AD100VT review by Vox

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.7 (59 votes)
Vox: AD100VT

Price paid: $ 700

Purchased from: Rock 'n' Roll Sopot

Sound — 8
My primary instrument is a Jacskon DXMGT with a Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB humbucker at the bridge and an EMG-HZ at the neck. don't be put off by the guitar brand name, it sounds suprisingly good on clean channels. When I play for myself, I play technical thrash metal because that is where my heart belongs, however I play mostly in light rock/alternative bands. I chose this amp because of my love for many types of music. I'm not gonna go into detail with every amp model, but they reproduce different amp characterisitcs very accuretely (ranging from Fender sparkly warm sounds to face ripping rectifier sounds). The clean is very warm and has large depth to it. The higher distortion sounds (such as the numetal setting. Why did they have to name it like that?) sound especially evil with riffs utilizing a great deal of palm muting. Effects wise, the reverb and delay are top notch. I would like to say the same about the chorus, but it sounds a little dull to me. The included noise gate deals effectively with noise issues. To really experience and appreciate this amp's sound quality, you have to go into to a very large empty room and crank it up to the max. You will be in heaven, I gaurantee it. This amp obviously does not compare to high end marshalls and mesas, but not many people can spend 3000-4000$ for an amp right? Therefore if you're looking for a good and powerful amp below the 1000$ mark, get this!

Overall Impression — 8
I remember about a year ago when I was struggling to choose between a Vox AD50VT and a Spider II 112. Now that I have a little more experience and can distinguish sound characteristics in a better way, I have to say that the spiderII 112 simply doesn't compare to the Vox. I've gone heavily into music production (I own a Pro Tools 7LE system with an Mbox 2 mini along with a few dynamic microphones and a M-Audio axiom 49 midi controler). I have been playing for almost 2 years (I know, it's pretty short), but I practice a lot and am completely dedicated to music. I am working hard on developing my multi instrumental and singing abilities. I'm also recording and mixing a lot of my own material. This is my only strong point if I want to get into Berklee in Boston. I only have a year left! Other applicants have a large advantage over me when it comes to guitar playing. I would be grateful if any of you readers have any info or can give me tips on getting into Berklee and the auditions that go along with it. Anyways, to sum things up: if you want a versatile and powerful amp that has superior sound quaility and is below 1000$, then go try this out at the store. You won't be dissapointed!

Reliability & Durability — 5
The metal grill in the front gives me a feeling of safety when it comes to the fear of physical damage. However, I have unfortunnately had some problems with this amp and the amp I had before (Vox AD50VT). The input for the guitar plug can come off loose and cave in. With my former amp, I had a problem with the wiring inside; when I played at high volumes, the sound would break up due to vibrations. After about a month with this AD100VT amp my noise gate malfunctioned and was cutting off a lot of the sound. The controls wouldn't turn it off. A factory setting reset also didn't help. The good news to all of this is the support I recieved from Vox. My warranty fixed everything and I never had to pay for anything. I do think that the superior sound quality really does outweigh these cons. I am cautious when it comes to gigs and I always bring a backup.

Features — 7
This amp was manufactured in 2006. I've had this amp for about 3 months now. Before I purchased this amp, I owned a Vox AD50VT for approximately one year. This amp has a very warm and deep sound with it's amp models because of the tube that is present in the preamp. it's amp settings and effects (including noisegate) give a great amount of freedom and versatility to play various types of music. However the fact that this amp only possesses 2 channels is a very large limiting factor. Vox should provide some sort of foot Switch that extends the channel count to at least 4. I use this amp in my room and for rehearsels and gigs. It's 2 Vox-made (not celestion as most people believe) speakers have a very large amount of power; more than enough for small-medium sized gigs. It also possesses advanced editing options where you can tweak many parameters of the effects.

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    After playing this amp on the floor for about 40 minutes, and continually messing with the distortions and effects, I finally realized this amp is amazing for it's price. Ordered one in and it should be here within the next week.
    Had it about 40 hours. Sooooo sick!!! Props to my guitar teacher for pointing it out.
    Humm... Interesting. Only one I can find is the 100VTxl, which looks like a mroe upmarket version. Still, if this is the lite version to that one's full fat, I'm sold.
    hey guys im on the verge of getting the ad100vt,iv been using my bros mg100 4 the past few months,but i dont wana get that i want to get somethin the vox is a good option then?it seems amazing cheers phil
    got this amp! friggen over the moon that i own a vox lol, any one know how to get some kick ass feedback from it? like at the end of the solo in smells like teen spirit? any body? really looking for that sound, cant find it
    I dont think some of the reviewers realize that there is an included noise gate effect on the amp.