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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (23 votes)
Vox: VT50

Price paid: € 315

Purchased from: TV-Sävel

Sound — 9
My guitar has active EMG 81/85 pickups and I play lots of different music styles from pop to grunge to metal. Due to the various range of sounds and effects, this amp suits them all. I have lots of separate pedals but I barely need to use them. Even the metal distortion on the VT50 is very good. I especially like the song presets, eg. Paranoid, The Trooper, Tie Your Mother Down, etc. They really sound like the songs they're supposed to emulate. The clean sound is very good and the distortion very brutal. I do sometimes use, however, my Boss MT-2 "Metal Zone" to get a specific sound. But for most users, the distortion on this amp alone should be well enough. There are so many amp models to choose from.

Overall Impression — 9
I love the wide selection of sounds and effects and if my VT50 was ever stolen, I'd first check if there was an updated model with a CD input (and possibly a drum machine) available, and if not, I'd get it again. My choice of a combo amp was between Ibanez MIMX65 and VT50. MIMX65 has an integrated drum machine, CD input and a chromatic tuner. All of those would be really, really nice in the VT50 as well. The MIMX65 just didn't sound as good to my ear (in the store) as the VT50 does. And to me, having a good sound is more important than extra features.

Reliability & Durability — 9
With the large 12" element and 50 W of power, this combo should work for live playing as well. It isn't too heavy to carry around either. While it's big, it's not bulky. The VT50 also hasn't failed on me so far but I've only used it for home playing. It is definitely a lot better than my previous Behringer GM108.

Features — 9
The VT50 is a 50 W digital modeling solid state combo, which can simulate up to 22 different amps and 12 effects (including tremolo, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser and all the usual). It has one 12" speaker, output for an external speaker (although plugging in one disables the internal speaker) and an optional VFS5 footswitch, which I bought with it. There are a total of 8 channels to save your own sounds to, and the footswitch can be used to Switch between them. VT50 has no effects loop (you have to get VT100 for that), but a headphone jack is included. However, there is no CD input, which kinda sucks. I use my VT50 for home practicing and it has more than enough features for my use. I barely use half of the sounds and effects it can produce and the power level (behind the amp) is always set to minimum. With the 12" speaker and 50 W of power, you could get evicted from most living areas. Seriously, it's LOUD. Fortunately it also sounds good with low volumes.

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    I own this too. It's a great & versatile amp for the price. I don't see why an amp should have a CD input or a tuner however
    Nice review. I had a Vt100 myself, but I sold it and got a Bugera 6262-212 instead - I found that with my Ibanez Xpt700 Xiphos it just sounded too muddy - there wasn't enough clarity on the dirty "channels" and not enough sparkle on the clean ones. I tried it with a singlecoil equipped guitar, and it sounded a lot better, though. I also had an EQ pedal in the loop to give me a little more presence, but then the speakers disappointed me - the slight increase of highs seemed to be too much for them to handle, as it resulted in bad high-freq break-up. Overall, the amp was quite good, just not a good match with my other set-up.
    I've had people turn up at gigs i've been teching with these (and smaller versions) and they sound quite nice. It would be nice if they had some out puts on it that didn't disable the external speaker though and i've heard people complain about the single input too.
    Senor Kristian
    I have the VT30 myself and I'm very fond of it. I just the feel that the presets limits my possibilities of finding my own sounds. And it doesn't seem to go well with other pedals
    I also have a vt30, and while it is a good beginner amp, you really find yourself outgrowing it quickly. Especially if you wanna do shows. even jamming, it kinda struggles to be heard above the drummer and still keep its tone. I only got mine late last year and im pretty sure ill be selling it soon and getting something bigger.
    i myself have a vt15 for my practice amp and it's a great little amp. The presets and doo dads these things have are amazing, but for a live situation or experienced musician i would definitely recommend a solid tube amp over one of these. however if you're just a living room rocker and want to get nice different sounds without spending bundles on pedals and such, here's your ticket.
    MC Lukesta
    I have the VT30 and it is very good. It's tonally alot better than my Line 6 15 watt, but I don't think it has enough gain for the extreme metal I play. Apart from that though, it's a great amp.
    I have the 100VT-XL, which is supposed to be the "metal" version of the VT. My buddy has a 50VT. We both decided to downsize to combo amps. (one less thing to carry... our sounds are highly effect driven anyway, so we can play through just about any amp. We haven't had any problems using this thing live or dialing in a nice clean and disto preset, combined with our pedal boards. anyway... We both send the speaker out to our Marshall 4x12's for recording purposes. It's pretty damn awesome...We were both shocked by how better it was/is. You can really dial in some nice heavier distortion sounds. (Dimarzio's or EMG's pickups).
    I don't like it. It can't handle pedals. And it sounds very electric, so it's just impossible to get some nice pink floyd and 70's rock sounds out of it. AlThough the 15 watt version is a nice beginner amp.
    i have the vt 30 and it's a bloody good amp. very good for beginners, it has a large variety of stuff. and plus i used at a concert last night in a smalle disco..even though it was just the amp, the master volume wasn't even at half, and it wasnot attached to any external speaker, or microphone just the amp, in a room with people, it could still be heard perfectly, it0s just got a very powerful sound fir 30 watts.