Pathfinder 15R review by Vox

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (79 votes)
Vox: Pathfinder 15R

Price paid: € 130

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Sound — 9
I don't have any exiting Vintage guitars, I play a Squier Strat through some pedals: Dunlop wah, Boss OD-3, DS-1, Little Big Muff & ending with a Boss CH-1 chorus. I keep the treble round 11'o clock, while I keep the bass fully engaged. One of the reasons for this setup is that I think the treble is way to trebley & when you get the treble around 3'o clock or further it start making a really quiet buzz in the background. But I must say, this amp is wonderful. Its a one of its kind, both in price & wattage. It suits my style (Funk-Rock, Pop-rock, Hard-Rock naming: Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer, John Frusciante, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix). It works very well with my pedals, but it also has a beautiful clean tone, especially with the bass up. It is definitely a great practice amp!

Overall Impression — 9
I've been playing for around 1,5 year now, have had one other amp so far, a Vox DA5. If it was stolen, I would probably get an other amp, just in search of tones. But if I had to pick a good amp in this price range, this one would be it. Overall: I'm really happy with this amp! (I'm sorry for any mistakes in the language, I'm not a really good English speaker)

Reliability & Durability — 9
I would not gig with it, because it starts to break up at a certain level. But it is great for practice at home, or with a band. It hasn't let me down yet and I don't think it ever will. It looks & feels solid. The handle is really tough, nothing to worry about.

Features — 8
One channel, twist knobs for Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Tremolo Speed, Tremolo Depth & Reverb. A Power Switch & a Boost knob (wich adds more gain). It also features a headphone jack, footswitch jack, line output & ext. Spkr jack. I find myself never using the boost knob, almost never the tremolo, but the reverb is used quite often. The look is really good!

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    the sound of gain are quite noise even those doesn't need any effect distortion, you gotta brought this amp... just plug and play guys or get those VFS-2 for more easy to switch clean, boast gain & tremolo on/off... even though i didn't use any tremolo (i love plug and play) but when i try to do some tremolo sound, awesome, you will not be regret... reverb quite not really impress me or maybe i didn't turn the volume into 3 o'clock so can't heard any reverb but multi-effect will do much better... for those guys just wanna be plug and play, sound of impressing DIRTY, BASSY & CRUNCHY, high reliability, beautiful sound of clean for finger picking, great for the value of money, 15watt for beginner or home user, YOU SHOULD NEED BROUGHT THESE AMP IMMEDIATELY AT THE STORE RIGHT NOW... between, VOX will be my signature amplifier all the time... buy valvetronix for the best and bigger result if you want to...
    I just ordered a new one. I had a non-reverb version for several years and it was a really good sounding amp with a telecaster. This new one will replace my venerable Supro 16T.
    I've been playing with my new 15R for three weeks. I really like it. For $119 it's hard to beat. The tone is versatile and satisfying, and if I fall asleep or otherwise forget to turn it off there's no big deal. I find the drive control most useful below eleven o'clock, and especially between nine and ten. Lots of volume for a 1X8; probably not loud enough to keep up with your typical non-dynamic drum monkey, but very capable and musical in the right venue. The trem slow speed could be a bit slower. The reverb shows best through an extension ten or twelve, but it's okay as-is. I use an Epiphone Sheraton and a MIM Strat through this one, and it sounds terrific with both axes. Haven't tried any pedals yet with the '15R. Very nice clean with the gain below nine o'clock, and the guitar volume rolled off a tad. The line out is very good and very quiet for the price. This amp is a great little tool for the home studio, and I think likely useful with some ensembles live, especially with a decent extension speaker. I don't know of anything close for $119.