Cube-60 review by Roland

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.3 (197 votes)
Roland: Cube-60

Price paid: A$ 600

Sound — 6
I use a Strat Standard, nothing too special, as my main guitar. I mainly stick to rock songs, in the style of Led Zep and the Who. This amp is now my rehearsal amp. I mainly use it as a loudspeaker as I have a collection of pedals now. I don't bother much with the on-board effects and amp models. The different amp models are okay, but not spectacular. When I got this amp, I had never had any effects before and I thought it was wicked. Now I know a bit more about this sort of thing, I have found the models aren't that accurate and the effects aren't really that great. The Chorus effect is the exception, as you might expect from Roland - I used it rather than a Chorus pedal that I bought. The effects in general are of a reasonable quality. The amp models are not too bad I guess. The R-FIER model is an alright representation of the M/B Solo Head, and I actually compared them once to check. Obviously you don't get the performance of an amp 10x the price but at low volumes it wasn't too bad. At higher volumes the harsh transistor amp sound started to become very noticeable while the M/B stayed smooth and controlled. This amp does go loud (though quality does suffer a bit when it's turned up). I've played live with it before in a small hall and it was fine without any extra mics.

Overall Impression — 7
I bought this initially as an upgrade to my first amp. I now have a TSL100 stack so this is my rehearsal/backup amp. Given that it's not my main amp, if I lost it I would probably replace it with a 30-40 W valve amp like the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (now I have a fair bit more cash than I did when I bought the Cube). I really like this amp, it's great for what I use it for, and it goes loud. I would definitely recommend this amp to someone looking to start playing live, as it is loud and unbreakable. However, if you're serious you'll quickly outgrow it, as it just doesn't cut it at gigs of more than about 100 people. Then you've got a nice rehearsal amp, exactly like me, loud enough to get over the drums easily. This amp makes no claims to be the next big thing, and it's not. But what it is is a solid, incredibly reliable, loud amp that's perfect for a beginner that's looking to get more serious with guitar. It's also quite inexpensive. I give it a 7 overall.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Built like a tank - extremely solid and durable. I've dropped it a few times and there's barely any cosmetic damage, let alone internal damage. Even the knobs are very solid. Absolutely reliable. I've never ever had a problem with it not working perfectly. You won't break this in a hurry.

Features — 7
This 60W solid state amp has 9 modeled amps and 6 on-board effects. It has a single 12" speaker. I bought it for $600 about 3 years ago. At that stage it was the best amp for the money. I might have bought a Vox AD50VT if they were around back then, as they are the same price roughly as the Cube 60's successor, the 80X. It was a good value option for me and I've not been disappointed. This amp has several inputs/outputs on the back - external speaker out, line out, tuner out, and 3 footswitch jacks for controlling effects. The tuner out is useful as you can tune without disconnecting any cables. The footswitches would be useful to those who don't have their own pedals or multi-FX units. But the footswitches are expensive and the effects that they control aren't that great, so I've never bothered with them.

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    Anyone know if there was once a version without all the fancy bells and whistles? (ie. without the 9 COSM models or the 6 built-ins) I picked up a cube-60 at a seniors garage sale for $5 cnd, was looking for some specs but cant find any info matching mine. Other then that, this thing just Sings!
    Gu!tarN00b wrote: Is this amp loud enough to play in a band, with drums ?
    Yes I've played this, great for jamming with drums, and with volume to spare
    I have a VOX AD50VT why do you think the Roland sounded better? How many tubes does this have?
    Hey ive been using my cube 60 live and am reasonably happy soundwise, but I recently bought roland blank switches (FS-5L) and find that i have to press each switch twice to change channels / fxs ect. WTF!! is doing my head in. Does anyone know which blank switches are most suitable for this amp( one press only )
    my email is if anyone has the information about which footswitches are good.