RG60 review by Raven

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.7 (40 votes)
Raven: RG60

Sound — 7
I play with a Epiphone Studio 2 and a Replica Of Blue (Billie Joe Armstrongs guitar) it has no make on it so for all intents and purposes we'll say its a new strat. Pick ups on the Epiphone are stock and the neck pickup on the strat is a p50 by Duncan. Like I had said before, mainly rock and switching over to hardcore in case someone needs a second guitar for a cover or something. It suits both adequately. This amp can be your new best friend if you have strong ears, I never put it higher than about a 3 on the dial because it's so loud (this is also the only tick on the dial where it starts functioning more than a practice amp)! Distortion is pretty solid, crunchy and thick, take the mid down to a 2 and bass to a 4 and you have a good punchy sound. Clean is clean, nothing special here, its bright and again take out the mid since it really muddles it up. Oh! Reverb is bad, not like kind of bad, its bad. Take it out completely and buy a pedal.

Overall Impression — 9
Top down lighting answers. 1. Good match for rock and all sub-genres as well as metal sub-genres 2. Playing for 4 years now, I own a Blues Driver BD-2 for main distortion, nothing against the amps, but I just prefer it. 3. I wish I asked for a good reverb pedal because it is awful stock. 4. If it got stolen I would buy a Marshall, only because I have the money to get it, this is a good amp and I would strongly recommend this to anyone. 5. I love it can hold up well against abuse and sounds great the louder it gets! 6. I compared it to all other similar priced products in GC, I bought it last year so I can't really tell you what they were but I picked it over everything else because for the price it was higher quality than most of the others and was louder overall. (Note* I bought the display, normal price is $199 but they were out of stock at the time.) 7. I wish it had a foot switch or something to change the channel but I suppose a distortion pedal does the job right.

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Reliability & Durability — 9
This is a tank. A tank. It has metal lattice like cage on the front and is made of a thick polymer with metal support inside. I weigh 162 pounds and can jump onto it and off of it with no problem (also is a good seat). Doesn't do well in cold though, a weird high pitched fluctuating sound comes from it for a few seconds to a minute but after that, it's fine.

Features — 8
So, a few things here. 1. This is a relatively new company starting as far as we can tell around 07' so you aren't going to see really anyone famous rocking with one of these. If you wanted a pro to search on youtube, this isn't the amp for you. OK, I lied, one thing. More of a disclaimer, anyway! I play rock and occasionally hardcore music, so this is almost perfect for me to play with, its solid state so no broken vacuum tubes to worry about here and no complicated wiring from having to break it apart from faulty connections. It has two channels, one lead and one clean, the way you switch is via a small button located dead center of the control interface. It features in the back a jack for an effects loop and headphones, I must admit though, you can play quietly enough where you don't really need to use headphones. It has one very large speaker with no bells and whistles in the back, and that allows you to have 1 solid sound without splitting between multiple sub speakers. I wish it had a better chromatic tuner, did I mention that? Yeah. It has a freaking tuner built in, loose your tuner? Not anymore. It is ok, I mean it doesn't register right so you pluck the same string about 50 times before it knows the difference between C# and A. All kidding aside though, 7/10 tuner.

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    I fell in live with this amp. I ued it for everything from deathmetal to blues. It handles inceadibly for shows and practice. Its at gc now for only $70! Great amp, great price!