AD50VT review by Vox

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (194 votes)
Vox: AD50VT

Price paid: $ 276.5

Purchased from: Long And Mcquade

Sound — 8
I've still got the squir starter pack guitar, but if you like the Strokes style, then use any Fender model with comp and treble a little high and bass and middle-medium. It suits me well, it can do many sounds, I don't think there's any sound it can't make. It does have the ugly feedback, but I don't care, you can't hear that while your playing. The clean channel is very nice, it's smooth, and I think it could be used by a pro. The distortion can go from solo distortion to heavy metal distortion.

Overall Impression — 7
I play alt/rock and pop/rock, it does good for those two. I've had the amp since sept 28th. I wish that I didn't get this amp because there's too much versatility that it's overwhelming. Just make sure if you're going to buy it, to play it more than just once test it, and others out before you make a decision. I'd get a Fender or a Crate amp, they're less versatile, but you don't need al these effects. They're cool but they get boring. I love the quality, and the many different sounds it carries, but I hate the fact that there's too many possibilities. I wish it came with the channel swithing pedal, but tough luck. It was good for the price but, if you're the kinda guy/girl who likes to play loud and not have to make decisions on how it's gonna sound, then don't get this amp. If you need the effects and the versatility then get it. But it's just not worth it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
It's been going back and forth from my moms and dads house, but no scratches, no change on the sound, and it hasn't been dropped. It hasn't done anything crazy, it was well made, I think. The reliablitly and durability is quite good for the month I've had it.

Features — 7
There are many different types of sounds to get out of this amp, but once you find your sweet spot, remember it, because mine changes all the time. Once you play with it and get to know the model it seems like there's too much the amp can do. It's true, it's very versatile, but I wish I had gone with a Fender. There are two memory channels but the channel pedal is sold seperatly. For each different effect (11) you can change them around (too many possibilities). It has enough power but it's sometimes nice to have some head space. Playing with drums is possible, but you've got to make it full blast.

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    I bought this amp a few months ago, and I agree it is sensational! The 'tap' button is one of my favourite features for the effects! (I bought it for 199 from PMT, Birmingham, and I highly recommend it!)
    g n f'n r
    yeah iv had this amp for about 2 months, and i love it. its great the way you can edit the effects and the way that you can store your own sounds.
    i played this today with my band it rocks. u can get all sorts of sounds.