AD100VT-XL review by Vox

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (35 votes)
Vox: AD100VT-XL

Price paid: $ 430

Purchased from: Ingrahams Music

Sound — 9
The sounds that this amp produces are loud and powerful. There is no distortion in the clean channels at the highest volumes, in fact the higher the volume the clearer and punchier the high channels get. And thanks to the built in noise gate (which is not an effect but a setting built in to the channel) there is only as much feedback as you want there to be on the distorted channels. This amp is flexible so any tone you want, it's possible to reproduce it but the same doesn't go with effects, it has 11 different effects but about half of them are just combinations of the singular effects which is all fine and dandy but you can't combine effects yourself, again to me this isn't much of a problem but I'm sure it will be for those Who use a lot of different effects

Overall Impression — 10
I let a metal band use it at shows when I can so for our style and hardcore music this is a good match, I don't experiment a whole lot with tone but it suits me well, I've been playing for 6 years and consider myself a bit of an audiophile, and this produces my idea of a good tone, an included foot Switch with more channels and effects would have been great but overall, I'm glad I bought this amp and with all of the features, I consider $430 a pretty good value. If this thing we stolen I might by the half stack version of it but I wouldn't change the make or class.

Reliability & Durability — 10
It has a steel grill, so I'm sure it was designed with gigging in mind. I've played it at three shows, I've had it for a month and so far it hasn't failed me yet, it has tipped over, been dropped at the astounding height of about 8 inches and it still works good, I spent $430 on this thing so I'm not gonna be running durability tests on this any time soon, but this thing is heavy and built like a tank so I dont see any problems in the future.

Features — 9
The Vox AD100VT-XL is a solid state amp with a tube pre-amp and it is the best sounding amp in it's price range that I have heard. I'm in a ska/punk/folk/alternative band, so clean tones are just as important as the distorted tones, the first day I got the amp I went through all the amp models and effects and they all sound great so regardless of the style you play this amp will have a good a setting for you. A unique and very useful feature is that it not only has a master volume knob but in the back you can change the actual wattage output so you can have the master volume at 10 and just mess with the watt so that it stays consistently powerful at any volume. There is a foot Switch but you have to buy it separately, and for all it's channels and effect you can only Switch between two channels and turn one effect per channel off and on, to me this isn't a problem because I got both my distorted and clean tones exactly where I want them, but I'm sure this will be a problem for people in different bands with different styles, or tone freaks, but to it's credit it's really easy and fast to change and program your sound. Despite this missing feautre, I am very pleased overall with the features.

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    I dont have the AD100VT-xl but i have the AD15VT which, in my opinion, is amazing so i cant rele imagine how amazing the AD100VT-Xl would be be
    LivioBR wrote: i got this amp... and i actually have spent time tweaking it and i have some complaints...i dont know why de clean channel (glass) has som gain in it.. and when i turn the gain knob to the left it loses volume.. so i just have to put up with that damn fuzz lol...and my other problem is that it seemsthat the only decent distortion it has is damaged... for example thrashed has almost no gain and i certainly cant use it to play metallica... well so i'm a bit worried i'm not sure if its because of my guitar (rg1550 with dimarzio tone zones)... or if there's something wrong with the amp, because i'm sure it has to be better than that... well i would really apreciate some tips or advices
    I have this amp and you are right about the thrashed amp model, its pretty useless, but it definetly sounds like you have a melon of an amp because this is a great amp. for metallica try tweaking around with the the "black" amp setting thats what i use anyways.
    Excellent amp. I have the 50W. Very powerful amp. Any sound you want is there. You can turn off all effects and go back to basics. Foot switch for me was a must. Its made excellent... metal grill. An amp that should of had staying power.
    i just got this and it makes this weird buzzing whenever i play for more than like half an hour. Even if i unplug the guitar and mess with the amp. Anyone know what causes this?
    Also about the muddiness its most likely your pickups, you could use an equalizer pedal in the effects loop to clean up the muddiness.
    To deal with muddiness, you can try raising your pickups. If that doesn't work, try a set of clearer pickups. The Duncan hotrodded set, a pair of EMGs, or Dimarzio D-Activators would work nicely, I think.
    UrMomsMom wrote: I tried it.. but the distortions a little muddy, maybe you can give us some setings or something like that ?
    Could be your guitar.
    i had this amp for quite some time now. of course its not a high end amp, such as a mesa or marshall, but the sounds it can create are killer close. i own a schecter tempest custom and ive got to say this amp owns. get a whole lot for quite a low amount of cash.
    LivioBR wrote: i bought this one... and i have experienced some problems with it.. but i think maybe its because there's something wrong with the tube or something... first the clean channels (glass and funked) have some gain in them.. and if i turn de gain knob to the left they start to loose volume, so its not possible to remove that damn fuzz completely... secondly most of the dirty channels don't have much gain, for example my thrashed channel is far from heavy and i certainly can't play metallica with it, and in some of the other channels when the volume is high there's a screeching sound when i stop playing(it's not feedback at all, and it's in some channels like damaged or raged).. well, besides i have spent some time tweaking it and i can't fix these problems... by the way my guitar is a rg1550 with dimarzio tone zones.. so i would really like someone to tell me if its because i need better pickups or there's something wrong qith the tube or some part of the amp... or if it just sucks..
    it's time to change the preamp tube,perhaps it got damaged while shipping or something like that.
    Heres the dimensions of all the amps Dimensions (W x D x H) AD15VT-XL: 428 x 224 x 430 (mm)/16.85" x 8.82" x 16.93" (inches) AD30VT-XL: 456 x 224 x 483 (mm)/17.95" x 8.82" x 19.02" (inches) AD50VT-XL: 673 x 265 x 485 (mm)/26.50" x 10.43" x 19.95" (inches) AD100VT-XL: 684 x 268 x 553 (mm)/26.93" x 10.55" x 21.77" (inches)
    sean1993 wrote: hi does anyone know the dimensions of the amp and what the main differences between this amp and the 50 watt version. thankyou sean
    50 watts aint as loud, basically 100 watts would be great for larger gigs and drowning out your drummer at rehearsals, 50 watts would be better hard jam sessions and small to medium pub/tavern gigs but dont knock off 50 watts it depends what you need size and power (like me!)or well something that wont eat your pocket away!!
    hi does anyone know the dimensions of the amp and what the main differences between this amp and the 50 watt version. thankyou sean
    Weybl Himself wrote: fretsonfire74 : whats the advantage of being a hybrid amp? It basically means that distortion, if used, comes from the preamp, where theres a single tube (usually a 12AX7 though I'm not sure for this one) then the signal from there is made louder by a solid state power amp. When you're running clean, solid state and tube amps sound identical to the human ear (the reson your fender twins have better cleans than most ss amps is because of other sexy components that are in them, not directly from the tubes). Since the SS power amp isn't being used for overdrive, it's nice and transparent and the end result is a sound that's as close to a tube sound as you'll get without usina an all tube amp. Downside is that headroom tends to be low, since hybrid amps tend to only have one preamp valve, where all tube amps often have 2 or more. meaning they push into overdrive easily. Also, the other componentry in them tends to be not as high quality as all tube amps, further knocking the tone down. And perhaps most annoyingly, if you love old school rockin tones, you can't get that wonderful sound of an all tube power amp getting crunched up after the preamp tubes are saturated.
    Wrong on a couple of points. The AD amps don't have a tube in the preamp, the tube runs a .5 watt power amp section between the solid state preamp and power amp. Head room is usually HIGHER on a hybrid, since there is a clean boost from the solid state power section. And the tubes have a HUGE effect on fender clean tones. Even clean tones have a little bit of drive.
    I've been preaching since I first played one that these are some really amazing amps for a really nice price. Good for a practice amp or even a gig amp for a budget musician.
    i have the vox ad30vt xl and its awesome i was gonna either get the marshall mg50 or the vox ad30vt xl and im so glad i got the vox its the better amp
    this is an amazing amp! been lookin for amps for months (peaveys line 6s crates fenders) and decided on this one. best choice ever! i like to play metal but also i do some rock and some clean stuff and this amp does everything. i can go from raging growling distortion to clean with the turn of a knob. the best feature is the power level knob. i have the 100w 2x12 so thats most definately too loud for bedroom haha just turn the power level knob down and the amp is like 5 watts! its awesome cuz then you can crank the master vol but keep the power level down and get real use of pushin that 12ax7 tube and gettin amazing tone