Night Train review by Vox

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (33 votes)
Vox: Night Train

Price paid: £ 369

Purchased from: Dolphin Music

Sound — 10
The reason that most players will buy this amp is for the mythical 'cranked up brit crunch' at 'bedroom levels'. This amp is definately not a 'bedroom level' amp, but thanks to the master volume a high level of gain is easily achieved at a much more friendly volume. I play mainly a MIM Fender strat or an Epiphone sheraton through this amp and the sound is top notch. The gain, treb, mid and bass at 1 o'clock paired with a strat bridge pickup give a meaty tone reminiscent of David Gilmour on DSOTM. Cut the mids and boost the treble slightly to give a garage rock tone that sounds like Arctic Monkeys or The Strokes. Or drop the gain, push the treb and mids and cut the bass to have an accurate early beatle's tone. The only problem is that a single-coil PU on the Thick channel will generate noise but this is worth it for a thick Sabbath tone.

Overall Impression — 10
If classic rock, blues, garage or anything really, this amp should be tried. Jazz players may not appreciate the lack of headroom at high volumes and metallers might want more gain. But for the price paid, this amp is a must have. This is my youtube channel, check out my videos for an idea of what the amp sounds like. :)

Reliability & Durability — 10
This amp is as dependable as tube amps go. So baring this in mind, using it at a gig without a backup may be unwise but a year later I have still not encountered any problems. The metal casing ensures that the thing is built like a tank but just don't drop it. With all tube amps, the tubes are only made from glass and are fragile.

Features — 9
I got my Night Train in 2010 for my birthday after playing for almost 5 years. I decided to get a Vox as my first tube amp because my favourite bands like the beatles and arctic monkeys have used them and I'd outgrown my Line 6 spider. The amp is around the same size and weight as a toaster but don't let this put you of as this little monster comes loaded with 2 EL84s and 2 12AX7s and easily punches above it's own weight in all genres (except 80's thrash and modern metal). The nightrain is 15w but can be powered at 7.5w if need be. The amp has 2 channels: thick and bright. The Bright channel has gain, treble, mid, bass and a master volume control. The thick channel is essentially the same except the EQ is bypassed and features more gain. The lack of reverb doesn't seem too bad after weighing the features up.

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    Seems a bit fishy. The poster is new this month... has never posted in a thread... and only has this review to his credit. I hate reviews that give mostly 10's. I understand that you're happy with your gear, but nothing deserves a 10 unless it can walk on water.
    I'm new btw and yeah I can understand were you're coming from with it being a bit fishy, but I've had the amp a year and just decided to review it because I've wanted to a long time. In regards to the all 10's, I would score this 9.5/9.6 but in reviews you can only rate whole numbers. But go on my youtube channel if you want to hear it anyway
    jean_genie wrote: I think it's funny how people say 'it doesn't do metal', or 'metal sounds great' with certain amps, with absolutely no reference points. My Tiny Terror does metal perfectly ... but to me, 'metal' means Black Sabbath. I wouldn't say it does speed metal or death metal well.
    I think here in UG "metal" means modern metal and Black Sabbath is a blues band or something. So I agree. Black Sabbath is metal and so is modern meal. But people should say that "it can't do modern metal" or "it can't do death metal" etc. There are more metal genres than just extreme metal !!
    ^And when I say that I play metal I mean that I play classic metal like Metallica and some glam metal like Mtley Cre or Van Halen. Maybe I should just say that I play hard rock.