Cube-60 review by Roland

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (197 votes)
Roland: Cube-60

Price paid: $ 456

Purchased from: Billy Hyde Music

Sound — 9
I'm using a Squier Strat with SCN pickups put in them. They are the ones in american deluxe strats and they are quick twangy and trebly. Really snappy opposed to smooth. They aren't really the Vintage sound either, more modern. On the rectifier channel, you can get some really smooth thick distortion or more trebly punk kinda sound. Either way, that channel rocks. plenty of sustain, really smooth tube like fuzz distortion. Awesome stuff. The metal and classic stack sound quite fake to me. I don't like those channels. The tweed and brit combo aren't that great either. I don't really use the acoustic channel but the black pannel is awesome for classic clean wit a bit of cruch. JC Clean works really well for sparkling clean guitar tones. At times it feels a bit percussive and bassy but that's imo. there's barely any noise and tho I use to get noise wit my old pickups on other amps, it's barely noticable on the Cube.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall, the amp serves to do everything I need. It's a very good sound but it's not really a trademark sound like a Fender or a Marshall or a Mesa. But still very good. Lots of channels go to waste for me but the channels which I do use are worth it. I've played a Boss DS-2 through it and it's awesome. Best thing is that you can go through amp mods like preamps giving you a lot of different sounds. If it were lost or stolen, I'd get a smaller version. Cube 30X for the power squeezer, smaller speaker (less bassy), smaller size (easier to carry and transport) etc. I just really love that rectifier channel. Does everything I guess the amp dusnt really have a crisp, crunchy distortion like that of a ds-1 but $80 dollars wud solve that. Great amp but I'd prefer the Cube 30.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I really think it's exactly a gig amp. Sumwhere between taht and a prac amp. Good for jamming wit mates I guess tho it's a bit heavy to transport. Heavy and bulk. To me, the amp is solid. The material around it is tough. You cud drop it and get a scratch but nothing wud get wreckd. The grill thingo is plastic which is stronger than cloth so there's not too much of a problem breaking it. it's neva broken down tho I haven't pushd it very hard at all. It's reliable and durable.

Features — 9
I got my amp about a year ago and it is definately a very versatile amp. The JC Clean, BlackPanel and acoustic give you different types of cleans, tweed and brit combo give the crunch tone and the rest are distortion. I'm into metal and heavy rock and the rectifier channel goes really well for it. The rectifier channel gives a good slightly fuzz distortion which suits thrash, punk, anyting. I don't mind a bit of classic rock and I like the black pannel wit gain turnd up for my crunch tone. JC clean is real nice with a bit of chorus. 2 channels, clean and dist and many other models within dist but you can't change too quickly between the dist mods. It's pretty much got all the features I'd want in an amp. Maybe that power squeezer thing in the new cube range wud b kool. Chorus flanger and reverb are kool. I dun use many of the other effects because of my style of music. I use it as a prac amp and it's loud enuff for nething I do. Rarely turn it past 10 o'clock. I'm looking at a smaller cube because I really dun turn it up very much and 60w is prolly too much for me. It goes to waste. One complaint is that it's a 12 inch speaker and it often gives a really bassy responce. it's good for getting a nice thick lead sound but when it comes to JC and acoustic channels, it feels a bit too boomy.

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    Bucks Owin
    Good reviews, thanks! I plan on buying one soon. I had an orange Cube 60 back in the 80s that I liked fairly well, had plenty of power for small gigs but sounded "dry" and the reverb wasn't up to par compared to the spring reverb in my silver face Fender Twin or Super. I think the COSM should help in that regard, and if the reverb don't "get it" there's always that great new 65 FDR pedal!
    I have a Roland Cube-30 and i absolutely love that amp. It just has very good tones, I play metal and I always use the R-Fier with gain at 10, but alas it's not loud enough to keep up with drums. I really want to buy this amp, I love my Cube-30 that much.
    JannikGuitarboy wrote: "Is this amp loud enough to play in a band, with drums ?" Hell yeah, loud enough to blow the roof rite of of your hous, but I would reccomend the crate 120FX, and its cheaper than the Cube60
    Crate 120FX sounds cheap, looks cheap, and well... is cheap. But I have to say, in terms of value for money, the Roland Cube 60 is the best
    Seems fine to me, but how does it shape up to a Distortion pedal, at lets say at a volume thats not terribly loud >?
    haha, i thought i was getting a used one for $120, but i got an old super cube 60:o. Oh well, it still sounds really good, even if i'm gonna need a noise gate now. and its still incredibly loud, that guy who said you could blow the roof off your house with one of these wasn't kidding. besides, i'd been planning on getting a distortion pedal to go with the amp anyway. i also like how the bass isn't overpowering like the line 6 spider 3 amps, its actually pretty subtle. if my old one sounds this good, the new ones must be incredible!
    hey can anyone recommend some good settings for classic rock type stuff - ive tried all the "ultimate settings forums" but i need settings specifically for this amp not just general ones. I fell like every model has potential but i just cant get my eq and gain settings right
    Ryan Nias
    cal001 - There's a difference between pounds and dollars. Did anyone else notice that guy who kept spelling guitar 'giutar'? Like each time, I think he thinks its spelt that way.
    For a solid state practice amp...this gets really ****in loud! When i was in my first band when i was young i used one of these on stage. Not the best stage amp but it got me through...this thing is really loud for a solid serious. Probably the ideal practice amp.
    getting mine in the next week to replace my spider2 30 watt ive just found it soudning pretty digital and well not nice lately
    can this amp play over the drums on a clean channel without sounding muddy
    This amp is amazing! Don't get the cube 30, just get the cube 60, for only a bit more cash you can get double the power, and it has so many outputs. great amp.
    Has anybody used this amp for recording directly? What where the results?