AmPlug Metal review by Vox

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (22 votes)
Vox: AmPlug Metal

Price paid: $ 40

Purchased from: amazon

Sound — 9
My guitar is a piece of crap but it has emg's that make up for the horrible feel of shameful workmanship. It suits me very well for a headphone amp since I really just wanted distortion anywhere I go with my guitar. Even with the gain cranked and single coil pickups the hum is more of a low hiss that doesn't bug me since I know how bad hum can get from single coils. The clean sound was elusive to find and not particularly great, too dark with a wierd snap and uneven volume with fast playing. This thing wasn't designed for anything but pure distortion and the quality is better than some full sized amps. It goes from a smooth crunch into face melting, head ripping distortion with gain and tone maxed. The sound is consistent with volume changes, but since it's headphones I don't max it out.

Overall Impression — 10
For playing anything high gain this amp would be perfect. I've been playing for a little over one year and have tried endlessly to match the distortion of my Peavy without having to set up an amp, I tried making a headphone amp to save the money but that disaster doesn't need to be mentioned. I am very happy with my purchase and would hunt down any thief and torture them for eternity for stealing this great amp (they could keep the guitar though). My only fault is that it doesn't have effects but the sound quality is good enough to make up for that. Anyone Who wants a practice amp couldn't go wrong if they love extreme distortion. Not for the faint of heart.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I highly doubt it would break from normal use since it has a nicely solid feel for a plastic object. I wouldn't gig with it but I would use it for a pre-show warm up to mp3's of the setlist. It still works fine and will for a good while.

Features — 8
It's pretty straight forward, a headphone amp that's supposed to sound great through headphones. I'm not the greatest player, but I got this thing so I can practice whenever I wish without disturbing any one or having to turn on my amp, since I mostly play metal on electric (acoustics are for clean sounds) this amp is great for me. It has a 1/4" jack direct to guitar, one aux input for playing along to cd's and mp3's, and one gain, one tone, and one volume control. No effects, but the line in sells it for me.

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    J.J.G. wrote: What's your guitar? I cant remember any guitar with true emg's that you can actually call "crap"...
    A Squier Bullet with EMGs is still crap.
    a johnson strat copy that i plan to scrap after i get my esp. this summer i'm gonna build a super strat baritone with the pickups and a dimebucker.
    for cleans you'd be better off with the AC30 amplug model, but my impression is that if you want both cleans and high gain, get both models =)
    J.J.G. : What's your guitar? I cant remember any guitar with true emg's that you can actually call "crap"...
    by crap he means that the feel of the guitar is not suited to his playing. emg pick-ups don't make you sound good it is all based on how well designed the guitar is i think i might buy this headphone amp
    I was worried this thing was going to have a weak sound but I just got mine today and i'm not disappointed. I like to play Protest the Hero (attempt to play their music anyway) and any other similiar music and this little amp has solid enough distortion that I'm not complaining. If you're on the fence go for it.
    you can even plug it straight into your comp for on the go recording n stuff. i love the sound but since i play a les paul the damn thing sticks out like an inch and smashes the input jack and kinda bends the 1/4 in jack. but if you pay attention to it youll be fine
    ZakkWylde9123 wrote: can u use it with out headphones?
    you can plug speakers in the headphone input...
    yeah its just head phones, i wish someone had told me that before i bought it. but you can hook up computer speakers to it and walk around with it of thats what your into
    ZakkWylde9123 wrote: can u use it with out headphones?
    I was gonna ask the same thing. I'm looking for something that I can use while sitting at my computer, that's not headphones only. =/
    They make them in a classic rock sound and in the original ac30 vox sound. I got one of these too and it really does kick ass.
    Looks like a good bye. Do they make these with other genres in mind? IE AmPlug Blues, AmPlug Hard Rock, etc.
    I purchased one of these from the store I work at as soon as we got it in All I can say is it's ASTOUNDING! If you have a 1/8th inch to RCA adapter, you can even plug this bad boy into a stereo system and it sounds BADASS!
    holy shit imagine gigging with this beast! headphone amps > full stacks
    What's your guitar? I cant remember any guitar with true emg's that you can actually call "crap"...
    i actually allmost got the cleans, but that was when i set the volyme on the guitar to a very low setting as well as the gain but turned up the volume on the amp to compensate