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manufacturer: Silvertone date: 04/07/2014 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Silvertone: Smart IIIs
10W RMS/20 Watt peak, 6.5" speaker, dual input (guitar, tape/CD), dual EQ bass & treble tone controls, headphone output, master volume, overdrive switch w/level control, 1 year warranty, packaged in four color carton.
 Sound: 6
 Overall Impression: 6
 Reliability & Durability: 8.8
 Features: 5.5
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overall: 5
Smart IIIs Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 17, 2007
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Price paid: $ 49.99

Purchased from: Local Music Shop

Features: My amp was made in 2003, and was my first amp. Let's get one thing straight: it sucks. It's a 10W, and can get pretty loud for a tiny solid-state, but it's effects suck. It has four knobs, one clean, one bass, on treble, and one OD. It has a headphone jack and an output thinger, but nothing else. I almost quit guitar because this amp doesn't suit anything, rock, metal, blues, punk, or jazz, it doesn't deliver. // 2

Sound: The clean is better than te OD by a lot, but it still is below-par. With single coils through my Squier Bullet, it gives a better blues sound than I described earlier, but that's about it. On OD, it gives tones of harsh feedback, but it's nothing I would use for a rock sound. The bass and treble really don't affect the sound that well. I gave it a second chance after a year of playing with my new Gibson SG Special Faded, but the tables turned. The OD was a little better through humbuckers, but the clean stepped down a notch or two. For beginners, it would be okay I guess, but very frutrating to work with. // 4

Reliability & Durability: I'm impressed here. I used it as a practice amp for a year during my beginner phase- to make a long story short, it took a 6 foot dive off my shelf and it's still fu; ly functional, with everything intact and safe. Even through a PA, though, I would never gig with this piece of junk, or use it as a backup. // 10

Overall Impression: For beginner's this will do the job, but you might end up upgrading it really quickly. Maybe with the right guitar and pedals you could squeeze something out of it, but not for me. I've tried high quality guitars, wah, distortion, and it never gave me the sound I needed. Luckily, I now own and gig with a Vox AD100VT, which rocks! // 4

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overall: 7
Smart IIIs Reviewed by: 2Crosser, on april 07, 2014
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Purchased from: Artist Guitars

Features: Technical specifications:

- Channels: 2 - Clean and Drive (with Drive knob) with a button to switch between them.
- EQ: 2 - band, Treble and Bass knobs.
- Other: Volume, headphones and tape/C.D. in, power switch, carry handle and rounded corner metal covers.
- 10 Watts R.M.S. at 4Ohms. Can produce a sound up to 98 decibels. 26 watts power consumption at ≈ F500mA per hour. Signal produced at 50 hertz. Short fuse. Hybrid tube and solid state.
- Mine is a copy made in China (as in, not an actual "Silvertone"). // 7

Sound: The clean channel is absolutely superb, and so is the clean equalization. I am able to get a lot of different types of clean tone and listen to it with delight. However, when you look at the distortion sound, things start to get a little hectic. For one, I prefer to run my distortion through a Zoom G1XNext Multi-Effects Processor, because the fuzz distortion in the amp is bad, and can actually create static feedback with humbucking pickups. Though, when I run the drum machine through the amp at maximum distortion, the sound is very interesting. It perfectly recreates the music that is played from the tape/C.D. input. // 7

Reliability & Durability: With all of it's flaws, this amp is built reliably, and can be easily fixed because of the short fuse, simple assembly and construction. The exterior is very solid and stylish and only has a mark after I dropped it from a stage rehearsing a couple of times. The plug for the lead is very solid, and is not flimsy. The only worry I have is that the 6.5 inch speaker cover is cheap fabric that could potentially rip very easily, not metal. This could decrease tonal capabilities of the amplifier, or boost them, I am unsure. For what it does have going for it though, this amp will deliver for a long time. // 7

Overall Impression: This came as a part of a guitar pack, but is valued at $99 AUD by itself just because it is a hybrid tube/solid state amp. I would say it is worth the actual $70 I bought it for, but not a pence more. It is good for a beginner, just starting to learn on electric, or can be a good compact solution if you have little room. You may also choose to save money if you are buying an effects processor anyway, because it is able to recreate the input sounds almost flawlessly. If this were stolen, I would not get it again, but buy either a Beta Aivin BM6 or Dethtone Evil1. This amplifier, even for just $70, is missing features. The two amplifiers I just listed are both under $100, have several various effects, are portable with battery power, have the same power consumption and a line out. // 7

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overall: 9.3
Smart IIIs Reviewed by: MegaEgga, on december 10, 2007
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Price paid: $ 200

Purchased from: Music Mega Mall

Features: I've been playing guitar for 3 years now and have been using this amp since I started. It is 20 watts. Of course it is not a great amp for me anymore but as a beginner amp it really does the job. The guitar features 3 input jacks, one for guitar, one for headphones and one for CDs. This amp has only two equalization knobs (treble & bass) but they surprisingly make quite a difference when altered. The overdrive is fantastic for metal or hard rock (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest etc.) and the clean sound is great. // 9

Sound: The overdrive on this amp is great for metal and or hard rock. I used to use a Fender squire but have upgraded to a ESP LTD M-207, I play a lot of Iron Maiden and it delivers great for such an (now) older, cheaper amp. There is a bit of feedback when it is turned to full but it pretty much is impossible to recognise otherwise. When you put up the treble and turn down the bass it sounds great for soloing. The clean channel is great and is excellent for a stock acoustic/JC clean sound. // 10

Reliability & Durability: After 3 years of this amp I am getting quite sick of it but it has never failed me, I've taken it to about a dozen smaller gigs and it worked fine but with bigger gigs I had to use mates amps because it just isn't loud enough for a large crowd. Even so it has dealt quite a bit of damage (fallen out of moving car, fallen off numerous tables, thrown at the wall) and still works fine. // 10

Overall Impression: This amp was great for the first year and a half but from then on it was getting a bit old, needless to say it is a great amp for beginners! The reason I haven't been bothered buying a new amp is because I have been in America for the past 6 months (still playing a lot of guitar) and the time I have been at home I haven't been able to decide on a new amp to buy. Overall this amp is great but I wouldn't recommend buying it as an upgrade to an older amp. // 8

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overall: 5
Smart IIIs Reviewed by: Deagle-Eyes, on december 10, 2007
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Features: The amp seems to be rather new. When it comes to versatility, this amp really doesn't Live up to anyone's expectations. As well, it has only one channel, with distortion an EQ only. The good thing is that you have a headphone jack, so you can jam at night and not disturb whoever is in the house. I use it as my main practice amp, as I have been playing guitar for 1 and half years, and it has a lot of power. // 4

Sound: I'm using the guitar that came with the pack, at the moment, a Strat with single coil pickups. It doesn't suit my music (hard rock, classic rock) very well, it just doesn't suit any type of music. The distortion is hyper-dirty, and the notes you play come out all mixed up. You can make heavily-bad-distorted sounds, and rather decent cleans (compared to the dirty sounds). // 3

Reliability & Durability: This amp seems to be very reliable. If you were to gig with this (which I STRONGLY not recommend, as it would sound crap) I wouldn't take a backup amp. I have dropped it many times and, when hitting the floor, it's the floor that got damaged. It has never broken down and seems to be a tank. // 8

Overall Impression: This amp is "alright" for beginners! But when you pass an imaginary line to more complicated stuff, you might want to upgrade it. If it broke, I'd certainly not buy it again. I just wished the sounds weren't as deep, because it ruins the whole amplifier. Overall, a decent amp for beginners, and from which intermediate players should totally stay away. // 5

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