V160R Vendetta review by Rocktron

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (3 votes)
Rocktron: V160R Vendetta

Purchased from: Musician's Friend

Sound — 9
With this amp I mainly use my Epiphone Les Paul Custom Studio. It's loaded with Gibson designed Alnico Classic humbuckers much like the ones in the Gibson Les Paul Special. This amp is really easy to get my sounds on. The control you get over this amp is great! I can dial in a great Van Halen sound without any stompboxes or effects, just the distortion and the reverb. This amp sounds good in any enviornment due to the Global EQ. It lets you get rid of the Echoes in a small room or really pump up the base in open areas. This amp sounds very much like a single or Dual Rectifier, but if you play around a little with the Global EQ you can get a nice overdrive sound. Being that this amp is 160 watts it really sounds it's best at higher volumes. You can easily play at smaller gigs (bars etc.) without turning it up past 11 o'clock. The distortion ranges from a gentle break up to an all-out raging scream.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall I would say that this amp is a great amp for any player from a beginner to pro. The only complaints I have is that the Global EQ is in the back of the amp next to the line out jacks which makes it a little inconvenient to access if you have it set up in a room next to a wall. My only other complaint (which isn't really too much of an issue at all) is that because of its weight (~85 pounds) it is hard to carry and should have inset handles.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I can't really say much about this amp's reliability since I have only had it for a little over three months now. I have not had any problems, but I know that Rocktron's service is unbelieveable since I had once owned a very cheap Rocktron ($149) amp that I pushed too hard an blew within a month.

Features — 8
I believe this amp was made in 2007. It is a very versatile amp. I play anything ranging from classic rock (such as AC/DC to Journey) to metalcore (Killswitch Engage etc). This is a two channel amplifier with separate active equalizers and master volumes. It also has spring reverb instead of the digital reverb (I prefer spring). This amp also has a three trim pot (reactance, contour, and presence) global voicing with P.D.F (post dynamic filtering) which really lets you customize your sound from the crunchiness/smoothness of the distortion to how bright the clean channel is. The Vendetta V160R also includes a stereo effects loop, left and right preamp output jacks and a headphone output jack(for recording or to a poweramp and a cabinet), the AGX Gate Threshold, a tube distortion driver and preamp, and also has footswitchable reverb and built-in chromatic guitar tuner.

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    it's like 500 dollars on musiciansfriend.com is it tube or not because it doesn't actually say on the website that it's tube
    Ya, its actually a hybrid amp. It has a tube preamp(so you get a pretty nice clean sound also) and a tube distortion driver which is basically like having a distortion pedal that is driven by a tube. It sounds so close to a tube amp that there are many people I know who cant tell the difference.
    It's solid state.. there's no other way the wattage would be that high.
    HAHA your kidding me right? my fender "the twin" is 100 watts of mayhem. pure tube.
    haha its 160 watts solid state people. good deal for a gigable amp.
    Believe me, I'm the one that wrote the review. Its a hybrid, the amp is a tube amp, but it uses solid state power. Its like taking a tube amp and using the recording/signal out jack to go to a power amp to drive a couple cabs.
    Sorry but i actually called Rocktron/ghs and asked what this amp was its solid state with tube distortion so ya its not a tube amp solid state!!! But it is sweet i just bought the 80 watt vendetta for my practice amp an its a great metal amp!!!
    Please apguitarguy40 I have bought this amp. Could you tell me your settings at PDF (Contour, Reactance, Presence) etc to play Heavy metal (like Metallica) ? Please man, I have lost hour trying to figure out something. My email is panosgeorgiadis89@gmail.com