Cube-30 review by Roland

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (198 votes)
Roland: Cube-30

Sound — 8
The gain Switch on this amp is really good, but I suggest if your using it you should turn the volume down half way and turn the gain up three quarters of the way. The clean and metal settings are really good too With my electric guitar. I have never tried this amp with a Gibson but I'd say its good too.

Overall Impression — 8
Its really good for rock, metal and punk songs and I'm not really sure what the overdrive setting is for because it sounds just like the distortion setting. I have been playing for about six months and only own an amp electric guitar and a case. If I lost it or it was stolen I would definitely buy it again

Reliability & Durability — 8
It has never broke down on me before. If your playing a gig you should probably bring a spare amp but you probably wont need it but bring one just in case. You can depend on it because its really good and well made and sounds great. I would reccomend tis to everyone because its really reliable

Features — 8
This is one of the best amps I have ever used. I mostly play rock and alternitive on it. I play with a copied strat made in china with standard pickups. The amp has a distortion setting, Two metal settings, Overdrive and Clean settings. Some amps I have used have too many settings and drags down the sound with it. This amp has plenty power though and the copied strat works well with it.

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    Timo9500 wrote: PyroFreak_NL wrote: I wonder how the people here are able to use the amp at band rehearsals or even for gigs! I recently took the cube30 to my bands rehearsal but the sound was awfull, it almost made my ears bleed... also the sound wasn't really loud enough I'm not saying this is a bad amp, for practice at home it's great but if your'e looking for something to use in a band i would not recommend it. I played it at one show, by itself. Put it on a chair, turned it up to 9 on lead, 10 on clean channel. I played a small coffee shop, it was just loud enough. By a hair. I mean, its not for big gigs, but it can work if its a small enough place, but just barely.
    i modded mine to use external cabs and speakers. Plugged this badboy in both my hughes and kettner cab and my Mesa 4x12 standard slant and ZOMG it the loudest practice amp i have ever heard. Alot of people say when it comes to the distortion (more considerably the metal channels) this thing sounds horrible loud,well if you boost mids all the way, cut some highs to about 6, and bass to about 3 or 4, this thing can compete with tube tone ( not that thick, strong, overdriven sound like my 5150 produces, but pretty damn close!)
    PS, if anyone wants to know what this monster can do, heres a cover i recorded with this amp.