AD50VT review by Vox

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (194 votes)
Vox: AD50VT

Price paid: $ 447.64

Purchased from: Music Shop in Phillips

Sound — 9
I read the reviews and listened to the demos at Vox online. I already knew what to expect, and, yes, I am very surprised and happy about the amp. It does deliver. The sound is amazing, and compared to my Marshall (and I have had quite a few), this one will kick arse and push the sound into your face, just like a Marshall, only with more versatility. I only have one issue regarding sound: 1. the native speaker sounds flabby in the bass tones. My 35 year old Celestion Vintage 25 sounds much better! And as already explained, with another speaker, this amp is unbeatable. The notes are sweet sounding, accurate and, well in clean mode, very soft and subtle and as you progress through the amp selections, it gets rougher and nastier. Sadly, because of the speaker, it get's a 9 in sound.

Overall Impression — 10
I record my songs in a studio nowadays. I play anything from rock to subtle blues, jazz and even heavy metal. I am still using my Korg multi-effects pedal because it has some very nice acoustic sounds. This amp definately outplays Line 6 in terms of authentic sounds. My Marshall was good while it lasted, and the stereo effects were cool for recordings, but I want simplicity now. Remember, less is more!

Reliability & Durability — 8
Amp/speaker housings should always be made of plywood and NOT particle board. Particle board kills the bass response (see above) of any half decent speaker, it sucks up moisture and vinyl leather doesn't like to stick on it. Pay the 50 cents more during manufacturing and make the thing out of plywood. Next, I'll pay you another 50 cents extra to get the Vox plaque made of metal. Plastic looks very, very cheap! Finally, the metal speaker grill is excellent protection for the speaker, the handle seems strong enough and the plastic corners, oh, well, they will probably do. Just don't use plywood.

Features — 9
The amp has 11 amp sounds based on 11 of the most popular valve amps in guitar history. It also has 11 effects, a noise gate, one speaker out (which mutes the original speaker) and a head phone socket. I am selling my JMP-1 (yes, you read right), mainly because it is more versatile than a Marshall. I usae it at home as I am too old to gig. I used to have a huge rack, similar to Bradsgaw, with stereo speakers and the lot. Apart from a broken back and a headache over which of the one hundred and something sounds to use, I was never really satisfied. Now I know better, less is more!

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    Help me out here, i have a birthday coming up really soon and i cant decide whether to get Marshall MG50DFX or a vox AD50VTX.
    I'm very confused about this amp. Some people say it's good for gigs and others say it doesn't cut it. I love the sound of it but if it's not for gigs I'll have to look for something else. Can someone help me?
    For those who say this amp isn't good for metal,you're wrong. Its great for metal, and pretty much anything else. And plenty loud for gigs. Its very versitile and it beats any line6(except the new line6 valve) but its well worth buying.
    I was rushing to MusicianFriends to get this amp yesterday, after a whole week waiting and wanting it so bad. I read this review, before deciding to try out this amp versus Marshall MG50DFX. I just fall in love its with clean sound, versatile, look, build, features, and price. I am very impressed and definitely keep it this time. I got the Marshall MG250DFX last week (I was told it is pretty the MG50DFX with 100W). I played in a small gig and loved it, but it was damn heavy at 50+ lbs. So, I returned it, and was looking for a less heavy amp because of my mobility requirement, and ended up comparing Vox AD50VT and Marshall MG50DFX. I am so glad I got this amp. The guy at Musiciansfriend told me this amp is a better one than the MG50DFX, and I believe him now after trying. I have a boss GT-8 pedal, with a Schector Exotic guitar. It sounds amazing in clean sound, just like the Marshall. I was somewhat concerned about the fact that it was made in Vietnam, but not anymore after hearing its sounds. It is very well packed within the box. Heck, I heard many foreign companies now move to Vietnam, as opposed to China, for business. So, quality will definitely be catching to a level of china soon if not already. I am not personally concerned about Made in Vietnam product anymore, after hearing this amp. I highly recommend it.
    Why are people (not everyone, there were some really good reviews)saying you have to set everything to max if you want to play with a band? My wattage control at the back is allways set to half and it's plenty enough for practicing imo. Is our drummer just playing too softly or don't these reviewers know how to use their amp? Anyways it's a great sounding amp for the price.
    SvenF2 wrote: I wouldn't recommend it... It's a piece of crap! It's just a simply "No Tube" Amp... And sounds exactely like one. I've been playing guitar for 10 years and i've heard a lot Amps. It's just a cheap Amp with a lot of features... but don't expect much of the sound. The Tube in it is pretty much just for "good looking"
    lol calm down
    ahh i want this but im not sure if its made for metal anyone know if is?
    I wouldn't recommend it... It's a piece of crap! It's just a simply "No Tube" Amp... And sounds exactely like one. I've been playing guitar for 10 years and i've heard a lot Amps. It's just a cheap Amp with a lot of features... but don't expect much of the sound. The Tube in it is pretty much just for "good looking"
    The Marshall MG Series is crap the Vox is the best amp for the price. Unless you only play metal the Roland Cube would be the best for Metal but the Vox beats the Cube out in everthing from Hard Rock to clean.
    This or a Roland cube. I mostly play hard or classic rock with a bit of metal every so often
    btw i've tried the ad50vt 112 out but has anyone tried the 212 version? it's only an extra 15 or so and the reverb etc will sound better, anyone know if it's any louder? my other guitarist has a habit of always trying to drown me out with his sh!t behringer stack
    how the hell can you complain about versatility? you know what style you play therefore you can pick out settings to suit you. great. then if you need to play something different you change to that. versatility is a good thing, it gives you options, you don't need to use them all for the hell of it.
    the XL seems okay if you just wanna play heavy rock & metal, but for me, there's enough of the heavier models on the regular, and also have that flexibility to just do a bit of blues or 'Woman Tone'..Can't decide whether to get this or spend an extra 100 for the 100W version - I know I can scale the power down with these anyways, but if I'm not expecting to use the extra power, then surely there's not much point, right? Still, better too much power than too little at gigs, right?
    Speaking of the XL series, does anyone know where I can hear sound samples of it? I don't know if I should wait and hear the XL or jump the shark and buy one of these. But I do love to play metal though.
    i couldnt decide between the marshall mg50dfx or the vox ad50vtx, but the guitar store people said a vox sounds better and is partly tubed and i thought it sounded awesome so i got it and i dont regret it one bit