20 GA DR review by Stagg

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.1 (38 votes)
Stagg: 20 GA DR

Price paid: $ 201.3

Sound — 10
The sound is very good, the clean is actually clean! and if you set the EQ up right, you can make it sound like a Vintage electric (e.g. Telecaster) or acoustic guitar! The overdrive is pretty basic but again it's all with the EQ, I have found, setting the para mid and mid to half, you get a decent grungy sound, perfect for "Wanna-be" rock star!

Overall Impression — 10
Well well, I play more rock and roll on my Stratocaster, and the overdrive is pretty good for peices like ACDC Back In Black and Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit. I have been playing for little more than a year and this is my favourate amp out of Roland Cube, Peavy Bandit and Fender Frontman. I also own a Behringer OD100 Stomp Box, which is good and a Stratocaster which is the best! Anyway, back to the amp, I love it, mainly because of the sound quality, Overdrive is just the right amount and clean is actually clean! I Chose thsi amp when I first started playing and the only other amps I would have are Ashdown amps and Marshall amps, ainly because they're distortion is wiked!

Reliability & Durability — 10
I have had thsi Amp for, little more that 3 month and other than dirt getting into the Imput jack, I have never had a problem with this amp, it is so reliable. It has a sturdy metal grin on the front so if your in transport, it wont damage the speaker inside and rubber padded corners so it's nearly impossible to bump and break it!

Features — 9
The features on this amp are pretty simple, it has a basic overdrive function and a clean function, it also has a built in EQ, reverb dial (which I find very useful) because the reverb is quite good, 1 channel and no built in effetcs, this amp is very simple, for beginner guitarist's but it is big enough for a small gig in a pub ect because this 20 Watt beast packs a punch!

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    Hi guys, just a small question, does anyone know the manufacturer or model of the speaker in this amp?
    Without wishing to rude, it doesn't matter what speaker they put in these things, it's not the speaker that is the problem with these types of amp, it's the electronics, solid state amps have been around for a long time now and they all have the same characteristics in that they give good clean tones but suck ass at distortion (especially if it's built in), you can improve the distortion a little by using a peddle instead of the one built into the amp but not by much, I'd say save your money up while you practice on this thing and buy yourself a tube amp or a modeling amp, I just got a Fender Mustang 1 (V2) for practice and it's a good little amp with some really useful tones built in.
    Aah, Stagg, Belgian brand, made in China I've had this amp for over 1 and a half year and I must say you can NOT use this for a gig, not even a small one unless you put a strong microphone in front of it, that 20 Watt ''Beast'' does NOT pack a punch, let's just set that straight. It is however cheap and suitable for a beginning guitarist, its features are simple and for an amp that cheap (my only point of comparison is the Roland Cube 30Wattwhich is more expensive, but features more variety and tone quality and a 100 Watt Mesa Boogie, which leaps out of comparison in this situation) the sound that this amp produces is ok, not good, but ok. The overdrive isn't too shabby and you could get something a bit heavier out of it. I'd say only buy this if you're a beginning guitarist interested mainly in clean sounds, but the Roland cube in my opinion is still better in most aspects
    Yeah i would personally go for the Roland Cube aswell... but its a good little amp for what i need! the overdive does work better if you have the Para Mid up half.
    I just bought one for my home practise yesterday, for $100. Mine here says made in USA, I might need to re-check first. It does have very clean sounds, I tried it before buying, the overdrive is okay, but the clean sound is what made me sold. Overall a good amp for practising, I might be sticking with this for a long time from now on. If it doesn't break, that is.
    I'm using this amp the now...Its not bad to be honest. It seems to have a pretty good clean tone. Overdrive is quite weak, but its not designed for death metal, so it will do for bluesy stuff. I use it with a Boss DS-1 for distortion and it is much better. I still would like to replace it, but its pretty good for what it is - a cheap beginner amp.
    i just bought one today for $58 dollars at a pawn shop and the clean sound ARE pretty impressive. im still working on getting a good overdrive sound
    I use the same amp but not this 20W version but the 40W and but it still the same. All i can say is that it really has some nice clean tones but the built-in overdrive is just crap. No matter how you tweak it the lows will sound too distorted and if you try to play a power chord you are very likely to not know what you've just played. Same goes for the mids, the high tones are even more crappier.You dont get a clean metal sound, but a fart. So if you are going for this amp you MUST buy a distortion pedal.I use Digitech DF-7 and it improved the sound greatly.
    I also use this amp (got it for free when i bought my set), and i dont really like it. The overdrive doesnt sound well, and that basicly forced me to buy a pedal since i only use overdrive. The clean channel isnt bad, so with a good pedal, its all OK. I never played a gig (i suck too badly and will only embarass myself there), but from practicing i can tell that this amp is not suitable for a gig... It can be loud, yeah. Very loud actually. Loud enough for a gig probably, but the sound will be very disformed when you go above a certain level. A level not suitable for a gig.
    I also have this amp a year ago and I have not had one problem yet, it is just a shame that the overdrive sucks. You are right about the clean being quite good though, however I bought the latest zoom pedal which is awesome so that I could play heavier songs with it. Unfortunately I don't think the amp can cope with it, for instance when I play it loud with my band I get a lot of feedback, lastly I don't believe it is loud enough for a gig at all.
    A 9,8 for one of the crappiest 20W on the planet? You must suffer from a severe lack of musical sense! ... But maybe the scale is wrong. We rate this piece of junk a 9,8, then we rate a Blackstar a 247. Now it seems right. On a scale from 0 to 300, a 9,8 is well deserved by this Chinese crap.
    Could someone email me a sample of a drumtrack played though - EQ flat n clean with reverb at 12o'clock getting heavier through headphones output? either gonna get the Stagg 20 GA R or Danelectro Springking for Dub? thanks Jago_m_m@msn.com