Micro Cube review by Roland

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.7 (331 votes)
Roland: Micro Cube

Price paid: $ 129

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 6
I own two Ibanez guitars, a RG5EX1 and Gio GSA60 Blk, both have stock pickups, with this amp I get a set of 3 distortions and 3 clean settings. This amp can possibly fit a wide range of music styles, I play a variety of metal, jazz, and classical music. Depending on the settings this amp can be really loud for a 3W practice amp. I do have some problems when I play on the Acoustic setting and I get a distortion/boom effect when I strum the strings really hard, but its relatively quiet on a low setting. I can't tell if the JC clean channel is distorted on high volumes because I never used the amp at extremely high volumes, but from the level I play on I don't get distortion on that channel. There are 3 distortion channels which are Brit Combo, which gives a British hard rock/heavy metal tone, Classic Stack, another distortion that gives a classic rock feel, and R-fier, which would be considered a heavy metal tone, I would say they sound fine on the pickups on my guitar, its not a Halfstack Amplifier but it gives a decent tone. I personally keep the gain and tone knob at max, sometimes I change the gain knob but I really don't get a difference in tone. I rarely use the other features except Clean, Black Panel (another clean channel) and R-Fier.

Overall Impression — 7
My overall Impression well, I can't say its the best amp or the worst amp because its the only amp I have ever used and currently own, I got it on my 14th birthday with my 1st guitar. (I'm 15 right now) I've been playing guitar for 2 years. I own 2 Ibanez which I currently play with on this amp. I have no other gear except those 2 guitars and cables, that means no pedals. It had a impact on my music style due to the features. If this amp were to be stolen or lost I'm not sure I would buy it again, I would probably buy a bigger amp because I moved to a bigger house, but it is undecided. I liked that it had a wide set of features for a micro "cube". I really didn't hate any of the features. that's what I think.

Reliability & Durability — 7
This amp is actually well built. It was made in China. I don't Think I could use this amp without a backup unless I had the adapter, which kind of broke. The amp has been neglected yes, but it hasn't broke down, it did have this sound like it just exploded, but that only lasted a couple weeks, that problem occurring was awkward and come unknowingly. It sounds fine now.

Features — 9
This amp was made in China, the year is unknown because the label was ripped off the back of the amp... Oops. It was a wide range of effects like Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay and Reverb, and useful features like a Headphone jack or AUX input. It has a tone and gain knob. For portability it has the ability to run on Batteries. Its a 3W powered amp stated on the Roland website. It also has a tuning fork button for 3 semitones. It comes with a AC Adapter too.

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    sid-x wrote: i cant get over this brilliant amp ,i have a friend with a marshall a valve amp which sounds ****ing brilliant.No joke i put my micro cube next to it and my micro cube kicked its ass in sound , i couldnt believe it !
    this guy must be deaf!
    cmacTR4Q wrote: I just wanna buy one, sling it on my back and walk around town with it! That's kickass!
    Hell yeah it is!
    y_psychosocial wrote: Can I connect Effect pedals to it like the WAH and otheer efx ?
    Of course but I wouldn't recommend you to buy those pedals if you don't have a non-digital amp because digital amps suck with pedals.
    When i have the tone and gain knob to its max, in R-Fier effect.it starts buzzing. is it something common?
    (the second review)
    Mic - this channel should be used when using the AUX in feature, gives a clear sound.
    That's not true. AUX in is an independent input. You can't change the sound or volume of it. Mic channel is for microphone and you should plug the mic into the guitar input. My mic input gives kind of distorted sound when my gain is full. I've tried it with my guitar. I don't know what kind of sound it gives with mic but it's strange because it distorts.
    I love this little guy. Period if it was stolen I would get a new one. Or a larger model. Great practice amp with loads of sounds available. Also it goes super loud, which is nice for jamming. Anyone who says the sound sucks is just a prude. Sure tube amps sound better but it's a practice amp for crying out loud.
    The bassist in my band has one and its ideal for practices with just me and him, good sound, not space hogging and pretty much a jewell
    this amp was on of the most sterile, cold, boring amps i ever heard, its a bunch of crappy Boss pedal models shoved into a amp with a transister power section...Wow why do so many people go nuts for 150 dollar amps with a bunch of features. what do you think gets sacrificed...Sound quality!!!!! Its a freaking beginner amp....
    This was the first amp I ever purchased and it's still a really strong practice amp. I love the R-fier setting. It gives a really "clean" metal tone. I've also played bass through this amp a few times. If you use the "Black Panel"-setting you're actually getting close for what it is. Anyone who buys this is aware of that it's a practice amp, and it shouldn't sound as good as your Marshall halfstack, obviously. I've rehearsed a few times with my band with this though and use it as a back up, and for that it's more than fine. For the price though it's a really good piece of equipment and it has a lot of effects. If you're a beginner and want to experiment a bit, or if you want a portable amp (it can even run on batteries and it's really convinient to carry around. Very light and not very fragile), this is for you.
    My friend has one of these and he leaves it at our school and we toy around on it. It's a great practice amp easily accesible and pretty decent sound. Definitely worth the money for the right use.
    its a pretty awesome amp, I use it to record using garageband. Does the job nicely. Nobody would ever guess I record with a tiny 2 watt amp.
    Tedward wrote: does it really keep up to an average drum set?
    not at all ive got one of these, awesome practice amp and great for beginners
    you should get this amp instead of the EX version (or whatever the 'upgraded' version was). I think it sounds waay better as I tried both of them in the shop, and many people agree with me. And you don't really need the tuner and the rhythm crap on the ex. Use the tuning fork on this one and a good ol fashioned metronome.
    forgot to mention that this amp sounds horrible at max volume. nonetheless, it's a great practice amp though. but that part of the review was pretty false. didn't bother reading the rest due to that reason
    "This thing is unbelievably loud, I can play right next to a 6 piece drumset, and this amp will drown it out without and static/hissing at all!" what a load of crap. I have a cube and it can get to about the same level of a drumset when played at a pretty standard volume but the cube has to be pointing towards you and it certainly doesn't come close to drowning the set out.
    cicak360 wrote: When i have the tone and gain knob to its max, in R-Fier effect.it starts buzzing. is it something common?
    With me it doesn't but you don't have to keep the gain on max. I think you'll get better sound if the gain knob isn't on max. The buzzing may depend on what guitar you are using but with R-Fier you don't need to keep the gain on max. The tone knob must be on max!!! I don't like the sound when it's not on max. It loses its balls.