AD15VT review by Vox

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 1
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 6.8 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.3 (119 votes)
Vox: AD15VT

Price paid: € 169

Sound — 8
I like the sound very much. I choosed this amp for it's clean sound. It's very warm sounding. Also the overdrive amp models are quite good. But the amp hasn't enough gain and distortion for real metal. The ac15/ac30 top boost models aren't similar to the real ac series, but although the amp models are sounding nice. What I especially like about the sound of the amp, is the warm sound.

Overall Impression — 9
It's a very good amp, for it's price. Sounds good, a lot of effects and amp models. And I still believe Vox has got good quality stuff, and my amp was just a monday morning product. I play with an Ibanez guitar, I think if I would buy a new amp, it would be a Vox again.

Reliability & Durability — 1
Well, my amp broke down twice, first time when I put on the amp, it began to smoke and make a lot of noise. The next day in the shop. It didn't do anything anymore. Te reparation took 7.5 week, but after the reparation, I noticed a strange krackling through my guitar sound. They just didn't repair the amp fully, so my amp went back again for reparation, now almost 12 weeks later, it's still away for reparation. I'm very disappointed about the service of the dutch importer of the Vox amps, I mean, 7.5 week for repairing an amp, not even fully. And after that 12 til now (this all happened in the guarantee period).

Features — 9
Well, it's an great amp. It has got 4 channels, 2 for saving your favourite sound, 1 standard sound channel and 1 channel which you can edit. It has also got a lot of effects, some of them I don't actually use, but it has god a nice reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, autowah, compressor and that kind of effect. You can also choose out of 11 ampsimulations. The 15 watt's of the amp are enough for me. The amp is much louder than most other 15 watt amps, and the sounds stays quite nice. And the clean channels wil overdrive at high volume, like an normal tube amp. The amp has got a tube pre amp and a transistor end amp, wich gives you a little bit of a full tube amp sound.

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    I bought this amp last year. My analog delay pedal had died and I didn't want to spend $100+ for a single pedal, so I started looking at modeling amps with effects. After a month or so I settled on this and I am very happy with that decision. The amp models are fun to mess around with, but I run my MT-2 and wah through the clean channel and use the amp as an eq and effects processor. I use a 1988 Jackson San Dimas and this little amp absolutely ROARS. The ONLY thing missing on the 15 is having an auxiliary input/output. Other than that, perfection. :
    I've had the ad30 for some 4 years now, with various guitars - an USA Charvel from the eighties, a Tokai LP and an Yamaha SC600 (3 single coils, neck through) from the eighties as well. The amp is a great buy, you can get it fom the sweet, clear Stratocaster cleans to infernal distortion that lasts centuries, depending on the pickups. It responds to the gain and EQ differently in every channel, as well as the guitar's volume and tone knobs - at the moment I have a setting that allows me to play funk, warm ballad-like cleans, blues and even that Richie Blackmore's great overdrive imply by turning the volume, amp model being the nu metal (!). The clean sound you can get on the UK70's by rolling the gain halfway up and then the guitar's volume a little down - awesome. Extremely versatile amp - not quite a real full-valve, but pretty close to a variety of them. Suits for me as I would otherwise need 2-3 amps...
    And I HAVE gigged with it as well - not quite big enough alone in a rock band, but through PA system nobody will notice. Smaller gigs go without having to mic it. Beats the Cube with no doubts.
    I have this amp and I must say I love it it's simple but can do many things. allround awesome amp!
    I just paid $120USD used from a local shop for a looks-new cond. unit. I am going on a family trip for the holiday and I needed a portable amp to go play with the family, and the size is small but the sound if HUGE. So far, it sounds great. I read the manual and I am now getting familiar with the effects, I already dialed in the delay for EVH's Cathedral, the delay works well once you understand the controls. This is a great tube-digital combo, worth every penny. I needed a travel amp and I have found what I needed with this. Would buy it again and would suggest it to friends, the tube distortion is great, and you get a few digital pedal effects built in to boot, great little package.
    Had this amp for about a week. I dont understand how is this amps sound rated at 9. It has muddy bass, mushy distortion. And the preamp tube is just marketing gimmick. I guess if you compare it to cheap Marshall amps it sounds better, but if you look just the sound by itself its maybe 7