DA5 review by Vox

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 6.9 (85 votes)
Vox: DA5

Price paid: $ 95

Sound — 7
IT sounds decent. I am using a 1991 Peavey Tracer and a 1994 Hamer totally stock. The distortions sound pretty good not super but good especially for the begininer. The effects sound decent but I prefer to have more control over my effects. I have found it to be very noisy when you try to connect effect pedals because it only has one channel and you need to select a gain on that channel so when you go to distortion with your pedal it sounds a bit hazy but mostly while you are holding it. It still sounds good during the actual playing. There is not much in the way of an EQ. You just get a tone control and gain control along with the volume.

Overall Impression — 7
I am mostly into classical and older '80s metal (Motley Crue and Kiss) it is a decent match for me. I did not pay top dollar for it. At the price I paid it was a good deal. I think that at $100 you could find a used Peavey, Crate, or Randall with some reverb and worry about the other effects later. The other thing is that I really like to control my distortion with pedals.

Reliability & Durability — 9
It seems to be built pretty good I have not had to fool with it and it is pretty sturdy. It appears that it will take one or two drops without a major problem. It also can be used with a CD plug in and you can put a mic in the back and sing along.

Features — 7
I do not know when the amp was made, but it was made in vietnam. There are several built in effects including reverb, phaser, tremelo, wah, flanger, chorus, most of the effects have 2 going at a time such as chorus+delay, flanger+delay. You turn a knob to select the effect you want you can't really chose the combos you want like you could not choose chorus and flanger. The flanger and reverb effects are decent. It is 5 or 10 watts and has 2 clean tones, 3 blues tones, a couple crunch tones, three high gain tones and a overdrive tone. It also can be used just with batteries but I have not tried this yet.

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    this is a pretty cool amp. We can compare it to 15 watt amps in sound quality , which is awesome! I went and tested Cube 20 X, Microcube, Line 6 spider III 15 watts and this Vox DA5 was my pick The only thing i dont especially like is the distortions, they arent very versatile and they dont hv much tone, tho they pack some punch are ok for now, im getting a distortion pedal tho. The effects are awesome.
    I had a Line 6 Spider III amp last week, and I returned it to get this Vox DA5. It's far more portable and durable, and is quite rockin'.
    I got this amp for 70 when i bought my epiphone les paul classic and think it was a bit of a bargain. For a 5 watt amp it kicks out a lot of stink and is perfect for practicing and jamming. Replicating ethe exact tone of a song you want to play can be difficult with the limited control over the effects settings but for the size and price i can't moan!
    Vox Rox. A great one for practise.Sold my ROLAND amp got this & I had people telling me to get a marshall. HHHHHAAAHHH! Why are Marshall's SSSSOOO over rated is it just that meatheads think they'll play better with that name behind them? The only good marshall at a gig tells you where the BAR/BOGS are! Get a Good British VOX, I take my DA5 everywhere work,garden,mates...they now do a DA20 , ok for small gigs?
    I've got one in my bedroom room and my friend is like " you need a bigger amp " so I turned the wattage up all the way and max volume and strummed a high note and he jumped becuase he didnt even know that i was turning everything up so he jump and screamed. The ni thought to my self * Do I need a bigger amp? *
    Just picked this up, sweet little amp, love the sound on it, doesnt miss a note like other amps of its size and even sounds not too bad with pinches. All and all this thing rocks.
    Sounds like I found my next amp. How does it stack up against the Roland Micro Cube?
    I love this little thing! MicroCube's sound quality sucks out loud next to this. Just plug in a distortion pedal... and there's the best small amp ever!
    had alot of problems with my peavey vyper 15 that i bought 2weeks ago took it back to guitarcenter got the vox Da5 used for $79 best decision i have ever made
    If I had the money I'd get a Marshall 1960 A+B stack and custom order VOX a... DA100!