V2XM review by Randall

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.1 (16 votes)
Randall: V2XM

Sound — 9
When I turned this amp on for the first time and played a chord, I started looking if the overdrive knob is turned on, and it wasn't. The clean channel of this amp sounds just like a cranked tube amp. It can get the exact Hendrix sound for songs like Little Wing or Castles made of sand. I used this amp with a cheap stratocaster copy. I used both humbucker and single coils and they sounded great. With humbucker you get a good chuging rock tone, single coils give a naturaly overdriven sound. There are two kinds of EQ so you can get any sounds that you want. The overdrive channel isnt the best, I wouldn't use it, it just doesnt't sound powerful enough for Randall. It's a clean players amplifier.

Overall Impression — 9
I play more distorted music: Nirvana, Slipknot, Cannibal Corpse but also some lighter stuff RHCP, Jimi Hendrix. It can get a good clean channel for some heavier music and some beautiful sounds for Funk of Blues but for heavier stuff, you would need a distortion pedal. As I said earlier the amp can get exact sound like Axis Bold as Love, so if you're looking for a present to a Jimi fan, get this amp.

Reliability & Durability — 8
The amp is built sturdy. It isn't heavy, ideal for alone practicing but not good enough for practicing with a drummer or a gig. I couldnt say much a bout the durability, I think that if you would take care of the amp, it would last long. I wouldn't depend on this without a backup, it's just a practice amp.

Features — 9
The first thought that comes in mind after playng this amplifier: "the weirdest amp I have ever heard, I like it". V2XM is an ideal practice or home amp for a Jimi Hendrix fan. It has 2 channels, boost function on the overdrive channel, 3 EQ controls, 3 band graphic EQ, 30 wats, solid state and a 12" Celestion Rocket 50 speaker. The best part of this amp is that you get two kinds of EQ so you can fully control your sound. Although I wouldn't use it for playng with a drummer, it's more of a home amp.

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    "It isn't heavy, ideal for alone practicing but not good enough for practicing with a drummer or a gig." Why not? I have actualy played through Randall V2XM with drummer, we have made repetitions and i was actualy using this 1. i just cant understand why you say its not good enough.. its loud as hell, well there is some noises and etc but if you are you using Noise Reductor its becoming just perfect amp for gig's. Well i understand that best thing for gig would be you know some Marshal JCM or Randall heads with 100W and cabinet, but if you r not that big rock star, and dont have money for it, or you dont wanna beg money from your fathers, this is ideal amp. I love it, its not true about clean channel (check your guitar or pedals dude), its clean enough, it depends on guitar ofcourse but its realy soft, it gives realy that soft clean sound. Overdrive channel is just like a FU**** blast.. i mean this is realy powerful amp.. i play more heavy stuff like COB,Pain,Metallica,COF and stuff like that.. well you might wanna get some pedals to get your unique sound (i am using Metal Muff) in that way this amp becomes perfect amp for any metal/rock oriented guy. I have compared this with Roland,some Laneys, Marshall for same price and this 1 beats all of them.. i mean this is realy cool amp, in future im gettin more powerful amp but for now these 4 years it was perfect for me. Thanks Randall.
    hey dude great review, just a couple of questions, does it come with a footswitch? if not is one available from randall? thats providing the amp can plug for one and is it loud enough for small gigs?
    nick- yeah, i have this amp, it doesnt come with a footswitch, but you can get one. Yeah, you could use it for a gig, it gets pretty loud.
    It is loud but when on high volumes it can get buzzes and other noises because of the db's
    i got this, bought it pretty much blindly, didn't know nothing about amps but salesman recomended it, i was thinking betwen laney 15x, roland 15x and this... this was more expensive version and with the blessing of the bold guy who owned the store i bought it... but personaly don't like it that much, and didn't like it while i was buying it... it is all like the guy that review it sad... it just have that openm light sctrachy sound, and distortion hurts your ears, it's great solution for trash metal i guess, but if you are into more powerfull sound and warm clean this is not the solution...