YCS90 Combo review by Traynor

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.9 (7 votes)
Traynor: YCS90 Combo

Sound — 10
Extremely versatile and tweakable for anything from West Coast USA sound to spongy hard Brit! You really need to play with the EQ and switches to truly appreciate the wide array of tones you can get out of this....the youtube stuff online doesn't do it complete justice. For anyone looking for hardcore Marshall or Mesa overdrive out of just their amp, this won't be the one... although it can really kick it and get a great hard saturated tone. For the styles of music I play, I don't need the heavy thrash tone, although a pedal in front would give you that if needed.

Overall Impression — 9
I'd recommend this amp to anyone looking for a feature packed and versatile amp that can produce an extremely varied tone from US Fender Clean to narly hard british, and everything in between. The price comparison to what you'd have to pay to get these features all in one with the competition is definitely in Traynors favor. You're not paying extra for the "name" that you'd pay on the big brands and boutique amps...but you're getting the most important thing - killer tone and great features!

Reliability & Durability — 9
Only had it a month, but based on its construction (no MDG), and weight/feel, and a look inside, I can tell this isn't an amp put together with toothpics and gum. Solid construction that I'd put against anyone in the business. Only concern is that it is quite heavy, contrary to what they say on the website.

Features — 9
This amp comes standard with features that similar amps in its class don't have (i.e. Fender and Marshall). Note - I do also own Fender and Marshall amps, and love the sound I get from them as well. However, this YCS90 has features like the ability to operate in 90W Class AB mode OR 25W Class A, Brit/USA switch, expander switch, modern switch, scoop switch, boost on overdrive channel, fully independant EQ section for each channel, accutronics reverb, etc etc etc....all for much much cheaper then competing amps. Also has 90W power and Twin speakers. Only thing I'd like to see to make it a 10 is a footpedal with more ability to switch between modes (brit/usa, modern, scoop), and maybe ability to take EL34 tubes instead of 6L6.

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    Yay Canada =D I use a YCV40 that's been modded to have EL34s put in it. Significant improvement on the OD channel IMO. Next mod will be a speaker change, and potentially converting it's Presence control to a MV. I've tried the YCS50 Heads and they're fantastic. I'd love to own one.
    i have a ycs 90 and have used it for gigs and jam sessions for two years. actually its my 2nd one. i brought the first one home their were problems with the reverb and it had a blown tube, traynor replaced the amp immediately and i've had no issues with it afterward. from that time it has been entirely reliable with consistant tone and function each time i have used it. i found you can get some great tones out of it but it does need some tweeking to pull them out, of course it can also sound poorly untill you've made your adjustments. the presence and resonance circut for me is completely useless and i simply bypas them (just press a button) but at times when i forget it really is a draw down on your tone. i would in general give this amp high marks but their is a bit of a learning to elicite its best tones. oh and that beast is heavy. i'm getting older and holy cow carring that thing can be a back breaker. i would get a head and 2 12 cab if it was available than just make two trips. also i have found the the boost cicut on the dirty channel although boosting the over all distortion does not always give the needed volume boost you need when its time for a lead unless you have the gain turned down on the normal and the boost gain cranked. which should be obvious because its a gain boost rather that a volume boost.
    100% agree the ycv80 is a great amp, but you should take a look at the ycs 50 or 90's... i think they take it up a notch.
    ...you can change the tubes on either the ycs50 or ycs90 to el34's, 6550's, kt66's or other as long as it's properly re-biased...call an amp tech in your area for more info...
    i love mine...and YES indeed...it ook me a month to properly dial it in...i don't use pedals but i find i can (esp. with scoop and boost on dirty channel) i can get a VERY HEAVY metal tone...and in brit mode on clean channel some Classic rock tones...it's a VERY versatile amp and i rarelygo past 25 watts...it's very loud the G-12 Neo speakers are light weight and sound so much etter than the celection reds in the yvc series....It covers all my terriotires from blues, jazz, classic rock, punkan metal...the only pedal i ever use is a DunlopHendrix cry baby wah...love it...and lucky to have it! As it is discontinued now.
    I own this amp and it sure is versatile. It takes time to find the various settings you need for the tones you are looking for, but that's to be expected when you have so many controls you can tweak. And to be able to use a variety of power tubes is a big plus. As far as weight, for a combo with two speakers, 57 lb is not bad. Try picking up a Boogie combo. Mine weighed 75 lb. Rock on!