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manufacturer: Vox date: 06/28/2010 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Vox: AC30C2
The AC30C2 amp became available in early 2010. This is a 30 watt class A all tube amp.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 9.5
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Features: 10
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overall: 10
AC30C2 Reviewed by: JAMMAN798, on april 22, 2010
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Price paid: C$ 900

Purchased from: Long & McQuade

Features: The AC30C2 amp became available in early 2010. Most stores had this amp during the months of February and March. This is a 30 watt class A all tube amp. It is comprised of three 12AX7 tubes and four EL84 tubes. Different for this model is that the faulty value rectifier was replaced with a solid state version. Purists will not like this, but I can say that the sound is solid and I can do without the headaches of having a value rectifier cease working. This model has the classic Vox AC30 sound and chime. The speakers have been improved with Celestion Greenbacks (25 watts a side). This is a two channel amp and is plenty loud. It has that beautiful UK sound. It has a nice spring reverb and the classic Vox tremolo. // 10

Sound: Well it's a VOX, so the sound is amazing! If you like all those classic bands from the UK, you'll love the tone coming out of this amp. Led Zepplin to U2 tone all sound great! This is a two channel amp. Channel 1 has only a volume gain control (no bass/treble). At 50% gain the amp begins to breakup. This means you can get some serious clean tones below that gain level. Channel 2 is the TOP BOOST channel. This channel has a Bass/Treble control. The TOP BOOST channel has much more gain to it. You can still get some clean sounds, but it is designed to give you much more attack and distortion. On this amp you can even get away with some Metallica type sounds due to the deep distortion on this channel. The spring reverb is deep and luschious. The Tremolo is pure classic and sounds so sweet. There is a tone cut control for when you crank the amp (so that you can cut back on the highs). The amp has 1 effects loop with a bypass switch. You can also connect an external cabinet to it to spread the sound around even more. The sound is perfect! // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've had the amp for over a month. No issues so far! // 10

Overall Impression: I love classic tone. I've been playing for over 30 years and have played most styles out there. My favourite style is blues to classic rock. This amp makes me play for hours because the tone is just so nice. The controls on the amp are very responsive that you can dial in exactly what you wish your sound to be. It works well with both single coil and double coil guitars. It takes stomp boxes very well. I've run a series of Boss effects pedals through it and found the sound to be very good. This is a 30 watt tube amp which sounds like a 120 watt solid state amp due to how dynamic a tube amp can be. This amp has been used throughout the years in pretty much every major recording due to its clean chime and classic distortion. It is effortless to gig with this amp... Although it weighs enough to break your back. Great amp! // 10

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overall: 9.8
AC30C2 Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 28, 2010
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Price paid: £ 699

Purchased from: gear4music

Features: 2 channels Normal and Top boost 2 inputs on each. Genuine spring reverb and vibrato effects. Treble & Bass on top boost channel- this comes with 2 x 12" Celestion Greenbacks. Effects can be switched on / off by addl. foot Switch VFS2A available separately. headphone jack, extenstion speaker output. Fanatastic power and volume - I can't really tell much difference between the Blue Alnicos I had in the original 1962 AC30/6 and this to be honest - although haven't tried using thisone to put 2 guitars and a Bass through it to fill a 1100 seat Cinema venue as I did with the old one! I like the sound of the Greenbacks - sound great to me - although as I said I haven't thrashed it yet as I will be sadly returning the beauty shortly - reasons below (sob). You will be familiar with the Tube layout from any specs you find when considering the purchase. It seems a bit strange to see the little lovelies upside down instead of laid out as in the old model but the sound is just great - better for noise etc than the old one due to the master volume and channel volume controls. The reverb is excellent too. It's a lovely beast and the finish is excellent - sturdy & heavy (gave the DHL bloke a near hernia I think) and I love it. Prob is for a home practice amp (no more 1100 seater gigs since 1975 for this 51 yr old) I'd need to buy a plethora of pedals to get the further effects that I want - and it's quite big for the smallish study in my UK 3 bed semi. So under gear4muisc's great 14 day money back promise(how brilliant is that - they pay the postage too) I'll be kissing it goodbye as it's replaced by a Fender DEC3.30. the sonds from that are comparable (at low levels anyway) and it's practice and computer/SD card interfaces swung it for me. I'd like to keep em both but space is the problem. I'm sure anyone intending to use it for gigging will like the clean chiming sound this produces though and I'd recommend anyone check it out to compare with similar combos (Egnater etc) before buying. If you already have the effects / set up you need I'm sure that this amp will enhance that set up. // 10

Sound: Fender Lonestar Strat - Heavy Rock / blues / improvisations etc. 2 Texas specials and one Seymour D double on the bridge. Noise is low and well controlled - only took it to half way in the house - that will shake the windows nicely - no break up of fidelity that I could tell at that level - as I said if I was gigging and wanted a dependable amp I would trust the Vox brand based on the 1962 model I had never faltering ( not even a tube replacement ) from 1975 to 2003 when I sold it for a over-cheap 870 ( paid 38.50 for it in 1975 - what a fool but debts at that time etc). Try one out at full volume in the music store but check for the elderly and infirm within 500 yards first if these Gbacks go as loud as the Blues. You can always fit a pair of Blues for another 350 - but as I have seen the C2X that comes with these at 999 prob better buying that than getting the soldering iron out - if you need/can verify the better sound. I used to use it with a Tonebender fuzz/distorion (70's vintage)pedal into a flanger (forget the make) and it was bloody excellent. // 10

Reliability & Durability: As I said only a week so can't rate this one but if circuitry and valves used are as good as the original should be tough as old boots - used to roll the orig along the Pavements / roads over to my mate's house regular ( we couldn't pick it up and carry it for 600 yards it was so heavy ) and chuck into vans/cars with very little care (ypung and stupid) and I used to wonder how the valves were still in ne piece let alone working - but never faltered. // 10

Overall Impression: This would be kept and used by me as giggiing amp if I was fortunate enough to be doing them - as with a good pedal I can't fault it. People at the back of the Theatre had now probs with the orig and I've no doubt this one can cut through and throw out some cutting tones when needed. Given the space and enough use I would (may) replace it. The only thing that puzzles me is the "kettle lead" to plug in the back - although this is probably common with a few other manufacturers models now ( the Fender for a start ). I could see this getting loose or being dislodged in a gig/stage event and falling out of the back of the amp in future - causing the tubes/valves and circuitry some upset/strain ( and the performer ). Maybe a locking catch similar to Lawnmowers / back of the power inlet on my Plasma TV - and that just sits in the lounge! Other than that bloody marvellous. I'll try and prepare myself for the parting on Wednesday... Thanks for reading // 9

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