RX120RHS review by Randall

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (7 votes)
Randall: RX120RHS

Price paid: $ 650

Purchased from: Zzounds.com

Sound — 8
I'm running an ESP/LTD MH 53 through this amp with stock pickups. I play mainly death metal, hardcore, progressive, with a little bit of blues and ambient stuff mixed in. Whether I'm in E standard or down in C standard, this amp can sing. This amp can handle anything. The built-in reverb is simple, yet very effective. The clean channel can be a bit harsh on the ears when cranked though, and at first play the distortion isn't that brutal. Whats crucial is to play with the contour knob to find the right combination of gain and the other settings. After you find the settings you need though, it'll shake your bones apart.

Overall Impression — 9
I wanted this amp for years before I got it. Its everything I knew it would be. Ive been playing for six years, and this is my third amp. I own a Line6 Spider III thirty watt, a Fender Starcaster and a Lyon starter guitar. I wish I could have really tested this amp before I bought it (the stores I went to only had the Kirk Hammet signature model) but, the end result would not have changed. If someone stole it...I'd kick their ass 668 times, one for every dollar I spent on it. And if I somehow managed to lose this 112 pound work of ART, I'd buy it again. I love the sound, the look, everything about it. Most of my favorite bands (Black Dahlia Murder, Born of Osiris, Darkest Hour) use or have used Randall products. I compared it to a Line6 150 watt stack, a Crate stack and a Raven stack. I chose this one because it sounded the best, it had the Randall name behind it, and it was the one I originally wanted. I wish it had a little more bottom end, just a touch, and a more precise equalizing system. all in all, for under a grand this is the halfstack for any metalhead that needs power, crunch, and badassed style on a budget. Buy this amp.

Reliability & Durability — 7
The first thing I did when I got this amp was plug it in, crank it, stand on it and dive bomb away. Its a tank, its crazy loud, dependable, and comes with a 5 year warranty. Randall stands behind this product, with good reason. And since this is my only halfstack, I would use this without a backup; but from what I've seen so far, it doesn't need a backup. When I got this amp the power supply was messed up and the output was low, but a trip to the shop and a cable Switch took care of everything. It was a minor problem but after almost 700 spent, one that could have been avoided.

Features — 9
This 120-watt solid state beauty was made this year (2009). Its basically the RX120DHS, but without the digital effects module. This amp is perfect for a metalhead on a budget. I thought I would need a pedal after reading reviews but about 10 minutes with the settings and I found the sound I wanted, with no trouble. The bottom end is crushing but not sloppy; its tight and it doesn't just drown out the notes. The mids and highs are crystal clear, and this beast is beautiful on clean. The footswitch it comes with is sturdy and effective. I use it at home, in band practice, and coming up this friday, gigs. Turn the volume up to 3 and your ears will be ringing. The only drawbacks are the sound through the headphone jack is tinny and theres a constant ghost noise when the giutar is turned all the way down, but I think that is a problem isolated to my amp.

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    The bottom end is crushing
    It has CRUSHING OVERDRIVE??? I'm sold Also you really didn't compare it to anything worthy of note, (a spider a SS crate and a raven). It would be nice to see what you think of it compared to say a bugera
    i compared it to that line6 150 watt hd or whatever, and i already own the spider, but yeah i see what you mean. i did play through a mesa triple rec, but keep in mind i was staying in a certain price range. theres no point in testing amps i had neither the intention or ability to buy.
    i tried more expensive amps, but since i was in a certain price range and looking to buy a stack and not just an amp, there was no point in mentioning them in this review. the mesa triple rec and the 6505 i tried were brutal, but even though the randall was a fifth of the price, i still preferred it. also, i compared it to the 150 watt line6 amp, not the spider that i already own.
    what a great review man, iv been in the same position (it not being at the store and only the kh model, owning a line six, ect.) and iv been so unsure about this amp ever since I've been looking for a halfstack... so u got me sold man... thx a bunch
    no problem man. you should be pretty happy with this one. also, an update: the speaker and instrument cables you use should be mid-level monster's or something comparable. basically, gold tip or gtfo. you can really hear the difference.
    You really got me hooked on this product. I have, like many others, only tried the KH Signature (stoopid metallica) but I am a really big fan of low end sqeals (pinch harmonics) Killswitch Engage style and I was wondering what kind of squeals you could get with this amp? I tried a Peavy once and I got these dinky shallow squeals but I want full, clean and bright squeals.. do you know what I am talking about? Would I be able to get this kind of p.h. ?
    hi guys, i have a big question , im about to buy the KH120 and its kinda based on this model i think , but it will be my first half stack and, my question is does the head needs a special speaker cable to conect the cab, or can i do it with the guitar average cables?
    Hey, I'm very sorry, but could somebody tell me how to make a post? I want to make one so I could ask a "Which amp to get" question. Thanks!
    @Gurut Yeah, I got as far as writing this comment, but didn't know how to submit it. Oh well, you'll all just have to survive without my amazing input.