V2XM Review

manufacturer: Randall date: 08/04/2008 category: Guitar Amplifiers

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Randall: V2XM
Randall RX Series V2XM 30W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp The 40-watt V2XM has 2 channels with a 3-band graphic for dialing in precise rock and metal tone. Built with a 12" Jaguar speaker this high gain combo is big and loud enough to handle almost any situation.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 8
 Features: 9
 Overall rating:
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overall: 8.8
V2XM Reviewed by: 742627000017, on august 04, 2008
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Features: The first thought that comes in mind after playng this amplifier: "the weirdest amp I have ever heard, I like it". V2XM is an ideal practice or home amp for a Jimi Hendrix fan. It has 2 channels, boost function on the overdrive channel, 3 EQ controls, 3 band graphic EQ, 30 wats, solid state and a 12" Celestion Rocket 50 speaker. The best part of this amp is that you get two kinds of EQ so you can fully control your sound. Although I wouldn't use it for playng with a drummer, it's more of a home amp. // 9

Sound: When I turned this amp on for the first time and played a chord, I started looking if the overdrive knob is turned on, and it wasn't. The clean channel of this amp sounds just like a cranked tube amp. It can get the exact Hendrix sound for songs like Little Wing or Castles made of sand. I used this amp with a cheap stratocaster copy. I used both humbucker and single coils and they sounded great. With humbucker you get a good chuging rock tone, single coils give a naturaly overdriven sound. There are two kinds of EQ so you can get any sounds that you want. The overdrive channel isnt the best, I wouldn't use it, it just doesnt't sound powerful enough for Randall. It's a clean players amplifier. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The amp is built sturdy. It isn't heavy, ideal for alone practicing but not good enough for practicing with a drummer or a gig. I couldnt say much a bout the durability, I think that if you would take care of the amp, it would last long. I wouldn't depend on this without a backup, it's just a practice amp. // 8

Overall Impression: I play more distorted music: Nirvana, Slipknot, Cannibal Corpse but also some lighter stuff RHCP, Jimi Hendrix. It can get a good clean channel for some heavier music and some beautiful sounds for Funk of Blues but for heavier stuff, you would need a distortion pedal. As I said earlier the amp can get exact sound like Axis Bold as Love, so if you're looking for a present to a Jimi fan, get this amp. // 9

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