10 GA P Review

manufacturer: Stagg date: 07/13/2010 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Stagg: 10 GA P
It only has 1 channel, a very simple EQ and simple distortion with gain options.
 Sound: 5.3
 Overall Impression: 7
 Reliability & Durability: 7.7
 Features: 6.7
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overall: 6
10 GA P Reviewed by: guitarist5001, on january 11, 2008
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Price paid: $ 220.4

Purchased from: Nearby Shop

Features: I bought this amp as part of a package with a Stagg S300 guitar for about 290 AUD. So as you would guess for something of this price it does not come with many features at all. It only has 1 channel, a very simple EQ and simple distortion with gain options. It also does have a headphones input which is helpful if you don't actually want other people to hear your amp! However though this is very simple it is exactly what you would expect from a cheap practice amp. // 5

Sound: This amp has a very simple sound. The EQ makes a fairly small amount of difference to the overall sound. The distortion is not very rich at all. Also this amp is very very quiet with only ten watts. I used to play this amp with the Stagg S300 that came with it but have since decided to use a Johnson 50R. Due to the shear lack of volume this amp provides on one occassion I bought this amp to one of my band practices and it was quieter than a piano! // 4

Reliability & Durability: Though this amp is quiet with a very simple sound it is incredibly reliable. I have never had any problems reliability wise with this amp and I have owned it for just over a year and a half. This does mean that it can always be relied on as a practice amp.Though I would never be willing to use it on a gig because of it's huge lack of sound. // 9

Overall Impression: I play alternative to heavy rock and this amp can play these styles though it sruggles some times. It is exactly what you would expect for the price I payed for it and is an alrite practice amp. But it's simple, tinny sound and lack of volume mean I do not use it for anything other than practicing. So overall I would reccomend this amp to a very begginner guitarist but warn them that they would definatly need to buy a new amp when they got better. // 6

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overall: 8.3
10 GA P Reviewed by: Vampire_Prince, on march 26, 2010
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Purchased from: Birds Music

Features: I bought this amp roughly 4 years ago with my first ever electric guitar, a Stagg S300 (it was one of those starter package deals) and for being a package amp, it was pretty descent, not particularly loud for a 10 watt, but it was alright, I used this amp at home for practice when its quiet, and it does its job. // 8

Sound: I was using a Stagg S300 with it, and later an Ibanez GRG150 it was so so for either one, although better for the Ibanez, because the it was the better guitar in general to be honest, it had a little bit of noise and buzz but other than that it was good, it had gain, bass, mid and treble, and a headphone jack for really quiet practice. It gave more of a fuzzy distortion than anything, but it wasn't bad. // 7

Reliability & Durability: Its survived 3 years of my playing and has been across the world with me so I think it done pretty well, the only thing that gave out was the power switch, which I fixed about a year ago, then, due to me keeping it at full volume all day and night for band practice, the speaker eventually blew, all thats left now is the pre-amp. Other than that, its been thrown acrss rooms, dropped down stairs kicked, had drinks spilt on it, and it still worked after that. But while it lasted it was a descent amp for its size and volume. // 9

Overall Impression: i play a bit of everything and while it lasted this amp held solid. I've since upgraded to a Peavey Vypyr 15 which is a lot better, but it would have been nice to keep it in one peice. I really liked the raw simplicity of it and how it was almost indestructibe, if it was stolen I wouldn't bother getting another, but I would be sad. At the time I didn't have time or money to compare it against anything else so I went for this, and as I was my first amp, I don't regret the decision. // 9

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overall: 5.8
10 GA P Reviewed by: EddieOwen, on july 13, 2010
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Price paid: £ 49.99

Purchased from: MDM

Features: 10 watts, 3-band Equalizer(Bass/Middle/Treble), Volume & Gain controls, Headphone input, Stereo mini-jack input for MP3 player, Linkage to PC. It would be a lot better if there were more settings for the EQ eg. Reverb. I like how the headphone input is for regular MP3 headphones. // 7

Sound: I'm using it with a Washburn WI200 and a Boss Superchorus pedal. It doesn't really suit my style, I'm into metal and the amp has an awful fuzzy overdrive, so I play on clean, if you play to hard though on either channels it will crackle like a biscuit. There isn't much variety to it, having only a 3 band EQ. // 5

Reliability & Durability: I can rely on it as a practice amp but I just don't trust it enough to take it to a gig, I'd rather take my Fender Cybertwin, which is more reliable. It hasn't broken down, and I've had it a couple years, but I don't use it often. It seems like a pretty sturdy amp, I don't think it will break for a while. // 5

Overall Impression: I play metal, this amp isn't good for that style. I have been playing for 8 years and use my beloved Washburn WI200 and Fender Cybertwin normally with a Boss Superchorus Pedal. If it were stolen/lost I wouldn't buy it again, it's ok as a practice amp, if your playing very quietly but it's just not that amazing. I love the headphone socket, for normal headphones but I hate the EQ. I wish it had more settings and didn't crackle out when on high volume. It's good to buy if your not serious about guitar, and you just want to have a bit of fun. // 6

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