RX120DHS review by Randall

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  • Sound: 5
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 9.1 (38 votes)
Randall: RX120DHS

Price paid: $ 215

Purchased from: Craigslist

Sound — 5
I am running an Epiphone Les Paul (stock, except for tuners) in to this amp. I play alternative, grunge, and some metal and it does the job. I only use the clean channel, and it distorts some after about 7, but it's a step up from my Frontman, no doubt. It has tons of clean headroom and the cleans are warm, and decent enough. The "overdrive" channel doesn't really suit my needs, and tends to be fizzy (it IS a solid state after all), but could be usable with an EQ pedal. Again, I wish I had saved for a tube amp.

Overall Impression — 7
For my styles, it does alright. I've been playing for 5 years, and I can't wait to upgrade all of my gear. I would not buy it again solely on the fact that I want a tube amp head, but if I were still into SS I would get this. I love the decent clean sound and headroom, but I hate the distortion channel, and myself for not waiting for a little more cash.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I can depend on this amp. It's built pretty sturdily, and I would gig without a backup easily. Problem is, I hope it doesn't fry, because SS amps are hard to fix when something goes wrong, so that is my only worry. I'm the second owner of this amp, it has been used in many band practices and gigs by both me and the first owner, and it has held up nicely.

Features — 8
I bout this amp at the cheap price of $215 from a guy on craigslist because my crappy Fender Frontman 212 blew, and I needed an amp. It was probably made in 2006 or 2007, but I'm not exactly sure. It has 2 channels, clean and "overdrive" which are foot-switchable, separate, an effects loop, built in digital effects (not great), and an mp3 player in for practicing. It is a solid state amp, which only makes me wish i had saved for a tube head. I use it for bedroom practice, band practice, and gigging, and it cuts through nicely.

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    devynjupp wrote: whats better this or the rh150g3?
    im having exactly the same problem, can some1 give us a hand? i dunno bout dev, but im looking for a bassy and chunky randall head without being too thin, which can handle cleans. Ive been looking at the RH150G3 and its a little more expensive but is a hybrid, which would help with high volumes as SS amps such as the RX120 lose some tone. However, yesterday i stumbled across the T2 head which i didnt get to try out but 400w seems a little too much power for me. Im also interested in the RM100 but its entirely tube, and for metal i hear randall's SS/hybrid amps are the way to go. What would you guys suggest? P.S Im willing to spend whatever just to get the perfect heavy and chunky tone i dig so much
    kaizerkhan13 wrote: kaizerkhan13 wrote: im buying this tomorrow. =] it arrived broken. =[
    but it STILL sounds amazing with a broken power amp and constant noise. the bottom end is monstrous, ive literally made my cousin crap his pants by dive bombing in drop C lol.
    And the T2 is Killer but if 400watts is to much then get the 100 watt version called the T2HL they both kick lots of, ass my next Randall is gonna be the T2HL.
    I've played one of these it's better than a line 6 but if you want an Amazing randall get a Rg100 or Rg100es they are by far the best solid state amps around they even beat a lot of higher tube amps in a way the cleans are very much like a fender super champ and the Overdrive is sort unexplainable but the cowboys from hell song is a good example of it with a od slapped in front. If your gonna go Randall get a old Rg100 or RG100es but get an Od or MXR 10 band graphic eq if you want really heavy tones.
    hi guys, i have a big question , im about to buy the KH120 and its kinda based on this model i think , but it will be my first half stack and, my question is does the head needs a special speaker cable to conect the cab, or can i do it with the guitar average cables?, and what if that is the case , what if i use some guitar cables?
    in my opinion the distortion sucks on this head for the clean channel sounds pretty good for its price though distorts abit when u turn up the level though
    colm c
    I have a marshall right now and im thinking of throwing it out the window. i hate it. Im buying this very soon.
    i just traded my mim telecaster for this exact amp about 20 min ago, the tele sat in my closet for about 2 years. i just didnt like the way it sounded, and after reading the comments it seems it was an awesome trade
    i have the RX30D and for 250 bucks it was worth it, louder than most 30 watts, and the sound it brilliant i love it
    randall is a rip off of marshall?! scoop the sound on a randall (gain 10, bass 10, middle 0, and treble 10) and you try and find a marshall that sounds heavier than that!? and to Ouch.... get the RG200DG3Plus. its amazing, more powerful and better versatile sound
    i love this amp ive got it seems to sound much better on high volumes then low though im not sure why..
    WOW dude,Deans is another to add on to randalls
    Tango616 wrote: mashalls=gibson...randals= jacksons and B.C. Rich...match made in heaven...