Cube-60 review by Roland

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (197 votes)
Roland: Cube-60

Price paid: $ 380

Purchased from: ebay

Sound — 10
I use a ESP LTD F-2005 with EMG 81/85 pickups. I play metal mainly but lately I've been playing more rock. For high gain metal tone, I scoop the equalizer (crank bass and treble, no mids) with full gain and it sounds great. Delivery of plenty low and high end tone without sounding too muddy, and this is on the r-fier setting (based off the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier). For a cleaner (but still quite crunchy) hard rock sound I've turned the gain down to 5/6 and balanced the middle tones for a warmer feel. I now can hear the highlights in chords I play and lead licks now stick out with a crisper feel. The sound is tighter and clear. The jc clean has yet to dissapoint me as it it stays brilliantly clear even past 3/4 way volume which is bloody loud let me tell you! With a slight chorus and reverb this sound lovely, and for a warmer acoustic feel, one of the lead channels is based of the Boss acoustic simulator and sound wonderful even with my EMG's!

Overall Impression — 10
If this amp died on me I would be shattered and definetely get a new one. I do want a 100W stack, but only because nothing compares to the sheer power and tone of the valve head, this is the way it is. The Cube 60 is my ultimate practise amp and it's capable of delivering a quality tone that can be heard at gigs. I think the one thing I love about it most of all is it's versatility, it can do everything you would want an amp to do. Worth every penny and the 3 months I waited for a replacement.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Now this is where it gets funny. I'm actually on my second Cube 60, the first one I had shat itself when I played it at 1/2 volume. When I got the one I had now well basically I've played it at higher volumes with a harsher tone for longer periods of time and I've had it for 2 years now, still going strong. So my first one must've been a dud because the one I have now is gig worthy with no backup. When I get my Laney stack my Roland will be my backup. Because of it's robust design the cube can be thrown around and all I would worry about would be the poor object that got in its way. So I take a point off for the first bad experience I had but that's the only time I've ever heard of the cube dying on someone.

Features — 10
The reason I got this particular Cube was so that I would have a versatile compact unit capable of being heard over drums (it's a solid state combo). The mere fact that the Cube 60 is small for it's power output is ideal for travel and storage. It has built in effects (reverb, delay, chrous, flange, etc) which are footswitchable. The jc clean channel is crisp and brilliant, and can be tweaked with a brightening switch which delivers even more high end presence. The 60 has a few settings the 30 doesn't have such as a presence knob for the equalizer and a lead setting known as 'Dyna amp' which is used to deliver both clean and crunch depending on the playing style of the user, but I never use it I think it's useless toy. The amp also can be plugged into with headphones, recording out, external speakers and footswitch.

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    Mines just came today and its awesome, i use it with an Epi LP Standard and it sounds great. Nice effects, nice tone and pretty versatile. highly recommended. im so glad to get rid of my MG..
    Nathy8979 : marshall mg 50 is beta
    you are wrong beyond your wildest dreams. Marshall MG is a bad representation of marshall amps, it is a disgrace to the name. Roland Cube 60 is by far the best solidstate amp you can buy.
    This is my first amp - I have it now for a few years and it never gave me any problems - EVER ! Definately the best, most versatile solid state amp to begin with
    Oh yeah, also my first guitar was a Squire Fat Strat. If you fiddle with the EQ settings a bit you can get the sweetest sound.
    OMG it's AWESOME! Trust me! Best sound ever, very versatile, no buzzes, no feedbacks, plenty of effects, good at any volume... but it now!
    I have had one of these amps for about a year and 3/4, and i'll tell you one thing, that it was the best damn purchase i ever made untill the stupid thing hit 7 months. the input's holding nut becomes loose and the input will continually fall through, either making it impossible to hook it up or all gain drops out to the point that you cant hear the clean unless its on full and distortion sounds like a wet fart. I got it 'repaired', yet there isnt much they can do and the input for some reason cant be replaced.... yeah well the amount of times that this thing has ruined band practice just makes me feel as if its not worth it at all. broke past the point of no return this afternoon, and I now have to buy a replacement. thanks roland. make sure as hell if you buy one of these that the inputs and outputs are sturdy, or you may too end up with a lemon.