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manufacturer: Raven date: 07/05/2012 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Raven: RG100
The Raven RG100 is a solid-state, hard rock amp that's easy-to-use, looks great,and has a killer price. With more power and bigger speakers than many amps that cost a lot more, the RG100 amplifier is designed to work well with your effects pedals. The 2x12 amp switches easily from rhythm to lead with an optional 2-button footswitch.
 Sound: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 8
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Features: 7
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overall: 7.5
RG100 Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 19, 2008
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Price paid: $ 299

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: Any Raven you come across will have been made in or after 2007. It's not a verstile amp in and of itself, but accepts pedals and effects wonderfully. It has two channels and a reverb, both of which are footswitchable, but no footswitch is provided. It has a great effects loop, and an external speaker jack. I do wish it had a line out/headphone out. Oh, and there's a built in tuner, which is terrible. // 5

Sound: I am using this with a Gibson Les Paul Studio with a Bill Lawrence L-900XL in the bridge and a Bill Lawrence L-900R in the Neck. Both are Blusa pickups, not from Bill And Becky (don't get me started on that topic). The clean channel is stunning. The gain channel is not very brutal, but pretty rockin. Plug a distortion pedal in the clean for supreme evil. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Reliability and Durability? Seems pretty durable, nothing special, but not overly shabby. I haven't broken it yet. The built-in tuner becomes useless in a matter of seconds after opening the box, but whatever. // 8

Overall Impression: For those of you Who have been wondering about Raven amps, I thought I would post my thoughts, since there is not a lot of information about them. First off, about the company: (as told to me by a manager at Guitar Center). Raven Amps is owned by Guitar Center (Who also owns Musician's Friend, Music123, and tons of other brands). The amps are made specifically for Guitar Center and it's other branded companies. Apparently they are manufactured in a Crate amp processing facility. Guitar Center hired a few people with amp design experience to create a line of entry-level solid states at a very low price point. That's pretty much all I was told. About the amp: I find the RG100 to be an exceptional amp for it's price. I tried many, many amps in the 300-450 dollar range, and I honestly believe the Raven is the best I came across. It is a straight-up, old school solid state amp. There are no amp models, not effects, no useless "transtube," "valvetronix" or any other single-tube preamp. Now, the reason I detested the other amps in the price range was their lack of potential. That is, if you buy a Spider III, you're absolutely stuck with the tones inside the amp. Every effects pedal or modification I tried with it sounded terrible, and there is no effects loop. The Marshall is also too emulated to positively change the tone- even a basic Boss MT-2 on the clean channel sounds fat and squishy. The Vox Valvetronix have the same problems. In my opinion, if you're looking to buy a cheap solid state amp, you're also looking to play with some versatility in pedals and effects. If you're buying an amp that is trying to be something it's not, it has a much lower likelihood of sounding good with any external modification. The RG100 reminds me of the basic Fender solid state I had as a kid, nice, dependable clean, some reverb, a Drive channel, and that's pretty much it. It's 100 watts, so it's decently loud, but it does start to lose definition and clarity as you crank the volume. The "lead," or gain channel, is pretty weak, but good for a middy old school fuzz sound. The clean is a perfect blank state, and really does remind me of that old Fender. Anyway, I suggest you check these out if you're in the market for a new amp. Try them, and try not to be seduced (brainwashed) by the huge brand names. Believe me, I have returned enough amps in the past month to be more or less banned from Guitar Center, and I have settled on the RG100. I gave it an 8 for an overall practice/small venue amp under 500 bucks. For an amp under 300, it definitely gets a 10. // 8

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overall: 8.8
RG100 Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 05, 2012
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Price paid: $ 75

Purchased from: Craigs list

Features: I'm not sure what yr this was made but the kid I bought it off of believed it was 2010. I play mostly hard rock n metal but have played my Ovation through the clean channel n it sounds nice. 2 channels, clean n dirty. Like them both. I typically play dirty with mids notched out n highest gain, no reverb. I think the reverb blows. Sound tight, ESP for less than 100$. I cannot find the Raven footswitch but I use it with my RP500 n sounds nice! Also has effects loop, line out n tuner (sucks). Would love headphone jack. I use it both to practice n gig. Really loud! For price, it kicks a-s! No effects but that's a good thing for me. // 9

Sound: I use Ovation Elite 1778 n Les Paul passive humbuckers. Great for metal n clean channel can handle it all. It doesn't handle mids well on the dirty channel. Distortion/ gain seems intense. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Very reliable appearing. Never had an issue in 2 yrs. // 10

Overall Impression: Looks cool, sounds good n no complaints from guys I Jam with. Loud as hell n distorts nicely, watch mids! // 8

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