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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (279 votes)
Vox: AD30VT

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Sound — 10
I'm playing this through an Epiphone Les Paul Standard (which to be fair don't have great pickups) but, it's sounds awesome. It's just as versatile as my les paul, and sounds awesome on clean cos that's where the les paul stands it's ground as home (that and fat, distorted, full tones) my friends come round to play, and they vary from blues fans to black metal hardass's and it suited them all! It's not noisy at all, and you can turn down the power it uses at the back to reduce noise, while keeping all the tone! I haven't had any problem with the clean channel at high volumes (if I did, I'd change it, there's like 4 clean channels) and the distortion is somethin else in terms of all out slaughter!

Overall Impression — 10
Most of my review is in the first section, read it, overall this is the best amp I ever tried (except the 52 watt version I tried in the shop) and it's amazing, I'd definitely use it for giggin', next amp I'm gettin will probably b the same! It's really good, I love it, buy it if you have the money, it's seriously the best for the price, I've tried Marshalls, they're less versatile in this price range, it's amzing!

Reliability & Durability — 10
I haven't had it long so you mite have to ask someone else, but it's easy to use and work out, and the manual only needs a quick onceover and you can prety much do anything you want with it, so no, that was unrelated, no problems yet, so far it's been fine evry time. Great.

Features — 10
The amp I'm reviewing is the Vox AD30VT, the second lowest in the valvetronix series, Relaeased in 2004. I don't know when this was made, but that's when it was released. It basicly a classic stylevalve amp with the electronics of today incorporated. It has 11 preamp models(including numetal, us highgain and boutique clean), along with 11 effects (my favourites being, auto wah, compression, and reverb). With this ingenious amp you can store programs in channels 1 and 2, and have another effect ready on manual, so you can pretty much store 3 programs, which can be very handy if you quickly want to switch, especially during a gig, assuming you have the VFS2 dual footswitch to switch between your settings fast. Myself, I keep a smooth distortion on one channel, a classic clean on another and a really harsh wah on manual, for solos. I will soon be purchassing the VFS2, as I am gigging with it and my other guitarist has to play 2 guitar parts while I fiddle around with this to get onto my solo. Well, fiddle, I only have to press one buton, but I can't do the guitar part at the same time. I've been nattering, all I can say is, wow, it's awesome, and I wouldn't need anything else. Some people think it's a 30 watt as the name suggests but it's a 45, and it's very loud!

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    Yeah, there are a few more settings and stuff but the coolest thing is that theres a knob on the back where you can adjust the wattage from 0.1 to 30 Watts.
    What settings do you use on this amp to get a punk tone like sum41 or blink 182. The amp is cool but is mostly metalish (i made a new word!)on igh distortion. DO i need an extra pedal to get punk tones?
    I have the same sort of question as jammer-91. i'm a n00b with amps (i've been playing a while..but always played on my bass amp >> no money). i'm looking for a nice distortion (both punk and metal). so could someone PLEEAAASEE share some settings with me (which uhh channel or something and how much bass, middle, treble, effect etc.). aah please help me out. i've been trying all things, but I cant get a nice punk OR metal distortion.. i have to say the clean sounds very nice
    Just check this site for settings. Rock on
    Hey i know somewhere on this site a bunch of people describe what these different amp models sound like can anyone PM me these sounds? I want to get a real array of sounds.
    This amp kicks ass! I will never play my marshall again. By the way dudes how come when I plug in my headphones the speaker mutes? How can i get by this?
    Hey im not sure whether to get this amp or the Orange Crush 30R. Help! I love playing blues and soft rock...please please help. If it helps I want to use it with a Tele. Thanx
    KX36 listen to this for examples of sounds made on this range of amps (mostly on this exact model). It is NOT a tube/valve amp, it's a 'hybrid'. It uses a solid state preamp (which is a good thing cos it allows for digital modelling in the preamp) and a single, dual-triode 12AX7 valve in the power amp section used in the same way as 2 pentodes in push-pull configuration. I am convinced there is not a better widely available practice amp for the average user... it does everything and it does most of it better than genre-specific non-modelling amps of the same price. The wattage knob thing on the back isn't technically an attenuator, but it's used in a near identical way.
    travman_401 wrote: This amp kicks ass! I will never play my marshall again. By the way dudes how come when I plug in my headphones the speaker mutes? How can i get by this?
    It's a usual assumption that you don't want to use both headphones and a speaker. If you're recording from it.. you might want to think about using a microphone instead of running from the line-in. (That's a preferable method as it includes the dynamics of the musical speaker cone anyway). Alternatively, use a speaker on the other end of your recording hardware. Just incase you had a soldering iron and some wire around and were thinknig about it... I dont think you could run the headphones and speaker from the line-out, with the impedances you'd blow something up or not hear one of them.
    I have this amp, and which amp model do i use to get a punk tone? Do i use present or manual? What other settings do i use? I wanna get a sum 41, blink 182 tone... Thanks By the way, this amp is the best for the price
    FrankMario wrote: Hey im not sure whether to get this amp or the Orange Crush 30R. Help! I love playing blues and soft rock...please please help. If it helps I want to use it with a Tele. Thanx
    This... Its a more versatile amp and has many amp models for soft rock. Good with tele. I dont really like orange. You wont regret it if you buy it
    That power attenuator on the AD30VT is worth the buy alone.Try a separate power attenuator for any other's 400 bucks.Well,a top one anyway.But this one gets the job done so it's a huge investment. I prefer this over the 15 model because of the speaker and power attenuator.If this model had a cd input it would be the perfect low budget amp.
    I tried out this amp at guitar center and the heavy distortion channels sound a bit fuzzy and without much lead. Is it usually like that or I was just playing through a bad amp?