Cube-60 review by Roland

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (197 votes)
Roland: Cube-60

Price paid: $ 472.5

Purchased from: Local Music shop

Sound — 10
I play my American Fender Strat through a Boss ME50 into my Cube 60. The clean channel has a beautiful sound especially when used with a bit of chorus and some delay. The clean channel when used with the DS-1 setting on my ME50 gives me the perfect sound for playing Punk but does not sound particularly good when you want to play more high gain styles of music as the clean channel has no gain setting. The best way I found to solve this problem is to use the ME50 with the lead channel with the gain turned way down, this can give some really great sounds especially when used with the 'Classic Stack' model. With the gain turned down you can get a wide variety of clean s on the lead channel. I find that the clean channel starts to distort at around 7 or 8 which is not too bad as this gives you plenty of volume anyway. Moving on to the various amp types: Acoustic: this is not at all bad, when used with neck pickups it can sound quite like an acoustic guitar although I still wouldn't use it instead of my Acoustic. Black Panel: I havn't had much chance to use this setting properly, but from what I have used of it, it seems to be a nice sounding clean model which is great for use with my ME50 Brit Combo: very nice cleans when played at a low gain setting, has a beautiful light overdrive when the gain is turned well up, perfect for playing light Rock. Tweed: one of my favourite settings, gives a great crunchy overdrive with the gain turned up. It also gives nice cleans, rich in Bass. Classic Stack: nice warm sound with a huge variety when it comes to distortion. This is perfect for playing rock and classic rock. This is the only one of the stacks that give a clean sound with the gain turned down and is my favourite model for using with my ME50. Metal Stack: not one of my favuorites but still quite good for playing metal, has a nice high gain distirtion and plenty of sustain. R-Fier: my absolute favourite amp model. gives a beautiful distortion with the gain turned up to about half way although the distortion gets a bit mushy when you turn the gain up too far. This is the perfect setting for playing rock, classic rock, grunge etc. Dyna Amp: with this setting you can add more or less distortion to your playing just by how hard you hit the strings. It has a nice distortion but I find it to be more of a gimmick than a useful amp type. All in all, this amp can really cater for almost any style of playing.

Overall Impression — 10
I play mainly punk, rock and classic rock, this amp especially when used with the ME50 is perfect for any of these styles. It is very portable and not too heavy. Overall, I think it is the perfect amp for me!

Reliability & Durability — 10
I haven't really had this amp long enough to comment on its durabillity. But it's very solidly built and looks like it could withstand a lot of abuse!

Features — 9
Features are one thing this amp is not short on, it has; 8 amp models these are: Acoustic: this is an original Roland amp type to make your guitar sound acoustic. Black panel: this is modeled on the Fender Twin Reverb. Brit Combo:This is modeled on the Vox AC-30TB. Tweed: Modeled on the Fender Bassman 4x10 Combo. Classic Stack: Modeled on the Marshall JMP1987. Metal Stack: Modeled on the Peavey EVH-5150. R-Fier Stack: Modeled on the MESA/Boogie Rectifier. And Rolands unique Dyna Amp: With this amp, the harder u hit the strings the more distortion you will get. As well as thees there is a clean channel based on the Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus. There is also a shed load of FX. It has Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay and Reverb. In the way of EQ, it has the usual Bass, Middle and Treble, but along with this it has a presence knob. As usual with Roland there are no foot switches provided with the amp but they recommend the FS-5U footswitches, these can be used to change between the clead adn lead channels and can also be used to turn on off effects and reverb and delay. There is on input, a headphone jack, an external speaker jack which can power a speaker with an 8 ohm impendence and a minimum of 60watt output, there is a line out for connecting to a PA or mixer and a tuner out. Unfortunatly there is nowhere to connect a portable CD player or Mp3 player. With 60 watts, I find that it has plenty of power for gigging and does not have to be turned up too loud to get a nice sound so it is also suitable for bedroom use

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    King ofKumbucha
    Getting this on Monday...I can't ****ing wait...after 1 year having to put up with the shitty Marshall Mg 15 cd I got for Christmas (my parents obviously dont love me) anything is better.
    i havent played this, but on a micro cube. i love the effects u can get using the cubes. i want one but i dont have the cash, i need a new acoustic guitar before a new amp.
    man i am getting one for christmas because i can't afford it and school is starting up again >.< so i can't make anymore money
    King ofKumbucha
    ok, this thing is ****ing amazing....too lazy to review but I gotta say...the best model for a dual rec I have ever heard.
    I gotta say, the extra cash isnt worth it for the lack of new features and only a bit increased volume. Ive just stuck with Cube 30