AC30C2 review by Vox

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (31 votes)
Vox: AC30C2

Price paid: C$ 900

Purchased from: Long & McQuade

Sound — 10
Well it's a VOX, so the sound is amazing! If you like all those classic bands from the UK, you'll love the tone coming out of this amp. Led Zepplin to U2 tone all sound great! This is a two channel amp. Channel 1 has only a volume gain control (no bass/treble). At 50% gain the amp begins to breakup. This means you can get some serious clean tones below that gain level. Channel 2 is the TOP BOOST channel. This channel has a Bass/Treble control. The TOP BOOST channel has much more gain to it. You can still get some clean sounds, but it is designed to give you much more attack and distortion. On this amp you can even get away with some Metallica type sounds due to the deep distortion on this channel. The spring reverb is deep and luschious. The Tremolo is pure classic and sounds so sweet. There is a tone cut control for when you crank the amp (so that you can cut back on the highs). The amp has 1 effects loop with a bypass switch. You can also connect an external cabinet to it to spread the sound around even more. The sound is perfect!

Overall Impression — 10
I love classic tone. I've been playing for over 30 years and have played most styles out there. My favourite style is blues to classic rock. This amp makes me play for hours because the tone is just so nice. The controls on the amp are very responsive that you can dial in exactly what you wish your sound to be. It works well with both single coil and double coil guitars. It takes stomp boxes very well. I've run a series of Boss effects pedals through it and found the sound to be very good. This is a 30 watt tube amp which sounds like a 120 watt solid state amp due to how dynamic a tube amp can be. This amp has been used throughout the years in pretty much every major recording due to its clean chime and classic distortion. It is effortless to gig with this amp... Although it weighs enough to break your back. Great amp!

Reliability & Durability — 10
I've had the amp for over a month. No issues so far!

Features — 10
The AC30C2 amp became available in early 2010. Most stores had this amp during the months of February and March. This is a 30 watt class A all tube amp. It is comprised of three 12AX7 tubes and four EL84 tubes. Different for this model is that the faulty value rectifier was replaced with a solid state version. Purists will not like this, but I can say that the sound is solid and I can do without the headaches of having a value rectifier cease working. This model has the classic Vox AC30 sound and chime. The speakers have been improved with Celestion Greenbacks (25 watts a side). This is a two channel amp and is plenty loud. It has that beautiful UK sound. It has a nice spring reverb and the classic Vox tremolo.

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    sloppyjoe109 wrote: How does the abscene of the rectifier tube have a different effect on the amp? It will sound tighter, and not as saggy right? I like the sag.
    I find it to be more responsive to pick attack
    Nice review, one lucky man you are.They should call these things time machines
    Thanks medoda! I might sound a bit biased towards this amp, only because it works so well for the style of music I currently enjoy. If I was more into metal, I'd then prefer a much different amp.
    TheFly_1990 wrote: Had this amp a few years now, bloody love it!
    It's only been out since early 2010.. You might be thinking of the Custom Classic or the AC30CC. As for the new Customs. I might get the AC15 the sound is solid and it's pretty cheap.
    All tens is a bit much, but then again it is an AC30... $900 isn't that bad, either. God I want one...
    How does the abscene of the rectifier tube have a different effect on the amp? It will sound tighter, and not as saggy right? I like the sag.
    Thanks for the review. This swung it for me and ordered one today. Missed the sound since I sold my 1962 original in 2003 for 870 (paid 38.50 for it in 1975 comlete with the alnico blues)and it worked fine for all those years no tubes needed - that's what you call hand wired reliability eh? Back into playing now and looking forward to combine this with a USA Lonestar Strat - check out my Little Wing rendition in approx 1 month on youtube ( that's my target anyway!) cheers from cloudy S Wales IN UK - sorry sounds a bit limey eh?