the price is outstanding
    Yea, same With Me. I Just Think Randall's More Of A Metal Amp Than Marshall.
    Hey Peoples, I Need Help. Should I Get This Or Should I Get The KH120 Half Stack (Kirki Hammet)?
    Im really interested in this kick-ass amp, im gunna buy from America and ship here to Australia coz its cheaper in US, trouble is shipping is expensive to overseas. does anyone know of any places offering cheap shipping, or any places in Aus that are as cheap as the Us prices (for the amp)....please help.....!Rock On!
    the only Behringer I own is a little 15 watt practise amp lol but I really loved it for the practise era of my guitar playing, still is better than any of my friend's amps who have little 10 and 15 watt amps. I would actually be curious to try out a half or full stack behringer. thanks for the site there too eklipt, i'll definetly check there for my next piece of gear!
    marshall sucks cock to everyone. they just get overpriced and have bad quality(like gibson) and randalls have mantained their great quality through the years, with small variations, and their metal tone is outstanding, i think only the mesa has the crown over randall, but its too expensive
    i bought mine on musicians friends with the other guitarist in my band when they were 599. good deal man. the head has a good clean sound but not nearly heavy enough distortion so i run a Boss Metal Zone thorugh the clean channel and it sounds great live. The cab is 200 watts and the head is 120. i dont kow why, but ive layed different heads through this cab and this cab is amazing!
    im getting a Dime Distortion pedal soon and I'll likely be running that through this amp on the clean channel, or I will run it through the distortion channel and get two of the panels for reducing clicks and fuzz and feedback. I also might pick up one of the heavier heads at somepoint.
    led zeppelin90
    ldnovelo wrote: marshall sucks cock to everyone. they just get overpriced and have bad quality(like gibson) and randalls have mantained their great quality through the years, with small variations, and their metal tone is outstanding, i think only the mesa has the crown over randall, but its too expensive
    Dude you do not know what the hell you are talking about! Gibsons have great Quality and judging from your profile, I don't really want to say much more of anything because clearly you do NOT know what the **** you are talking about.
    i've been looking at a randall like this, but without all the digital effects and it's about $100 cheaper. it's in the same series, and it's the same amp, but instead of all the digital effects, it just has spring reverb.
    Cool. I've thought about buying that. Can you get a sound like gn'r and skid row out of that?
    i have to agree wit others on marshall sucking escamo pussy cuz i have a MG 30 watt and OMFG i blew away all my money. Never cease to try other amps rather than this... the brand name just caught my attention but this amp is great for both studio and live. Just make sure u know wat ur doin first!!!
    could i get a good shred tone out of this amp, i listen to alot of satch and vai.could i get a tone in between there tone on this amp?
    I am looking to buy this amp. Randalls caught my attention after hearing Kirk Hammett(my fav guitar player) signed a deal with them.
    hey guys, im wondering if in ur opinions this amp would work in a band with lead playing on a MG100 marshall amplifier. thanks
    This amp would totally kill any Marshall MG from what I've heard. Well, every amp would kill any MG lol! I know, I've tried the MGs, they have sucky gain, weak bass, and grainy distortion. I still need to try this Randall out though, just to get my own opinion.
    Only 200 to go & you can get this amp, nice , why dont you go chug a few loads & then you can finally get it ,lmao
    Vos wrote: I'm saving up for this amp right now. Only need 200 more dollars
    Don't review this amp or randall by the fact that it's solid state. Are you a tube purifist, go find a tube-amp review instead.