GS-100R review by Rogue

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 6.6 (14 votes)
Rogue: GS-100R

Price paid: $ 160

Sound — 6
The amp works fine for the music I play (punk, rock, '80s metal, blues). The amp can get very loud (but even louder with a pedal) it seems like 1, 2 don't really have much noise but there is a huge jump in noise when the volume is on 3. The clean channel is fine but the overdrive you cant do much with it.

Overall Impression — 8
When I first got this amp I thought I was getting a really good deal. When I started jamming with it with friends the overdrive couldn't keep up and I was disappointed so I bought a Metal Zone and now it really delivers! I play lots of harcore punk, metal, and some other styles and with the effects they give you they dont give you much to work with but the amp is awesome when you buy effects. I've been playing for a few years. If it were stolen I would be pissed but I wouldnt buy the same amp. I would probaly upgrade to something bigger. I wish I did more research on this product before I bought it because I was expecting more but my option changed after a few years experience and after I bought better distortion. I love how loud it can get but I hate the overdrive. Overall its a good amp for the money and it will servive you well for a few years.

Reliability & Durability — 8
This is a realiable amp. I have never had a problem with this amp, But it does make a raddle if you set it down to hard but that easily fixed. I would play it at a gig with out a backup.

Features — 6
This amp can get preety loud. The clean channel and overdrive have alot bass sound which can be nice for music like the blues. But for heavy stuff like harcore punk and metal you should buy a pedal. MT-Metal Zone (Boss) makes this amp amazing and packs a punch. The reverb doesn't really do anything to the sound. And the headphones don't work. Well mine didn't when I got it still doesnt but it doesn't really matter.

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    i have had this amp for like 5 years now. and it still works great. the amp itself is ok on clean but overdrive sucks. but with a distorsion pedal its nasty!. i run my marshall mg10 emul;ated line out into the 2x12 cab. it then sounds like the marshall. then plug in the metal effects pedal and u got some screming high pinched harmonics that squeal . i love it . and for the 150$ price i payed 5 years ago and it still works and sounds great. u cant beat that !
    The distortion is crap, the reverb is almost non-existent, the volume starts at 3.... but the price is right. I run my digitech processor through it and it sounds pretty good, it`s got plenty of power... not much else. Wish I would`ve gone with a Crate instead, but hey, I`m broke.
    Can anyone give some good rock and metal setups to make this thing sound ok. my marshalls board fried so now im stuck with this old thing i havent played in a couple years and i cant make it sound anything like i want it to. i am not buying any pedals to do so cuz im saving on buying another good amp head. so no pedals.
    can anyone give some good amp settings for metal or classic rock on this amp without having to buy some pedal. my marshalls board fried and i am stuck with this old thing that i havent played in years. no pedals cuz im saving to buy another good amp head and dont want to waist my money on them
    The only things good about this amp are that it is cheap and loud... it sounds like shit.
    If your looking for a simple, very basic amp for cheap, this is the one for you. It provides power, and gets loud enough to compete with a drum set at a small gig, but that's its limits. The sound is lacking quality, this amp sounds as cheap as the price. I agree with deadnihils comments the the distortion is useless and the re verb is barely functional. I can't get rid of the one I purchased fast enough.
    I own the improved model that came out in 2004; the RG120R amp. Same features, except it's now 120 watts, with 2 12" eminence speakers. And yes, still crappy o/d and the reverb is weak. Except, when turned to 6-9, it gets really slap shot like reverb. Not at all like Fender's reverb. But I use 2 multi FX: an old Zoom 505 (still works great), and a Digitech RP100A. Use with the clean channel. The pedals provide the tone; otherwise, unless you're using the clean channel and tweaking the bass, mid and treb knobs,this amp doesn't have a very good EQ system. Or the GS100, as I've played thru that one as well.
    dude the switch on the back that is closest to the fuse box is for the headphones. just switch it off and plug them in, and bam you got some headphones for it
    Mine went south on me for no reason i'm aware of. I turned it on, and the lights came on SLOWLY, and DIM, and i'm getting nothing out of it. Looking for a site with a schematic, or someone to give me an idea what to look for. Musicians Friend got it from a company named Hana Electronics in Korea. Tried that, but no luck! Anyone have an idea? Thanks Kevin
    Check the fuse on the right side of the rear of the cab, it may be blown.