AD60VT review by Vox

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (28 votes)
Vox: AD60VT

Sound — 8
I use it well with single-coils and humbuckers alike, though the single coils do tend to get noisy with overdrive/distortion but then again dont most amps do that? Though, the amp does seem to have a little problem with noise. It is on the US Higain model with a Tele single-coil, but this depends heavily on where you have it plugged in I have found. It also is abnormal (I know you're thinking 'single-coil? noise? that's expected') because the amp is usually much quieter. This may be a problem with this individual amp however. There is nothing to compare to when it comes to versatility, because its a modeling amp with tons of built-in effects. Most of the clean channels distort at high volumes, but show me a tube amp that doesnt do that. It gives is a unique property though which I like. The dirty sounds can range anywhere from harsh to warm to mellow to vintage... anything you want, you've got it.

Overall Impression — 10
Good match for the style I play, it's my primary amp no matter what I do. No backups nessicary since I know it can and will take abuse if I give it to it. If it was stolen or lost, I'd call the police. They would eventually find the person who did it. I would take the amp back (since I have grown attached to it) then beat the living crap out of whoever stole it, and I simply love it too much to lose it. I did compare it to the AD120VT, the bigger, badder 2-speaker version of it. The only reason I didnt get that is because I didn't have $1200. The only thing I dont like about it is that it is very heavy for only one handle, and Vox wasn't kind enough to put casters on it, which is something you may want to do. Overall an excellent buy, it'll last forever. If something does break, contact Vox and they will sell you direct OEM replacement parts, though I doubt you will need them for a long time.

Features — 10
The AD60VT 60 watt combo brings together classic Vox tone with the versatility of a preamp section utilizing Korg's REMS (Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modeling System) in a compact package. It offers all of the amazing sounds and features for which Valvetronix has been critically acclaimed, and includes the Valve Reactor power amp section that recreates classic tube power amp response. Valve Reactor does this by changing parameters, including class of operation (class A or A/B) and negative feedback settings, for each modeled amp. This patented design utilizes a tube power amp with an output transformer electronically coupled to a solid-state power circuit in such a way that the relationship between the output tubes, output transformer, and speakers is unaltered.

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    how much does one of these run for?? cause i really need a new larger amp
    durability is awsome man, i have the same amp. three days after i purchased it it dropped out of the back of my LIFTED cherokee. yea it fell head first onto my driveway but nothing wrong with it. it still playd no differently. but ofcours now there are these hidious dents on the top/back corners of the amp
    it runs about $800 about an extra $300 for the foot switch. its a bit pricey but this amp can power a full cab so its well worth it for minor gigs.
    anyone got the VTX version? any noticeable changes in the speakers? thats all thats differnet from the two. Undecided if im getting this one or the one with the facier speakers
    I'm getting mine next week and will come back to you with my impressions. (Man I can't wait any longer, I'm going nuts!)
    apmaman wrote: anyone got the VTX version? any noticeable changes in the speakers? thats all thats differnet from the two. Undecided if im getting this one or the one with the facier speakers
    As far as I know, the only difference is the speaker: this one has a "Celestion Designed" speaker, and the VTX has a Celestion NeoDog, which I suppose is better. I'm also in the same situation as you, though.
    I've had one of these for about 16 years now, and for all its great sound it's about as reliable as a politician. Be prepared for some shop time; eventually you'll know the names of the bench technician's whole family, and what they like for lunch. Bring bribes. It's a finicky beast.