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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (331 votes)
Roland: Micro Cube

Price paid: € 99

Purchased from: Local music shop

Sound — 9
The little amp works great when you keep in mind what's it's intended use is for. It fills a room with sound and the effects will let you expirament with differant sounds. I play several differant styles of music from country, rock, blues, classic rock, and so forth and the little amp works great on all of them. It is loud enough to play on and quiet enough to keep the neighbors from calling the cops on you. I have heard of the speaker blowing on the little amps but I haven't had any such problems. I think if you remember what it's meant for and not like use it as a gig amp then you would be fine. If I want a lot of volume to gig with I would get a bigger amp. Like you wouldn't pull a 80, 000 lbs tractor trailer with a VW Golf would you? Duh no so why would you expect a practice amp to be as loud as a 100 watt Marshal Stack? For what it is it does the job and does it better than what I expected of it.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall I would have to say I made a smart buy with the little amp. My first amp I had was a Gibson tube amp that was something like 50 watts back in the 1980's (it was a used model from around 1966-69ish) and it was way to loud for a beginer an to practice on. Great to play with though in a gig but still way to loud in the bedroom. Something like this little amp would have been perfict. It is small enough to go with you just about anywere, and yet loud enough to play on for hours. It is not a gig amp, not designed to be, but for what it is it is a great amp. There are many type of practice amps out there and I have tried many over the years but I have to say this one beats all of them hands down. It has just the right amount of feature so you wont get board with it. It is well made so you wont break it under normal use or the accidental falling over. It is loud enough to really practice on your sound and yet not so loud that you would have to keep it on the lowest of setting so the cops don't come. And it is efficient with the batteries so if you want an afternoon picnic with your hunny sitting under a tree playing that song you worked so hard on for them you wont get cut off in mid song. It is a great amp and you couldn't go wrong with it just keep in mind it is a "practice" amp. If I ever lost the amp I would buy another one in a heartbeat no question, it really is that good and versatile.

Reliability & Durability — 10
The little amp that could, should be the slogan on it. It is a great practice amp. It has many features to let just about anyone with different music styles to play on. It covers a wide amount of sounds and has plenty of volume to play on in a small setting. It's housing is very sturdy and has rubber corner protectors in case it falls off a stool while playing in a coffee house (trust me it has). It is well made and all the controls seem solid. When treated right it should last the average person for many years to come. It has solid state electronics, so no tubes to blow out. About all you will have to do to it is clean the darn thing every once and a while. It has a battery door on the back that takes 6 AA batteries so you don't have to have it plugged into a outlet. It is stated to last 20 hours of playing on batteries... I've done a couple of 4 hour sets and several one hour practice sessions with it on the porch and batts are doing great. Over all it is a well made both in construction, electronics, controls over a wide array of music styles, and efficiency in power consumption that make it a great buy, far out surpassing other practice amp in all areas.

Features — 8
Here's my 2 cents on the Roland Micro Cube. I bought it new this past march. The amp is crazy sturdy and solid. I can knock it around it wont get hurt (not that you should lol). The amp has a tone, volume, gain, then some effects with reverb and delay on one knob and a phazer, chorus, flanger, and tremolo on another. It has a tuning fork button that will help in tuning you up, the harder you tap it the louder it will sound although I use my own meter for that. It has a headphone jack on the back with a line in so you can hook up your mp3 player to it and Jam with your favorite band. It also has a knob that will Switch you into the reproduced sounds of differant amps like one setting is to make your guitar sound Acoustic, "LC Clean" is for a bright clean sound, "black panel" is still clean but with a little distortion, "Brit combo" is for that classic sound from the 60's brit bands, "stack" has two settings one is classic and the other is R-Fier the first is with mild distortion and the other is heavy distortion or metal sound, and the last is "mic" for if you are useing a microphone input. I would like to have seperate bass, middle, and treble tone controls on it but the model that does is a bit more in price and they were out of it when I got this one. It has a 2watt speaker but don't let that fool you into thinking this little cube is silent, it puts out plenty of sound. I have seen several people like on a sidewalk Jam or open music festival use them and they would be plenty loud for it but definitely not one I would gig with when a drummer is there. It's a small amp, a practice amp... Leave it at that. But overall, it is a great little amp to play on and practice with in your bedroom or garage with.

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